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Chandrashtama Days 2024 for Mithuna Rasi

DateMarch 30, 2024

In Vedic Astrology, the Moon indicates the mind, mother, intelligence, instincts, pride, behaviour and emotions. It symbolises the feminine aspect. Being the closest celestial body to the Earth, it has the most profound impact on human life.

 The Moon governs our mind and inner self. Being the fastest-moving planet, its waxing and waning phases are more frequent, causing mood swings and emotional upheavals.

 What Defines Chandrashtama?

‘Chandra’ means the Moon, and ‘Astama’ denotes eight. Chandrashtama is when the Moon transits from the eighth House to your Moon Sign (Rasi). Although it takes approximately two and a half days for the Moon’s transition to each zodiac sign, this entire period of the Moon’s transition into your eighth sign is called Chandrashtama.

 The critical part of this period is the 13-degree, 20-minute Moon movement that affects the Moon the most when it crosses the Nakshatra (Birth Star) of that eighth House sign. This transit occurs roughly once in twenty-eight days.

 How Does Chandrashtama Affect You?

During Chandrashtama, the Moon is positioned eight houses away from your Moon sign for two days and one Day of your Birth Star (Janma Nakshatra). These days, your mind may be impacted by negative thoughts, troubled emotions, insecurity and worries.

 The Moon, being the controller of your mind, can create more mental disturbances and confusion, leaving you open to stress. Your mind goes through some form of torment, and you may be unable to make proper decisions.

 What to Do on Chandrastama Days?

Be cautious and avoid being hasty and impulsive. Try to avoid important decisions, as your mind may be clouded by uncertainty. Avoid tense or stressful interactions at home and work. Keep out negative thoughts and stay as alert as possible. Raise your awareness levels.

 You can engage in prayers or meditatation. Offer worship to the Moon God and engage in spiritual practices.

 Chandrashtama days 2024 for Mithuna Rasi

Those born in the Nakshatras of Mrigasirsha- 3rd and 4th Padas, Arudra and Punarvasu Nakshatra- 1st, 2nd and 3rd Padas, come under the Mithuna Rasi.



Starting Date & Time

Ending Date & Time


11.01.2024, 11.05 pm

13.01.2024, 11.35 pm


08.02.2024, 10.04 am

10.02.2024, 10.02 am


06.03.2024, 08.28 pm

08.03.2024, 09.20 pm


03.04.2024, 04.37 am

30.04.2024, 10.36 am

02.05.2024, 02.32 pm

29.05.2024, 08.06 pm


27.05.2024, 04.05 pm

29.05.2024, 08.06 pm


23.06.2024, 10.48 pm

26.06.2024, 01.49 am


21.07.2024, 07.27 am

23.07.2024, 09.20 am


17.08.2024, 05.28 pm

19.08.2024, 07.00 pm


14.09.2024, 03.24 am

16.09.2024, 05.44 pm


11.10.2024, 11.41 am

13.10.2024, 03.44 pm


07.11.2024, 05.54 pm

09.11.2024, 11.27 pm


04.12.2024, 11.19 pm

07.12.2024, 05.07 pm


What to Avoid on Chandrashtama Days

 ∙ Do not engage in financial investments

∙ Stay away from speculation & avoid new ventures

∙ Keep away from heated discussions & difference of opinions

∙ Try & keep out negative thought processes

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