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Benefits of Performing Shiva Abhishekam on Monday

Lord Shiva

Shiva is the supreme God of Dissolution. He is among the supreme trinity of Gods of Hinduism and is widely worshipped across our land and abroad. He is hailed in many names, and one of those is Mahadeva, the Great God.

He is also Nataraja, the king of dance, who performs Ananda Thadava, the dance of bliss. He thus drives away the negativities and sorrow from the world and our lives and bestows immense welfare and happiness to us.

He is worshipped as Thyagaraja, too, as the Lord who has made the supreme sacrifice.

As per legends, once, the Devas, the celestial beings and the Asuras, the demons churned the vast ocean of milk for obtaining Amrut, the elixir of life. But what emerged first from the depth of the ocean was Alahala, the deadly poison. As the universe and its beings started reeling under the tremendous impact of the venom and everyone feared that the end was near, Lord Shiva stepped in, took the poison in his hands, and simply consumed it. He thus protected the world from a catastrophe. Such was Shiva’s compassion for the universal beings that he did not hesitate to risk his own life and make the supreme sacrifice, only for saving the world from doom.

Hence Shiva is considered as a highly compassionate God, easy to please, and he can virtually shower his immense grace and blessings on all those who are sincere in their devotion to him.

Benefits of Performing Shiva Abhishekam on Monday

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Significance of Abhishek and Mondays, in Shiva Worship

According to scriptures, Lord Shiva remains Abhisheka Priya, the one who is very fond of abhisheka, the hydration ceremony, or the sacred bath. He is, in fact, said to love remaining drenched in water. Hence, performing Abhishek (abhisheka or abhishekam) to the Lord is considered as perhaps the most effective means of receiving his blessings. Shiva is generally worshipped in his Linga or Lingam form, which is an aniconic manifestation of the Lord. And this is how he is enshrined in the sanctum in most of the temples. This is the reason why a sacred pot or vessel is hung over the Lingam in many temples from which water keeps on dripping down gently on the Lingam, always. Hence, abhishekam to the Shiva Linga remains as the most common and popular form of worship that can be offered to the Lord.

This abhishekam, in its most common form, is performed by pouring water over the Lingam, amidst the chanting of the sacred hymns. Apart from water, abhisheka is also performed using other liquids and materials like milk, ghee, curd, honey, sandal powder, etc. On special occasions like Shivratri, people offer prayers and do abhisheka with materials like curd, coconut water, ghee, honey, etc.

Lord Shiva can be worshipped on any day and at any place, and what matters is only devotion. But there is a particular weekday that assumes special significance in Shiva worship. And that day is Monday, and that is said to be very auspicious for Shiva worship. Monday is also known as Somavara, the day of the Moon, whom the Lord himself wears on his crown. Hence, Shiva himself considers Monday as a special day for his worship and bestows his grace on those who pray to him, especially on that day.

Thus Abhishek remains the most propitious worship of the Lord, while Monday remains the chosen day for praying to Shiva. Therefore, performing Shiva Abhishekam on a Monday is naturally remains the best way of pleasing this God and seeking his divine grace.

Hence, praying sincerely to the Lord, and offering worship to him with faith on Mondays by performing abhisheka to him, can earn for the devotees the Lord’s compassion. This can remove their miseries, and provide them with peace and joy, apart from material prosperity.

Lord Shiva Abhishek on Monday – The Benefits

The benefits that Shiva can bestow on devotees, who perform abhisheka to him on Mondays and worship him with faith, are manifold. It s also said that the different materials used in the Monday Abhishek have got their own distinct properties. Hence, the performance of the hydration ceremony with different materials can get various benefits for the devotees.

Here, let us get to know about these, in brief.

Lord Shiva Abhishek, on Monday with water, can help calm people’s minds and free them from the negative forces and evil energies.

When done with milk, this sacred bath can provide relief from diseases, restore good health, and give long life.

The Monday Abhisheka with ghee to the Shiva Linga can earn for the people, the divine grace of the Lord, who can relieve them from the eternal cycle of birth and death. This can thus lead them towards Moksha, the salvation.

Offering rice water in the Monday abhishekam to Shiva, can provide relief from financial distress, and relieve people of their debts.

Sugarcane juice can act as an antidote to illnesses. Performing the sacred bath to Shiva with sugarcane juice can relieve people even from chronic diseases, and bless them with sound health. It can also clear enmities.

Making the offer of the fragrant sandal paste to Shiva during the Monday abhisheka can get the blessings of the Goddess of wealth Lakshmi, and give people, good luck.

Coconut water abhishekam can help you with Shiva’s blessings for satisfaction and enjoyment of life.

Abhisheka to the Lord with a semi-solid mixture made of ripe banana, seedless dates, dry fruits, jaggery, candy sugar, honey, etc. can bestow immense wealth to people.

Devotees can also offer him lotus flowers during the Monday abhishekam. This is said to please the Lord immensely and make him fulfill all your sincere wishes in life. All these abhishekas are performed with the recitation of various mantras and slokas in praise of the Lord.

Shiva is benevolence personified, and he can bless people with even unimaginable benefits. And for this, what he expects from the devotees is only sincerity and unflinching faith.

So, Monday Abhishekam to Lord Shiva, with faith and devotion, and sincere prayers, can invoke divine blessings and work wonders in the lives of the devotees.