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Gift your father Divine blessings for good health, wealth, happiness, and wellness through your choice of grand and personalized Fire Labs, powerful mantra writing, Nadi Astrology, Vedic Astrology consultations, and yearlong programs.


AstroVed’s Grand Fire Labs are exclusive ceremonies performed by a team of expert Vedic priests who follow scriptural standards in invoking archetypes according to specialized needs. These Grand Fire Labs differ from other Fire Labs in terms of the number of mantras chanted, sacred offerings to the archetype, and special chanting during the ritual. The more the mantras are chanted, the more the special offerings are given, the more opportunities for you to establish a strong connection with the Divine and invoke abundant blessings.

Choose your rare Grand Fire Lab from the following:

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Using Fire (Agni) as the medium, offerings of special materials, sounds, and emotionally-charged prayers are used to invoke Archetypes and access their power. Fire Lab Technology is targeted to give tangible results in key areas of life, such as finances, career, relationship, and health. AstroVed’s personalized Fire Labs are exclusive ceremonies performed by expert Vedic priests who follow scriptural standards in invoking Archetypes for specific prayer requests.

Consider your unique needs and desires and order your personalized Homa (Fire Lab) from our wide array of choices.

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There are mantras to fix problems of finance, profession, relationship, or to guard ill effects of a planetary placement. On your behalf, a proxy person will write the mantra, which invokes the energy of the Divine. Writing mantras involves focus, and the constant repetition is known to transform the sponsor’s consciousness. The sponsor receives the good merit of supporting the livelihood of proxy mantra Writers as well.

Gift your father our mantra writing service to help him manifest results in a specific area of life.

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Nadi astrology is a rare form of astrology where your destiny has been written on a palm leaf thousands of years ago. Your leaf holds divine ‘seeings’ into your past, present, and future for a unique interpretation of your soul’s destiny. Obtaining your Nadi reading can help reveal what God or Siddha wrote about the problems you would be facing and what to do to alleviate those problems, as well as the many blessings that are in store for you in this lifetime.

Through Nadi Astrology, you can help your father understand the blueprint of his life, overcome difficulties, and attain higher goals.

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As a gift for you to consult with top astrologers on our Astro Speaks portal, we would like to give you 25% Cashback on Wallet Recharge. You need not wait for appointments. You can choose your astrologer, call, and speak to your personal astrologer.

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Consult and counsel with Vedic expert Vijayalakshmi who can help you identify problems and positives of health, wealth, relationship, and career. Based on your needs, you can choose 30-minute/1-hour consultation and counseling session with Vedic astrologer Vijayalakshmi.

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Each of the AstroVed’s Yearlong Programs is a comprehensive and intensive suite of Fire Labs, Powerspot Poojas, and traditional practices that are time-tested to improve the lives of our members. The carefully selected ceremonies for each program can help address problems that may be adversely affecting and limiting you in different areas of life.

Through the efficient use of proxy technology, a dedicated team of specialists and AstroVed remedy center team perform these targeted spiritual technologies that can help resolve life problems, manifest prosperity, and attract new opportunities and relationships that help you grow in your life.

Enroll in our signature Yearlong Programs and Sponsorships for positive life transformation.

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