Ayush Fire Lab (Homa)

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Fire Lab for Ayush

This Fire Lab invokes Ayur Devata as chief archetype. It is conducted by a fully qualified Vedic specialist. Ayur Devata is a deity of Life Energy.

Ayush Fire Lab is also known as Ayush Homa, Ayush Homam or Birthstar Homam.

Purpose of Ayush Fire Lab: Health and Longevity

In addition to invocations to Ayur Devata to promote Life Energy with you, others are also prayed to for releasing health blessings via this Fire Lab including:
  • Markandeya, a famous saint who was destined to die at age 16 and instead was miraculously granted immortality, is called upon in this Fire Lab to bless you with vigorous wellbeing and will power to recover from health ailments.
  • Eight long lived ancient immortals Seers known as the Chiranjivi or “permanently lived”:
  • Ashwathama (immortal sage who was a valiant warrior)
  • Mahabali (famed as an immortal benevolent king)
  • Vyasa (immortal saint who authored sacred writings)
  • Lord Hanuman (a form of Siva who can do the impossible; it is said as long as Rama is remembered, Lord Hanuman remains on the Earth plane)
  • Vibheeshana (a king who turned his subjects toward righteousness and was ordered by Vishnu to remain on Earth and guide people toward truth)
  • Kripacharya (an immortal sage famous for being a teacher of royal children)
  • Parashurama (an immortal warrior incarnation of Vishnu)
are called upon to grant you blessings for a long life.
Participating in Ayush Fire Lab helps with health issues. Many people participate in Ayush Fire Lab once a year to protect their health and to give them power and supremacy to accomplish their goals for the upcoming year. Oftentimes parents will have Ayush Fire Lab performed on behalf of a child who may be suffering from a severe health ailment.

Suggested Timings for Ayush Fire Lab

Our scheduler works with our astrologers to set the best time for your Ayush Fire Lab. In both Vedic Astrology and in Ayurveda, there is an early morning period before sunrise called Brahma Muhurta which is considered auspicious for health and longevity. Usually our astrologers schedule your Ayush Fire Lab for your birth star day as that is a day of power for you and an excellent time for you to receive divine blessings. In the event someone does not know their birth star, our astrologers may schedule it for a Brahma Muhurta or other favorable hora.

Mantra(s) for Ayush Fire Lab

 Om Haam Aayur Devataaya Swaha

Benefits of Ayush Fire Lab:
  • Relief from suffering from incurable illnesses
  • Boon for longevity
  • Protection from life threats
  • Success in your endeavors
  • Material and spiritual blessings
Beneficiaries of Ayush Fire Lab:
  • Anyone needing relief from sickness or disease
  • Anyone yearning for long life
  • Anyone who wishes to ensure health blessings for elderly or children in their family
  • Anyone who seeks success with their projects for the upcoming year
  • Anyone wishing to gift a friend or family member with a Fire Lab for their birthday
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US $ 148.00