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Chandrashtama Days 2024 for Kadaga Rasi

DateMarch 30, 2024

The Moon is known to represent your mind and emotions. The Moon phases can significantly impact your mind, as its energies can affect you positively or negatively. The Moon can act upon the deepest recesses of your mind. The transit period of the Moon (Mano Karaka) is two and a half days from one zodiac to the other and is the shortest transit time.

 Among the malefic effects caused by the transit of the Moon, Chandrashtama has the most substantial impact, with general effects of ill health, misery, depressive tendencies, and fear.

 What are Chandrashtama Days?

Every twenty-eight days, the Moon transits through the eighth House to your Rasi (Moon Sign). According to Vedic Astrology, this period is called Chandrashtama. These days can impact your mind, causing stress, tension, and destabilise your thoughts.

 During Chandrashtama, you may feel unusually on edge or sense something unpleasant coming your way. These days, you should be careful and be more aware. It may help to know your Janma Nakshatra (Birth Star) that falls under a particular Rasi (Sign) and help you avoid obstacles and challenges that can impact you negatively.

 Importance of Chandrashtama Days

Chandrastama days can impact you and cause setbacks. These days, it is believed the Moon exerts specific frequencies and expressions that can affect you subconsciously. These effects can be malefic and prevent you from achieving your best.

 On the other hand, Chandrashtama days can benefit you by helping you stay more consciously focused, enhance your awareness, let go of negative thoughts and behaviour patterns, and try to stay positive. You can introspect and rectify mistakes.

 Impact of Chandrashtama Days

The transit of the Moon during this period can affect your moods and cause mood swings, a feeling of unease, and cause you anxiety. It can influence your emotions and may not be an excellent time to make crucial decisions in your personal or professional life. Practice caution and connect better with your intuitions. You may feel more sensitive and edgy on such days.

 It may help you practice meditation, stay connected to nature and your loved ones, and spend time in a positive social environment. Offer prayers to your deities and the Moon God. You can engage in spiritual practices. The effect of Chandrashtama days may vary from one individual to the other based on their zodiac sign.

 Chandrashtama Days 2024 for Kadaga Rasi

 Those born in the Birth Stars of Punarvasu 4th Pada, Pushya and Aslesha Nakshatra come under the Kadaga Rasi. You can be aware of staying cautious and take preventive measures on the following days. 


Month Starting Date & Time Ending Date & Time
January 13.01.2024, 11.35 am 16.01.2024, 12.37 am
February 10.02.2024, 10.02 am 12.02.2024, 09.35 am
March 08.03.2024, 09.20 pm 10.03.2024, 08.40 pm
April 05.04.2024, 07.12 am 07.04.2024, 07.39 am
May 02.05.2024, 02.32 pm
29.05.2024, 08.06 pm
04.05.2024, 04.38 pm
31.05.2024, 11.10 pm
June 26.06.2024, 01.49 am 28.06.2024, 04.32 am
July 23.07.2024, 09.20 am 25.07.2024, 10.45 am
August 19.08.2024, 07.00 pm 21.08.2024, 07.12 pm
September 16.09.2024, 05.44 am 18.09.2024, 05.44 am
October 13.10.2024, 03.44 pm 15.10.2024, 04.49 pm
November 09.11.2024, 11.27 pm 12.11.2024, 02.21 am
December 07.12.2024, 05.07 am 09.12.2024, 09.14 am

 What To Avoid During Chandrashtama Days

∙ Avoid reckless actions & impulsive speech

∙ Step back from taking unnecessary risks or initiatives

∙ Avoid trimming hair or nails

∙ Do not intake new medicines

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