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Taurus Man : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

December 22, 2017 | Total Views : 2,342
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Taurus, the sign that is As the second sign of the Zodiac, Taurus represents dedicated perseverance. For Taurus, Persistence is the keyword, Loyalty, the quality and sense of beauty is their identity. They also have a remarkable sense of humour and the ability to use it effectively. Bull is their symbol, indicating sustained hard work. Venus, the heavenly body of Love is their key planet, denoting the finer sentiments of life. Earth is their element, pointing to patience and generosity. With reliability as their biggest asset and tenacity, their spirit, the Taurus’ proceeds with dogged determination to make steady progress in life. But they sometimes tend to become stubborn and unreasonable, and slip into self- indulgence. Taurus Man : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

Taurus Man

A man born in the zodiac sign of Taurus has by nature, a great solidity of character. True to his element Earth, he is a down to earth individual, slow but methodical, and quiet but practical. He is calm, has a quiet nature, and generally operates in well-planned out and structured patterns. He stands firmly on an unshakable foundation of a never-say-die attitude, and plods on, with a calm determination, until he reaches the goal and gets the desired result. Flashy, he may not definitely look on the face of it, but writing him off on this ground, will be foolhardy. He will surprise all with his steadfast approach, come out with a well thought out plan, execute it with a razor sharp precision, and crown himself with success just in time. Thus the Taurus man often proves himself in no uncertain terms as a no nonsense performer, a formidable competitor and a strong achiever. Taurus is not all work and no play, for the sign itself stands for all that is good in existence. Enjoying the finer things of life can even be said as the ultimate goal of these men. They want to achieve things, earn handsome wealth, establish themselves in work, business or in whatever they do, succeed and become famous, acquire an enviable status in society, enjoy everything worth enjoyable in life, and lead a good and comfortable life of satisfaction. They love riches and all the comforts and luxuries that they can buy. Though they don’t flaunt wealth and success just for the sake of it, they don’t really hesitate to display them generously to friends, relatives and to the outside world. They think that having palatial houses and big cars, wearing of high value branded garments and jewels, vacationing in exotic locations and even marrying glamorous women from well-known families, are only the results of their hard work, ability and success, and hence they have an inherent right to parade them in public, for the world to stand in awe, feel jealous about and silently applaud.
This doesn’t mean a Taurus man is petty minded, but he can be termed actually grace personified. He is aesthetic by nature and there cannot be a greater lover of beauty and fine arts than him. Aries men are great connoisseurs, who can lose themselves in anything beautiful, and have insatiable love for good food, drinks, fine arts like music, travelling and nature. But at times, they become over indulgent and go beyond the levels of moderation. While they are quite sensitive by nature, mild mannered, reserved and gentle, and are good listeners, they are also stubborn and inflexible, and find it difficult to accept change. They also love their possessions so much, that they become materialistic, even to the point of becoming stingy. Love is serious business for a Taurus, who beings in intense sensuousness into his love life. He will prove to be a very good family man, who can combine emotions with practical wisdom, as he will love his wife and children with all his heart and also provide all the material comforts to them. He will be a loyal and devoted husband and a responsible father, and will bring great stability to the family life with his humourous disposition, affectionate nature and sensitive dealings. But he can become stubborn even about flimsy things, become unreasonable and demanding, lose his cool, fly into a rage, and present a picture of a spoilt child, who lost his head and gone overboard. If they can dwell on their positive traits of perseverance, loyalty and sense of beauty, and be actively conscious about their stubborn nature and self- indulgence, Taurus men can radiate their glow around and make life a fulfilling affair.

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