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Characteristics and Personality of Taurus

DateDecember 14, 2015

In Taurus Zodiac Sign Venus your charming ruling planet, gives you a strong desire for anything of lasting value that can bring you great material security.

Because you appreciate anything that is truly lovely, artistic, valuable and luxurious, you often surround yourself with good assets, a comfortable home and exclusive collectibles.

When given a choice, you always prefer authentic jewelry and solid financial foundations, which give you the peace of mind you need to care for your family and dear ones. The reason is that, more than other signs, you dislike money worries and financial instability.

Characteristics and Personality of Taurus

Others can always trust you, dear Taurus—because when you make a promise or decision, you really mean it. In fact, you don’t easily change your mind, which makes you a trustworthy friend or relative and allows others to count on you at all times.

You love nature, but your ideal environment is a beautiful restaurant or kitchen, because you value both giving and receiving nourishment, whether through real food or other sensual means. Your family is very fortunate to have you and you often show them gratitude by spending lots of quality time with them.

You are romantic and refined, but those who dismiss you as a materialist are actually missing your true nature—because your greatest desire is emotional security, not money per se. And that is why you prefer a fiercely loyal and committed partner.

So even when you eat too much, accumulate riches and seek sensual gratification you do so in order to avoid a sense of emptiness that would disturb your peace and quiet.

Others admire your stability, unruffled emotions and peaceful demeanor in all circumstances, and only on rare occasions you lose your cool.

That is why the wobbly and ever-changing Moon—the mind principle—is exalted in your sign, where it becomes strong and stable.

Your possessions ground you and allow you deep rest and peaceful sleep and the more material security you acquire the happier you feel.

You are also capable of very hard work, dear Taurus, and at the workplace others often lean on you—because they know you’ll deliver.

You also like financial institutions, historical sites, valuable and useful knowledge that can last throughout time.

Favorable Traits


Unfavorable Traits

Overly attached

Nakshatras (or Birth Stars)

The following constellations further define Taurus’ qualities


This star, also known as ‘the Cutter’, has three rulers: the Sun, Agni, the God of sacred fire and Muruga, a Pleiadian God and son of Shiva.

Krittika bestows unparalleled courage, strength and leadership abilities, bringing great ambitions and desires for self-affirmation. It’s also a star of success and energy.


This nakshatra is ruled by the Moon and Brahma, the Creator of the Universe. This star signifies nurturing, achievements and material creations. Its feminine nature brings receptivity to beauty and fine arts.

Family and luxury take center stage in the lives of those born in Rohini, providing grounding and security.


This nakshatra, also called ‘Deer’s Head’, is ruled by the planet Mars and Soma, a healing aspect of the Moon.

Charm, gentleness, desire for knowledge, much curiosity and some restlessness are the main characteristics. Mars also gives those born in this star a dynamic and active nature.

Who is Taurus? Learn about the personality, favorable and unfavorable traits.

Written by Donatella Lalitha Riback


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