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Taurus Woman : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

December 22, 2017 | Total Views : 2,411
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Taurus, the sign that is As the second sign of the Zodiac, Taurus represents dedicated perseverance. For Taurus, Persistence is the keyword, Loyalty, their quality and Sense of Beauty is their identity. They also have a remarkable sense of humour and the ability to use it to telling effect. Bull is their symbol, indicating sustained hard work. Venus, the heavenly body of Love is their key planet, denoting the finer sentiments of life. Earth is their element, pointing to patience and generosity. With reliability as their biggest asset and tenacity, their spirit, the Taurus’ proceeds with dogged determination to make steady progress in life. But they sometimes tend to become stubborn and unreasonable, and slip into self- indulgence. Taurus Woman : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

Taurus Woman

A woman born in the zodiac sign of Taurus has by nature, a great emotional strength. True to her element Earth, she is earthly in character, slow and steady, but strong and resilient. She is calm, has a quiet nature, and is generally an introvert, who keeps her thoughts and plans to herself. Whatever be the role she plays and responsibilities she undertakes, she brings in a strong element of solidity to it. With a calm determination, she continues until she reaches the goal and gets the desired result. They may not be flashy or impulsive, and do not generally take risks. They do operate with a ‘safety-first’ attitude, but don’t remain inhibited in any way. If at all there is a feeling of a lacuna, that is more than compensated by their persistence and hard work, which is backed up by well thought out plans. She works for erecting well- grounded structures and patterns, that remain stable and stand solid, and has the maturity to sacrifice small temporary successes, for the sake of lasting, conclusive gains. They also have a sense of independence and a quiet assertiveness, rather than aggression, and will not hesitate to take on leadership roles when required. Taurus woman takes her own time to prove herself to be a no nonsense individual, strong, both as a personality and as a performer.
With Venus as their planet, aesthetics forms an inseparable part of her inherent personality. She loves beauty and spreads that around wherever she is, in whatever manner she could. She can make her dwellings aesthetically beautiful, and if she a career woman, can make her place of work functionally well presentable. She loves to live a life of comfort and luxury, and enjoy the good things of life. She is also an artist by temperament, would like to surround herself with pleasing objects and artifacts, and will love to travel for pleasure and be one with nature with gay abandon. She is not of an intellectual type, but has the practical intelligence that can be applied to her day to day dealings, for making life more comfortable. She functions neat and clean, and loves to keep the surroundings too similar, so that anyone would love to be part of it. She loves simplicity, brings in order and contributes handsomely for spreading harmony at home and also, wherever she is. Taurus woman puts all her heart and soul in her love, and can create for her partner and also enjoy for herself, an intensely passionate experience. As a wife, she is devoted, who remains a symbol of loyalty and a personification of faithfulness. She has tremendous patience, can take on stress and pressures of life in her stride, and is capable of handling the household affairs including finances, very well. They also make very good mothers caring for and taking care of the needs of the children very well. They do have equitable temperaments, but can become very uncomfortable if pushed to the extreme. If they are treated unfairly, or even if they think so, they can become very annoyed. While they can become stubborn and depressed on one side, they can also fly into a rage, pick up a big fight, turn violent and hurt the people concerned very deeply. If they can only dwell on their positive traits of resilience, loyalty and sense of beauty, and be actively conscious about their stubbornness and temperamental instability which happen at times, Taurus women can radiate their glow around and make life a fulfilling experience.

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