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5 Unbelievable Features of Vishnu’s Sudarshan Chakra


The Sudarshan Chakra is regarded as one of the most potent weapons ever used in the celestial world. Sudarshan Chakra is derived from two words – su and darshan. It means auspicious (su) vision (darshan). Sudarshan means Divine Vision. If there is any other weapon that could rival the Sudarshan Chakra, it is Shiva’s trident. Chakra is derived from chruhu, which denotes ‘movement’ and kruhu, which indicates ‘to do’.

The Sudarshan Chakra finds mention sometimes in the ancient Hindu Vedic texts of Rigveda, Yajurveda, and the Puranas. It is described as the ultimate weapon that can destroy an enemy – the asuras, rakshasas, and vikrutatma.

In the Dwapara Yuga, Shri Krishna received the Sudarshan Chakra from the Fire God, Agni. Sri Krishna was the eighth avatar of Vishnu. It was the mighty sage Parashurama, said to be the sixth avatar of Vishnu, who taught Sri Krishna to master the weapon.

There are some details about the Sudarshan Chakra about which some of us may not have the complete awareness. This powerful weapon has some incredible features. Listed below are five amazing features of the Sudarshan Chakra.

5 Unbelievable Features of Vishnu's Sudarshan Chakra

Five Unbelievable Features of the Sudarshan Chakra

1. The Sudarshan Chakra is considered one of the most powerful weapons ever used in the cosmic world. This divine discus is believed to have 108 notched edges and travels at incredible speed. The Chakra is stated to travel millions of Yojanas (1 Yojana= 8 kilometers) by the time we blink once. The Sudarshan Chakra is said to have millions of spikes in two rows moving in opposite directions that give it a serrated edge.

2. The Sudarshan Chakra is synonymous with Vishnu and sits on his right index finger. The sacred disc is believed to be very auspicious. The movement of the Sudarshan Chakra is such that it does not move by any action, like throwing the disc. The Chakra moves through sheer willpower, the first of its kind that can be controlled or powered by thought alone. The Sudarshan Chakra is said to possess immense spiritual and mystical powers. The sacred wheel is in constant motion, and it is said to have been created by the combined powers of the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

3. The Sudarshan Chakra is powered by the mind and thought. Once it leaves the finger, there is no looking back. The Chakra goes after the enemy and chases them down. It will not return to the owner unless it has completed its task. The Sudarshan Chakra, once it leaves the finger, goes chasing the enemy down relentlessly and destroys them. There is no way to escape from its wrath. The only option is to stop running and surrender to the Chakra. Lord Vishnu, it is believed, comes to the rescue of those who surrender themselves to him.

4. Sri Krishna was in possession of the Sudarshan Chakra in the Dwapara Yuga. He is the eighth avatar of Vishnu and obtained this powerful weapon from the Fire God, Agni. It is believed that the Great Sage Parashurama taught Sri Krishna how to master the Sudarshan Chakra perfectly.

5. Mythology has it that Vishnu did not own the Sudarshan Chakra. The Devas (celestial beings) were being incessantly harassed by the Asuras (demons). The Devas approached Vishnu for help. He, in turn, approached Shiva as he was not sure he had complete power to defeat the asuras. He prayed to Shiva for thousands of years, and finally, Shiva, pleased with Vishnu’s devotion, granted him the boon to defeat the Asuras and presented him the Sudarshan Chakra. Vishnu in all his avatars retains the Sudarshan Chakra on his right index finger.

The Sudarshan Chakra is a symbol of power and acts as a shield to destroy and negate any negative or evil forces that can cause suffering. A powerful quality of the Sudarshan Chakra is Papa Nashanam (destruction of sins). While there are many speculations about the origin of Sudarshan Chakra, Sudarshan is none other than Vishnu himself. He is called Sudarshan because he wields the mighty and indestructible Sudarshan Chakra.

Observance of Sudarshan Jayanti

Sudarshan Jayanti is the day of emergence of the sacred disc, the powerful and mighty weapon possessed by the Supreme Protector and Preserver, Vishnu.

Sudarshan Jayanti is dedicated to the Sudarshan Chakra wielded by Vishnu. The wheel is believed to have appeared on the day of Shukla Paksha Dashami, when the moon was in the waning phase, in the Tamil month of Aadi, that falls in July-August. Worshipping the sacred wheel is akin to worshipping the Dashavatar (ten avatars) of Vishnu. The divine wheel is worshipped to attain Moksha (salvation) and redemption from one’s sins. The Vaishnavite community observes this day as Shukla Paksha Ashada Dashami.

Sudarshan is generally worshipped during Homas to ward off evil or harmful influences, vibrations, and energies. Followers of Vishnu perform the Maha Sudarshana Ashtaka Homam on Sudarshan Jayanti. The benefits of performing the Homam (a ritual making offerings in a sacred fire) is that it empowers the person with positive vibrations and prevents hurdles in his path. The effects of the Homam keep enemies at bay and removes suffering and misery.

Sudarshan uses this powerful weapon to grant devotees their prayers. The sacred wheel is believed to have powers to cure diseases, and other complex health issues, defeat enemies and negate the adverse effects of evil eyes. One of the qualities of the divine wheel is Peeda Pradanam, which means it gives immediate relief to any form of pain to the seeker or performer of the Homam.

The Homam cleanses and purifies the body of all impurities. It bestows grace and vitality and removes all past karmic debts of any nature.

Sudarshan Jayanti 2020

Sudarshan Jayanti 2020 is dedicated to the Sudarshan Chakra wielded by the Supreme Protector and Preserver Vishnu. It is believed that the sacred disc made an appearance on this day which is being celebrated as Sudarshan Jayanti.

This year, Sudarshan Jayanti falls on June 30. People worship the divine weapon on this day. They hold special poojas and prayers for the Sudarshan Chakra on this day.