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Ashtadravyam – Ashta Dravya in Ganapati Homam

DateAugust 1, 2022

The Vedic Scriptures are rich in knowledge and wisdom and contain many prescriptions for achieving a successful, happy, and prosperous life.

The Scriptures say that performing Poojas or Homam for Lord Ganapathi/Ganesha has immense benefits in life. There are different types of Homams to invoke the blessings of Ganesha. One of these is the Ganapathi Ashtadravya Homam. This Homam is usually performed for improving one’s wealth, finances, business, and career. It can also remove delays in marriage and enables one to find a suitable life partner quickly.


Why Ganapathi Ashtadravya Homam?

Lord Ganesha is one of the 5 primary divinities in Hinduism. The other 4 are Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and Goddess Durga. People worship these 5 deities as they believe in their power to help them overcome their problems in life.

‘Ashta’ means ‘eight’ and ‘Dravya’ means ‘products’. These 8 products are essential for this Homam. The Ashta dravya for Ganapati Homam comprises sesame oil, molasses, sugarcane, honey, coconut, rice flakes, banana, rice, etc. When one performs the Ganapati Homam with all these 8 things, one can get optimum results from the Homa. People perform this Homam during important events and ventures for success and good results.

The Merits of Ganapati Ashtadravya Homam

  1. · Ganapati Ashtadravya Homam is suitable for those who wish to achieve prosperity in their life and business.
  2. · This Homam can help you to overcome complex problems in life by addressing your needs precisely.
  3. · It can bring success in all aspects so that you can lead a happy life.
  4. · It can clear obstacles in marriage if you are facing delays.

In some places, people offer dried coconut, jaggery, puffed rice, banana (kadali plantain), honey, sesame, sugarcane, and fried paddy of rice as Ashta dravya.

In some communities, the Ashta Dravya are banana, coconut, honey, sugarcane, ghee, Modhak, jaggery, and puffed rice.

The concept of using Ashtadravya in the Homam originated in South India. It is very common among the Hindus in South India.

Ashtadravya is also given to little children by the Guru when they are newly initiated into the world of learning after they give Gurudakshina to the Guru. This is prevalent only in some communities.

Ashtadravya used in Kerala

In Kerala, the eight items used in Ganapati Homam are coconut, honey, jaggery, Sugarcane, sweet Appam, black sesame, sweet Ada, and banana.

According to the Tantra Ratnam text, the Ashtadravya includes malarpodi, sugarcane, banana, aval (beaten rice), Modakam, sesame, coconut, and malar (puffed rice).

Ashtadravya In Yagna

The eight key items used in a Yagna or Yagam are also called Ashtadravya. They include twigs or small branches of Arayal (Peepal), Athi, Palash and Peraal (Banyan tree), Venkaduku, Ellu (sesame), Payasam (sweet kheer), and ghee.

Devotees offer these 8 items in order to attain different kinds of Nirvana.

  1. · Jal is offered in order to end the cycle of birth, old age, and death.
  2. · Chandan is offered to obtain freedom from the pain of worldly life.
  3. · Akshat is offered to gain eternal life.
  4. · Pushp is offered to eliminate desires.
  5. · Naivedya is offered to gain freedom from the never-ending disease of hunger.
  6. · Deep is offered to remove the darkness of Moh.
  7. · Dhoop is offered to destroy 8 karmas.
  8. · Phal is offered to gain Moksh phal.
  9. · The mixture of these 8 materials is called argh/arghya. It is offered to attain Nirvana.

When to Perform the Homam?

Devotees perform Ashtadravya Ganapati Homam usually during Ganesha Chaturthi, which is the festival that celebrates Ganesha’s birthday. Devotees do it to please the deity and invoke his blessings.


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