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Cancer Financial Forecast for 2015

On March 17, 2015

As a Cancerian Moon sign, take a stand of watchful waiting, at least in the first half of the year – avoid erupting emotionally or reacting to situations on impulse, instead indulge in practices that will keep you in peace and your negative energies at bay. Keeping a sound mind, you will be able to plan better and make wise financial judgment.

Cancer Financial Forecast for 2015

Indicators of your financial condition:

2015 Cancer horoscope for finance will require a study of 2nd and 11th houses in your natal chart by astrologers to reveal your financial condition.

For a Cancerian, the most benefic planet Jupiter is the lord of 6th and 9th houses. Currently, Jupiter is placed in the first house, and he will bless the native with good fortune. But here is a note of caution! A Cancerian who values time and money, is hardworking, honest and seeking success consciously will get to enjoy the fruits of a benevolent Jupiter. Jupiter and Saturn duo energy will bless only the deserving souls.

A general forecast of your finances:

Patience and hard work in the first half of 2015 will later change situations in your favor. Second half of the year will be promising for your money matters as there is likely to be an increase in flow of money. Signs of abundance will boost your confidence. But beware, throughout the year you must tread with caution, plan money matters prudently.

At your work place, you will gain favor from higher authorities which will bring you lot of benefits, help you increase your assets and wealth. Your diligence and honest efforts for improving yourself will pay off in the later part of the year, and help you gain recognition and respect in society.

Simultaneously with increase in your income, expenses may also rise. So watch out! You may be drawn towards spending for auspicious events. You will also find yourself spending for family event and contributing towards philanthropic activities. You have to be careful towards your expenses in the middle of the year and it would be wise to make financial plans. If you cannot hold your purse-string, your expenditures will keep exceeding your earnings. This may lead you to borrow money for meeting your expenses.

This is a year you need to make sensible and wise decisions. Watchful steps will bring good opportunities for money. If they are taken in right spirit and attitude, they will help you in increasing your income. If you are in business, you will enjoy a steady income.


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