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Marriage And Kundli

Marriage is one of the eagerly anticipated and important events in a person’s life. It is a life-altering decision, and hence, it is not an easy one to make. For instance, many people today wish to have love marriages, rather than arranged marriages. But sometimes families may have some objections to love marriage. Also, the person may have doubts if it will work out. Yet others may want to know which is the best time to get married. All such questions can now be answered by the top Marriage and Kundli astrologers at Astro Speaks.

The Role of Astrology in Marriage

Astrology is a divine science that has been used for many years to predict the events in the life of a person. Marriage, too, can be accurately predicted from the horoscope of a person. A good astrologer will be able to make accurate predictions about the time of marriage, the kind of person one will marry, the longevity of the marriage, and even the health of the partner. To create a horoscope, the birth date, time, and place of birth are needed. There are 12 houses in each horoscope, which symbolize the different aspects of life like marriage, wealth, children, work, etc. The astrologer will study the placement, movement, and effect of the planets in each of the houses and make the predictions. The 7th house represents marriage and partnerships. Planetary placements in this house will reveal when marriage will occur, when one will find one’s soul mate, etc. for a married person, they will reveal the nature of the marriage, if problems are likely to occur, when they will occur, etc. If the 7th house is occupied by malefic planets or is aspected by malefics, it is a sure sign of trouble in paradise. The 2nd house is also important for marriage.

The Importance of Kundli Matching

Mars is one planet that plays an important role in marital life. If Mars is in the 7th house, the married life will be filled with discord, as the person will be short-tempered and aggressive. This will cause fights, misunderstandings, and ego problems that will impact the marriage negatively. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Hence, the importance of astrology in married life. If a prospective partner has Mars in his/her 7th house, it is like a red flag. In India, even now, there is a stigma attached to divorce. It is seen as a personal failure though it is a fact that the stars have a key role to play in it. For this reason, people wish to be very sure about marrying the right person. Even otherwise, divorce can be very unpleasant, especially if children are involved. Hence, it is extremely important to select one’s life partner wisely. This is where Kundli Matching comes in. Kundli matching is a process by which the kundlis or horoscopes of the boy and the girl are matched for compatibility. If ten points match, it is a match made in heaven. Kundli Matching is done to find out if the marriage between two people will be a success or failure.

Are you worried about finding a good life partner? Do you fear that your marriage will be a failure? Don’t worry, Astro Speaks has the best Marriage and Kundli astrologers who can help you make the right decision for a long and happy married life. Talk to our top Marriage and Kundli astrologers and dispel all your doubts and worries.

Frequently asked Kundli and Marriage Questions

From your horoscope, the time of your marriage can be accurately ascertained. Our expert astrologers at Astro Speaks will be able to pinpoint the time of your marriage, based on the planetary placements.
Planetary positions in your horoscope hold the answer to this question. A detailed analysis of your horoscope by our experienced astrologers will reveal the reasons, and they will also suggest suitable remedies for the problem.
A detailed analysis of your horoscope will reveal if any marriage-related Doshas are present. If there are any, our expert astrologers at Astro Speaks will offer remedies to remove the Doshas.
If you are a Manglik, it does affect your marriage prospects to some extent. But you can always seek the expert advice of the top marriage astrologers at Astro Speaks for suitable remedies to solve the problem.
Astro Speaks has some of the best marriage astrology experts on our panel. They will analyze your horoscope and tell you if your marriage will be a happy and enduring one.
This can be easily ascertained by studying your horoscope. Astro Speaks astrologers can be contacted for very accurate predictions on marriage.
The positions of planets in your horoscope can reveal many things about the person you will marry. Physical appearance, financial status, his/her personality, etc., can be understood from your horoscope. If there is a chance to go abroad after marriage, it will be seen in the horoscope.
The answer is yes. Our top marriage astrologers at Astro Speaks will study your horoscope and offer suitable suggestions on how this can be achieved. In case there are Doshas, they will offer remedies to remove them. If obstacles are present, there are remedies for that as well.

Say goodbye to stress and anxiety about marriage. Call our top marriage astrologers at Astro Speaks and get answers for all your marriage-related questions.



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