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Venus Virtual Pooja

Who can perform Lord Venus Pooja?

Planet Venus has a unique connection to the Goddess, especially the Archetype for Wealth, Goddess Lakshmi. This is the planet that fulfills all desires and makes this Earth bloom with beauty, love and relationships. Venus nurtures life because he knows the mantra for immortality to revive life (sanjeevani mantra). He represents harmony and brings tolerance and acceptance. He governs love, passion and sensuality.  Venus represents what you value the most in life; he can help you understand priorities better. He is also a diplomat who can help you to win through negotiations.

You can specifically pray to him to receive blessings for the areas of life he rules:

  • If you want to fix family relationships, enjoy romance and the procreative aspects of life
  • If you want to acquire fixed material assets, such as a beautiful home, cars, lands and buildings 
  • If you aspire for material prosperity, wealth, beauty and enjoy material bliss as well
  • If you are in a profession of arts, music and other creative pursuits
  • If you want to gain pleasing appearance, charm and acquire social skills to associate with people

What are the blessings you receive on performing Venus Virtual Pooja?

Praying to Lord Venus online can bring the following benefits:

  • You will be blessed with intelligence and good education
  • You will have the ability to experience joy and happiness
  • You will have grace for material prosperity, wealth and beauty
  • You will be  bestowed with long life, children, and property
  • You will have ability to relate well to others and also acquire fame
  • You will be loving to all and acquire ability to attract people

When you should perform Online Venus Puja?

Online Venus Puja can be performed every day at Venus hora/hours or on Fridays.

Fire Lab or Venus Puja:

You can also participate in real time Venus homa or puja performed with elaborate rituals amidst Vedic chants by priests in India.