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Hanuman Jayanti 2023 Pooja Date &Time

DateNovember 12, 2022

Hanuman Jayanthi is a Hindu festival that marks the birthday of Lord Hanuman, the monkey god. The festival is held on Pournami, the full moon day of Chaitra month. Hanuman Jayanthi 2023 is on April 6.

Hanuman was born in the Vanara (monkey) race. His mother was Anjana, an Apsara, and his father was Kesari, the king of the Vanaras. Lord Vayu, the wind god, is also considered his father because he played a key role in his birth. The story is mentioned in the Ramayana epic. Hanuman was very devoted to Lord Rama and helped him rescue Sita (Rama’s wife) from Lanka, where she was held captive by Ravana, the demon king.

Hanuman Jayanti 2023

Some also believe that he is Rudra, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Hanuman is the patron god of Kusthi (Indian wrestling) practitioners. He is a Brahmachari (bachelor) and one of the 8 immortals in Hindu mythology and is believed to be still living in our midst.

Hanuman was blessed with many powers by the gods due to an incident that happened in his childhood. Mistaking the sun for a ripe fruit, he flew towards it and tried to swallow it. This angered Lord Indra, who hurled his thunderbolt, Vajra, at him. Hanuman fell down unconscious. Vayu was furious and withdrew from the world. Without air, the world would have perished. Finally, Indra apologized for his deed, and all the gods blessed Hanuman with many abilities and powers. However, a sage’s curse made him forget about his powers until the king of bears, Jambavan, reminded him about them. It was then that he increased his size and leaped over the ocean to reach Lanka, where Sita was held hostage.

Hanuman’s loyalty to Lord Rama is legendary. People worship him for protection from negative energies and also to acquire courage, strength, and confidence to overcome hardships in life. They also worship him to get relief from Saturn afflictions in their horoscope. Hanuman had freed Saturn, who was imprisoned by Ravana in Lanka. In gratitude, Saturn promised Hanuman that those who worshipped Hanuman would not be troubled by him.

Pooja Vidhi for Hanuman Jayanthi Festival

  • Get up at dawn and take a bath.
  • Meditate for a while.
  • Take a sankalp to do the Pooja.
  • Cover a wooden stool with a yellow cloth and place it in the Pooja room.
  • Place Hanuman’s idol on the stool so that it faces east.
  • Light an oil/ghee lamp.
  • Pray to Lord Ganesha to complete the Pooja successfully.
  • Sprinkle some holy water on Hanuman’s idol.
  • Perform Abishekam for the idol with holy water, milk (not boiled), ghee, honey, curd, etc.
  • After this, wipe the idol with a clean cloth.
  • Adorn the deity with clean attire and offer a kalava.
  • Offer akshat and janeu.
  • Apply some sandalwood paste and perfume on the idol.
  • Smear orange sindoor on the idol.
  • Offer flowers and fruits to the deity.
  • Light some incense sticks and dhoop.
  • Chant Hanuman Mantras and the Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Offer bhog to the deity. You can also offer tamboolam comprising Dakshina, coconut, paan, betel nuts, and fruits.
  • Do a parikrama.
  • Offer aarti.
  • Offer prayers to the deity.

Significance of Hanuman Jayanthi Utsav

In Hinduism, it is very important to celebrate the birthdays of the gods and goddesses. This pleases the deities who will bestow blessings on their devotees. It is the best time to connect with their energies. Hanuman Jayanthi has an astrological significance, too, as he can protect us from Saturn’s malefic effects. He also protects us from negative forces and evil energies like the evil eye, black magic, etc. He also bestows courage and confidence to face life and achieve success. Hanuman is the best conduit to Lord Rama. By worshipping him, we can please Rama, too, and get his blessings. Observing a fast on this day is very beneficial.

Hanuman Jayanthi Muhurat

Hanuman Jayanthi date: April 6, 2023, Thursday

Pooja Muhurat
Poornima tithi begins at 09.19 am on April 5
Poornima tithi ends at 10.04 am on April 6


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