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Astrological Interpretation Of Wedding Dreams

In India, getting married has great importance, and parents consider it their prime duty to get their daughters and sons married. They consider it important so that they can have a life plan, have kids, and generally get settled in life. If it is parent’s pressure or not, a wedding is a crucial event as everyone wants a companion or a partner to spend their life with. When you are in your teens or early adulthood, this may seem unimportant, but these things change when you reach an age where you want to have a partner to share your ups and downs in life. 

If you are someone who is thinking of getting married and dreaming about it at night, then there is nothing surprising about it. Wedding dreams may seem pretty straightforward, but it is not as it appears per astrology. It indicates much more than wanting to settle down or fall in love. It signifies the upcoming life changes, or it is a forewarning about the dangers that might fall on you. Read below for more astrological interpretations of your seemingly simple wedding dreams. 

wedding dreams meaning

Interpretations of Wedding Dreams

When You Are About To Get Married

When you are about to get married, you spend long hours thinking about it and planning about D day. If you are the to-be bride and dream of tying the knot, it does not come as a surprise that you got that dream as it is connected to a real-life event. If the dream is not only about getting married but about getting dressed late for your wedding, then it can mean that you have not completed a deadline for something. There is nothing to worry about, as it is not a serious concern. But if you dream that something is wrong with the wedding saree or dress, then it signifies your unhappiness in yourself about something. It may also be an indication of your low self-esteem or your commitment fear to new relationships. 

Dreaming about a Wedding when you have no such plans

Did you dream about your marriage when you have no intention of getting married anytime soon? This may signify that you want to commit to that special someone even though you are not ready for marriage. Marriage and commitment are two peas in the same pod, and they go together as the terms are commitment and marriage are the same. So it shows that you want to be committed. The surprising part is that this commitment can be to a relationship or even to a new career or a job!

Dreaming of attending someone’s Wedding

If in your dream you are not the person getting married, or in other words, you are a participant in the critical event, then it means you are not playing an active role in your real life. The dream may remind you that you have committed to something and not participating actively in it. It could also mean that you are jealous of someone who is getting married or that you are lonely and want to get married but do not accept this fact openly.  Some astrologers also believe that witnessing a marriage ceremony in dreams may be a sign that something wrong is going to happen to you or your family in the future. 

Dreaming about Tying the Knot with a person you are not interested

A dream of marriage to a person with who you are not romantically inclined can be a horrifying thing. This can have a major impact on your thoughts and might even affect your relationship with the person you have dreamt of. But this type of dream is not something you should be greatly worried about. As mentioned above, marriage means commitment, and getting such a dream means that you will work with that person professionally or have other such work commitments and nothing else.

Dreaming about Marriage when you are already Married

If you are already married and are seeing marriage in the dream, it could mean trouble in paradise. That is because if you are married and see yourself getting married in your dream, that means you are discontented and unhappy with your partner. You may want more from the existing relationship and that you are not leading a joyous life. Work towards fixing your issues so that your marriage becomes joyous and fulfilling. 

When you see your Parents at a Wedding Dream

This is considered a good omen as it is an indication that your parents are happy with your wedding partner’s choice and will provide all the needed support during and after marriage. 

Losing an Ornament in your Dream

If you have dreamt that you lost a wedding ring or a Mangalsutra in your dream, it means you are insecure or confused about your would-be spouse. Even as per mythology, it is thought that seeing a ring lost in the dream means self-doubts about partners. 

You may get many other dreams about weddings, but as per astrology, it has a deep meaning about the future. Talk to the best marriage astrologer in India to clarify all your queries. Seeing a wedding dream can be good or bad based on the thoughts and circumstances you have.