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Monthly Forecast for March 2015

DateFebruary 24, 2015

Here we are on the 3rd month of the year! March is the month of colors and celebrations and also the last month in the financial calendar. Let’s take a look at what’s in store for each one of us.

ARIES: Your spouse will shower you with love and this will solve all your worries. You will be liked and appreciated by all your subordinates at work.

TAURUS: You will be at the peak of your career and earn a good name from all your colleagues. Do not change your diet pattern and eat calcium-rich food, so that you can become healthier.

Monthly Forecast for March 2015

GEMINI: You will have a very good time with the people in your social circle and this will give immense happiness. Change your marketing strategy and you will do well in business.

CANCER: Communicate well with your loved one and your marital life will get better. You will travel a lot and finalize a good deal for your company that will make your higher ups happy.

LEO: You will attend a lot of auspicious functions at home and this will help develop good family bonding. Your business partners like the way in which you work and would want to learn it.

VIRGO: You will get great monetary benefits and your status in the society will improve a lot. Your self confidence will work wonders for you and improve your relationship with your co-workers.

LIBRA: You will go on an outing with your loved one and this will help develop better bonding. If you are a student, you will participate in co-curricular activities and bring fame to your institution.

SCORPIO: Self motivation will be key for you in achieving success. You will overcome all the obstacles in your path by applying your intellect.

SAGITTARIUS: International travel is on the cards for you. Your decision-making skills will be appreciated. You will find new sources of income.

CAPRICORN: Starting a chain circle business can help you gain immense monetary benefits. You will be very sincere in your approach and your juniors will support you.

AQUARIUS: You will purchase some fixed assets and this will be a good investment for the future. If you are single, you will find the love of your life and this will make you rejoice!

PISCES: Your professional life will get better with each passing day. If you have children, make sure they consume lot of liquids to stay away from heat-related ailments. Put in your 100 per cent into everything you do!


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