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7 Health Tips for Dad this Father’s Day

The father has a special role in a child’s life. He represents stability and security, while the mother represents unconditional love. A mother’s love is there for all to see, for she does not hold back her affection and expresses it without inhibitions. But a father’s love is like a rock on a river bed. We know it’s there, but we don’t see it unless we dive into the water and scan the depths. A father’s love is deep, like the ocean. And yet, on occasion, it reveals itself, especially when the child is hurt or in trouble. The mother’s embrace makes us feel loved, understood, accepted. The father’s embrace makes us feel safe and protected.

All traditions and cultures stress the need to honor parents. In Hinduism, there is the saying, “Matha, Pitha,, Guru Dheivam’ which means ‘Mother, father, and teacher are equal to God”, underscoring the respect and reverence they deserve. When we are children, we think that our parents are invincible and will protect us from all danger. But as the years fly, we realize that they are vulnerable, too, and that it is our turn to protect and take care of them. With Father’s Day 2020 just around the corner, here are 7 valuable health and wellness tips for your Dad that will ensure long life and good health for that special man in your life.

7 Health Tips for Dad this Fathers Day

1. Schedule a yearly physical exam

Prevention, as we know, is better than cure. To lead a healthy life, the most important factor is preventative healthcare. Statistics have revealed that men are less likely to have visited a doctor than women and that they seldom check their cholesterol levels, which play a crucial role in diseases like hypertension and cardiac problems. Men are also more likely to suffer congestive heart failure and diabetes-related complications. More than women, men get hospitalized for pneumonia because they did not go in for immunization. So one good favor you could do for your Dad is to insist on an annual physical exam and make him go for a complete medical check-up. Tell him that the human body needs servicing too, just like his vehicle does, to run properly and be in good condition. This argument will surely make sense to him since he probably takes good care of his vehicle.

2. Get a good night’s sleep

As people grow older, their sleep cycles go haywire. Lack of sufficient sleep is a major factor for many diseases like diabetes, heart problems, and hypertension. This Fathers Day, teach him some yoga exercises to induce sound sleep at night. Or gift him some herbal tea that has a calming effect. Some herbal teas for bedtime include lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, Valerian root, passion flower, magnolia bark, etc. These are known for their sedative and anti-anxiety effects.

3. Get a colonoscopy

When it comes to cancer-related deaths, colon cancer is one of the major causes. People need to be screened for colon cancer at the age of 50 years, and high-risk people even earlier. High-risk people are those whose close relatives had colon cancer or inflammatory bowel disease. Colonoscopy is not exactly a walk in the park, and your Dad may try to avoid it. Go along with him so that he feels reassured.

4. Avoid Stress

Stress is one of the most important factors that is implicated in many health problems. Stress can reduce your immunity, exposing your body to illness. So it is very important to avoid stress. Reducing stress can reduce the chance of a heart attack or stroke considerably. One way to beat stress is by being with loved ones. So this Father’s Day, if possible, make sure to spend time with your Dad and show him that you care deeply for him.

5.Exercise regularly

Half an hour of exercise does wonders for one’s health. People who exercise regularly fall ill less often than those who have no exercise. It also helps reduce stress levels. Find some fun activities to make your Dad get out of the house and move his body. Take him for an early morning walk or a gentle jog in a nearby park. If he can swim, take him to the beach for a swim.

6.Eat healthy

The food we eat has a very important role to play in our health. A balanced diet gives our body the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy. It boosts the immune system, thereby helping us to resist diseases. Insist that your Dad includes enough fruits and vegetables in his diet.

7.Perform an Ayush Fire Lab (Homa)

The entire world is going through a troubled phase. The elderly, especially, are particularly vulnerable because of their age and health conditions. Even as your Dad needs to boost his physical well-being with nutritious food, exercise, good sleep, annual medical exams, and stress avoidance strategies, he also needs spiritual sustenance. When you were a child, he protected you from harm. Now he needs your care but also the blessings of the divine to keep him hale and hearty. To ensure your Dad’s well-being, AstroVed has come up with some great Father’s Day offers, including 25% Off on our Grand Fire Labs. By performing an Ayush Fire Lab, you can invoke divine blessings to help your Dad live a long and healthy life.

If your Dad follows these tips, he will be around for many more years so that you can celebrate Father’s Day with him!