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Chandrashtama Days 2024 For Simha Rasi

DateMarch 30, 2024

The Moon is the Mano Karaka and is a factor of your mind. It plays a significant part in astrology as its placement at birth determines your zodiac sign. It has a strong influence on your mind and emotions.

 There are phases of the ocean tides to the eclipse period when the Moon can cause changes and contribute to the state of your mind. It can affect your state of mind, morale, peace and happiness. The Moon has the shortest transit time of two and a half days between zodiac signs.

 What is Chandrastama?

Chandrashtama means ‘Chandra’, Moon and ‘Ashta’, eight. There are certain days in a month for each Rasi(sign) when the Moon transits through the eighth House (Ashtama Sthana) to your Rasi (Moon Sign).

 According to Vedic Astrology, the entire transit time of two and a half days from the eighth House is called Chandrashtama Day for that particular Rashi (Sign). It occurs once every twenty-eight days. The Chandrashtama Nakshatra gains significance and is the Nakshatra that rules over the eighth House during the Moon’s transit.

 How Chandrastama Days Can Impact You?

The most crucial part of Chandrashtama is when the Moon transits through the specific Nakshatra, and there can be a troublesome phase when the Moon travels through the 16th star from your birth star (Janma Nakshatra).

 The Moon is poorly placed in the eighth House as it is a natural debilitation House; according to Vedic Astrology, the 8th House is believed to be the House of ups and downs and can cause unexpected changes.

 Astrological beliefs state that during the Chandrashtama phase, the native of that sign may not have a stable mind. It is a time when negative energies and harmful influences can affect your mind. It can create feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, depression and a lack of focus, not allowing you to perform well or make proper decisions.

 Chandrashtama Days (2024) For Simha Rasi

The Nakshatras-Magha, Purva Phalguni and Uttara Phalguni 1st Pada fall under the Simha Rasi (Leo Moon Sign).

 If you belong to any of the above birth stars under Simha Rasi, the chart below can help you identify

the Chandrashtama days every month and stay cautious.



Starting Date & Time

Ending Date & Time


16.01.2024, 12.37 am

18.01.2024, 03.33 am


12.02.2024, 09.35 am

14.02.2024, 10.43 am


10.03.2024, 08.40 pm

12.03.2024, 08.29 pm


07.04.2024, 07.39 am

09.04.2024, 07.32 am


04.05.2024, 04.38 pm

31.05.2024, 11.10 pm

06.05.2024, 05.43 pm

03.05.2024, 01.40 am


28.06.2024, 04.32 am

30.06.2024, 07.34 am


25.07.2024, 10.45 am

27.07.2024, 12.59 pm


21.08.2024, 07.12 pm

23.08.2024, 07.54 pm


18.09.2024, 05.44 am

20.09.2024, 05.15 am


15.10.2024, 04.49 pm

17.10.2024, 04.20 pm


12.11.2024, 02.21 am

14.11.2024, 03.11 am


09.12.2024, 09.14 am

11.12.2024, 11.48 am


What You Can Do to Avoid Negative Impact on Chandrashtama Days

∙ Be careful and alert

∙ Avoid taking any decisions that concern your family, career, business, and financial aspects

∙ Do not undertake travel

∙ Avoid medical procedures

∙ Stay away from arguments & conflicts

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