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Which Color of Vehicle Should You Buy?

Buying a vehicle is a milestone in one’s life. It is an important decision which is arrived at after factoring many things. Obviously, the price of the car is very important, and so is the brand. Once all these things have been settled, people focus on other things like color, number, etc.

Some people may have a favorite color, and they may decide to buy a car in this color. But your favorite color may not be ideal for you, according to astrologers. Sometimes it may even be unlucky for you.

Which Color of Vehicle Should You Buy

Indian Astrology is an ancient science that comes from the Vedas. It was compiled by wise sages and is considered to be divine in origin. Though some people tend to dismiss astrology as superstition and bunkum, it has many believers both in India and other countries. In India, astrologers use Moon signs or Rashis to make predictions. Based on your birth chart, they can predict when the time will be favorable for you to buy a vehicle. Usually, this depends on the planets, Shani (Saturn), and Venus (Shukra). The question, ‘when will I buy a vehicle?’ is a common one, say most astrologers. Like a house, a car too is an aspirational symbol. It signifies that one has come up in life and has achieved success. Venus, especially, is an important planet which plays a role in acquiring a vehicle. This is because it is the planet of wealth, material comforts, and luxuries. Shani, too, must be in a good position in the person’s birth chart for buying a vehicle.

Other planets that need to be taken into consideration are Mars and Rahu. When these two planets reach the same path in the birth chart, it signifies accidents. Among the houses in the birth chart, the 4th house is most important in the purchase of vehicles.

An astrologer’s advice regarding vehicle purchase will often include the right time to buy the vehicle, the vehicle’s number, and also the vehicle’s color. By checking the horoscope and identifying the Moon’s position during the person’s birth, the astrologer will suggest a suitable color. The planet ruling the moon sign is also taken into account when choosing the color.

Let’s see which color should be chosen by people having different moon signs when buying a vehicle.

Aries: Aries moon sign is called Mesha in Tamil. Planet Mars rules it. For Aries, blue color is most suitable for a vehicle. Black color should be avoided. An idol of Hanuman image can be kept in the vehicle.

Taurus: Taurus moon sign is called Rishaba. Planet Venus rules it. White is the best color for their vehicle. Black color must be avoided. An image of Shiva can be kept in the vehicle.

Gemini: Gemini moon sign is called Mithuna. Planet Mercury rules it. Cream and green colors are best for their vehicle. A Ganesha image may be kept in the vehicle.

Cancer: Cancer moon sign is called Kataka. Moon is the planetary ruler. Cancer moon sign people are prone to accidents. White and red colors may be chosen for their vehicle. A Hanuman image may be kept in the vehicle.

Leo: Leo moon sign is called Simha. Sun is the planetary ruler. Grey and sleety colors should be chosen for their vehicle. Gayatri mantra can be written and kept in the vehicle.

Virgo: Virgo moon sign is called Kanni. White and blue colors are good for their vehicle. Red color must be avoided. Krishna image can be kept in the vehicle.

Libra: Libra moon sign natives tend to buy vehicles when they get older. Libra moon sign is called Thulam. Planet Venus rules it. Black and blue colors are suitable for their vehicle. A swastika can be kept in the vehicle.

Scorpio: Scorpio Moon sign is called Vrischikam. Planets Mars and Pluto rule it. White color is best for their vehicle. Green and black colors must be avoided. Shiva image can be kept in the vehicle.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius Moon sign is called Dhanus in Tamil, and planet Jupiter rules it. Red and silver colors are best for their vehicle. Black and blue colors must be avoided. A Hanuman Chalisa should be kept in the vehicle.

Capricorn: Capricorn Moon sign is called Makara in Tamil, and planet Saturn rules it. White, grey, and sleety colors are good for their vehicle. Red and blue colors must be avoided. A Krishna image should be kept in the vehicle.

Aquarius: Aquarius Moon sign is called Kumbham in Tamil, and is ruled by planets, Saturn and Uranus. Blue, white and grey colors are good for their vehicles. A Shiva image may be kept in the vehicle.

Pisces: Pisces moon sign is called Meenam in Tamil, and planets Jupiter and Neptune rule it. Golden, yellow or white colors are ideal for their vehicles. A Hanuman image can be kept in the vehicle.

If you are planning to purchase a car or bike, talk to an online astrologer to get some tips. Our expert online astrologers at Astro Speaks can guide you about the right color for your vehicle so that it brings you luck and keeps you safe from accidents.