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Characteristics and Personality of Aquarius

On July 09, 2014

Having Moon in the Aquarius Zodiac Sign bestows you with certain qualities that define your character, individuality and proclivities. All analysis through Vedic Astrology is made from the perspective of Moon sign, i.e. the sign where the Moon was transiting at the time of your birth. Although there are other factors that contribute towards shaping your nature and personality, position of the Moon in your horoscope is fundamental for judging the qualities that you radiate as Moon is the ruler your feelings and emotions. Characteristics and Personality of Aquarius Characteristics of Aquarius Moon Humanitarian – This sign is the most humanitarian of all the 12 zodiac signs. Moon in Aquarius arouses philanthropic tendencies. It makes you kind and compassionate and you enjoy working for the service of humanity. Independent, Creative and Friendly - You are at ease in an atmosphere that gives you the freedom to express your creative skills, knowledge and wisdom. You are friendly, agreeable and willing to go out of your way to help someone close to you. However, you will have few close friends and acquaintances because of your preference to be in the company of like-minded people. Keen Observer but Opposed to Change - The fixed element of the sign makes you somewhat stubborn and resistant to change. You are a quick learner and curious to take interest in things around you, although it makes you lose focus on specific things. You are a keen observer and love to study human nature. Hard Working but Eccentric - Saturn, the ruler of your sign makes you ambitious and hard working. Your loyalty earns you a place in people’s heart. However, your behavioral pattern is sometimes hard to predict because of inconsistency and eccentric traits, peculiar to the sign Aquarius. Analytical, Detached – Your analytical mind and thirst for knowledge takes you deeper into the study of subjects and dig out new facts. This is how inventions are made. You love your private space and consciously guard it. Being deeply sensitive and cautious, you are often nurturing sinister feelings of revenge against those who had hurt you or cheated you. Facts about Aquarius Sign • 11th sign of the natural zodiac • Ruling Planet: Saturn • Symbol: Person bearing an empty water pot • Element: Air • Friendly with: Taurus, Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces • Incompatible with: Cancer, Leo • Nakshatras under the sign: Dhanista (2 padas), Shatabhisha (4 padas) and Purvabhadrapada (3 padas)


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