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January Horoscope 2016 – All Moon Signs

DateJanuary 21, 2016

Dear Aries,

In January, you’ll feel satisfied thanks to your successful achievements when you make a few tweaks to your plans.

As a result, you’ll feel both happy and energized. If you’re looking for a new job, you’ll get it now. Your finances look bright and you could make substantial investments in valuables. You’re among the lucky ones in love, whether you’re married or looking for a new relationship. Take care of your health and you’ll love January. Happy New Year! Read more

Dear Taurus,

This could be a busy month when your schedule will keep you on your toes. But thanks to your capacity to stay calm and on task you’ll solve all problems in no time. Just avoid delays in completing your work. Your spouse will be supportive in difficult situations and you’ll be happy as a result.

Long-term investments will eventually bring you good results. Your career will make you smile and you could even land a promotion. Your health won’t give you problems, but you’ll be much happier when you practice daily meditation. Happy New Year! Read more


Dear Gemini,

In January, you’ll be able to complete your projects. You’ll be busy with various tasks and you’ll need to stay calm by meditating regularly. For maximum harmony with your spouse, you’ll need to stay patient and flexible. Then you’ll get along and enjoy your time together.

Happily, your finances will be on an upswing in January.

By improving your communication skills you’ll further better your income. You’ll be more creative this month and you’ll see benefits in your career, too. You might travel for a new program or work. Your health will improve when you exercise and meditate regularly. Happy New Year!.Read more

Dear Cancerian,

Good news for you—your hard work will be rewarded in January. Your children will bring you happiness and your creative projects will be successful. Your social life will allow you to network.

Your love life will be romantic and pleasant and a new individual could enter your life. Your finances will be good, too, with unexpected sources of income. Business partnerships might bring you some tension. Work-related traveling will require taking good care of yourself through an appropriate diet. Happy New Year!.Read more

Dear Leo,

This is a positive time for your profession, but try not to take on new responsibilities to avoid feeling overburdened. Your family will keep you happy and you might even travel with your spouse and love it. Your communication will show great progress, but don’t be hasty to make a commitment in a new relationship.

Your finances are improving fast! Just take a bit longer when thinking about selling properties. A new job search will meet with success.

Your health will improve through regular walks, diet and meditation. Happy New Year!.Read more

Dear Virgo,

This month will see you busy taking care of all kinds of commitments in both professional and personal areas. You’ll be happy regarding your work and relationship.

Romance looks bright and travel is in the cards. Avoid impulsive reactions or speech and you’ll love this time together.

Your finances are also improving and a promotion (with a higher income) is in the offing. This is because you’re finally receiving recognition for your talents. Your health is great and if you’ve been unwell in recent memory, you will now be problem-free. Happy New Year!.Read more

Dear Libra,

Mars will keep Librans on their toes this month and you’ll be busy with all kinds of projects and will be successful, too! Your social life is picking up and will bring you satisfaction. Be cautious and keep your flexible demeanor just so you don’t appear too aggressive to others.

Your extra energy will help you get back in shape if you’ve been avoiding the gym. Your love life also will benefit from some extra action and focus. You’ll also be in fine health, so if you need to travel go right ahead. Happy New Year.Read more

Dear Scorpio,

Your ruler in the 12th house will require an effort to stay healthy and self-disciplined. Long distance travel is possible to a religious location. Your creative projects will be noticed and you’ll be successful in anything related to the arts. Your love life will keep you happy and you could meet a new partner.

Your finances are on an upswing in January! You’ll be lucky in selling fixed assets. You could change jobs and find a better one.

Success in your profession is certain this month. Happy New Year!.Read more

Dear Sagittarius,

You’ll love picking up a book on self-development in January. You’ll receive inspiration and an extra oomph to tackle your to-do list. This will also help your career and income. Stay patient and work on your to-do list, but avoid making impulsive decisions. Your friends will keep you happy and help you raise your income too—or big gifts may be coming your way. Your finances are also improving in January. Your relationship with your love partner will keep you smiling and you’ll enjoy your time at home when you spend it together.

Reduce expenses for better overall prospects in the following months.

Work-related travel is in the offing and it will be very productive. Meditation, yoga and gentle cardio workouts will keep you in perfect health. Happy New Year!.Read more

Dear Capricorn,

This is your successful month and better finances will contribute to your happiness. Because you’ll be super busy at work and in your social life, you’ll need to compensate for this by meditating at least once a day or spending time in nature.

If you’re married or in a committed relationship, you’ll be happy thanks to enhanced harmony between the two of you. Be caring towards your partner and you’ll be even happier. While networking you might get a new relationship, if you’re single. Your career is on the upswing and for a Capricorn this spells “happiness.”

Avoid all controversies and you’ll be satisfied with your achievements. Your health requires self-discipline and exercise. Also better eating habits—chewing your food slowly and enjoying eating healthy foods will bring a great month. Happy New Year!.Read more

Dear Aquarius,

Your happiness quotient is on the upswing! A good atmosphere at work, lots of financial gains and appreciation from your superiors are keeping you smiling in January. When you are diplomatic and patient, you’ll reap the most form this months lucky vibes. If you travel, it will be to visit a church or temple.

You’ll be feeling romantic and your partner will respond positively to your new approach in relationship. Although your expenses are growing, so is your income—so you have no reasons to worry, dear Aquarius. Put a renewed effort towards your health and fitness to feel you best. Happy New Year!.Read more

Dear Pisces,

Pay attention to details this month, dear Pisces. No need to worry though, because you’ll be performing very well at work and enjoying your social life, too. Your relationship partner will keep you happy.

This month you could go on a trip with your family and you’ll share great memories with your loved ones. Respect and recognition are on their way and this is another reason for smiling. Open your heart to your partner for better times together.

Good news about your finances, too. Money for your needs and wants is on its way.

Your health will be good—but avoid overeating. Happy New Year!

Written by Donatella Lalitha Riback

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