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10 Things to take into account when decorating your home with Ganesha idols

A Ganesha idol is a must-have in most Indian homes. Having a Ganesha statue at home is believed to attract auspiciousness and eliminate negative energy from a home. Aesthetically, too, it has a pleasing look. Many materials are used to make Ganesha idols. Metals like brass, silver, copper, and gold are often used. Other materials include clay, wood, papier-mache, etc. But there are some dos and don’ts regarding the idol one should use as well as its placement in your home. Let’s see what they are.

Brass Ganesha signifies joy and prosperity

For bringing joy and prosperity, Brass is the material that is recommended for a Ganesha idol if you seek joy and prosperity. The favorable directions are East, South, and West. But Northeast and Northwest directions must be avoided.

Ganesha idol at the house entrance

Lots of people keep a marble or stone Ganesha idol at the entrance of their homes. This looks lovely, but ensure that the statue’s back doesn’t face a room of the house. This may negatively impact your prosperity. This is why Ganesha idols are placed in pairs at entrances with the statues being placed back to back. This way, both sides of the home are believed to benefit from the good fortune that the idol attracts.

Ganesha idol in display shelves and cabinets

If you have a couple of idols that are displayed in a cabinet or a collection of Ganesha idols covering a wall, there should be a gap of at least one inch between the statues. It is a good idea to have customized shelves placed at a distance from each other.

Position of Ganesha’s trunk

In some Ganesha idols, the trunk is curved to the right, and in some others, it is on the left. The idol with the trunk pointing to the right needs powerful poojas that aren’t suitable for homes. Such statues should be kept in temples. If placed in a home, especially if it’s for decoration, the trunk should be pointing to the left.

Silver Ganesha signifies fame

According to Vastu Shastra, the material used for making the idol has a certain significance, and so too does the direction in which it is kept. It is said that a silver Ganesha idol can bring fame, but the benefits can be experienced only if the statue is placed in the Northwest, West, or Southeast direction. Do not place it in the South or Southwest.

Golden Ganesha for power, wealth and intelligence

Lord Ganesha is the deity of prosperity and knowledge, while gold signifies wealth and auspiciousness. A Ganesha idol made of gold helps attract wealth, power, and intelligence. It should be placed in the North and East direction for the best results.

Copper Ganesha for offspring

Lack of progeny is great sorrow in people’s lives. But Ganesha can help such people. For people who want children, a copper Ganesha kept in the South or East is believed to be good. However, do not place the idol in either the Southwest or Northwest areas of the house.

Wooden Ganesha for health and success

Wood is a great material to make idols. Wooden statues of Ganesha are very appealing aesthetically. A wooden Ganesha idol is believed to give health and success if it is placed in the East, North, or Northeast. Avoid Southeast if your Ganesha idol is crafted from wood.

Clay Ganesha for removing obstacles

A clay idol of Ganesha is believed to remove obstacles and bring success and good health. It must be kept in the Southwest direction. Avoid keeping Clay Ganesha idols in the north or the west.

So if you are going to bring a Ganesha idol home, make sure that the material it is made of reflects your wishes and desires and also that it is placed in the right direction in your home. This will make it easier for your wishes to come true.