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Astro Speaks is an online consulting platform where you can access the best Astrologers in India. Now it’s so easy to talk to the best Vastu experts and get proper guidance for your Vastu problems. Do it anywhere and anytime you want, too.

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Rashmitha S

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Best Vastu Consultants in India

Vastu is an ancient Indian science which deals with architecture and buildings. It codifies the principles that have to be followed when constructing a building so that it maximizes the positive energies and minimizes or removes the negative energies in it. Energy is all around us though we cannot see it. Everything has energy, sunlight, wind, water, space, and air. When the elements of nature and energy fields are perfectly balanced, the people living or working in the building will experience good health, wealth, good fortune, and happiness. Vastu Shastra is a scientific approach despite its ancient origins. It brings together art, science, astronomy, and astrology. The ancient seers of India knew the importance of the five elements in the universe and also about the influence exerted by the magnetic field, earth’s gravity, the galaxy, the directions, wind velocity, the light and heat of the sun, the volume and intensity of rainfall, etc.

The Science Behind Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra works on the theory that the cosmos is filled with beneficial energies that have to be kept in balance for our overall well-being. Energy comes from two forces - the five elements (air, fire, water, earth, and space) and the electromagnetic energy generated by the earth’s rotation. Through the act of design, the elements can be molded in accordance with human needs. Vastu can be used for all kinds of buildings like homes, offices, temples, schools, hospitals, etc. When all the elements are properly balanced, there is happiness and harmony. When there is an imbalance, there will be problems, disturbances, and a lack of harmony and peace.

Vastu Dosha and its Remedies

Vastu implies a complete understanding of geography, topography, direction, physics, and environment. As we became modern, we drifted away from the Vedas and our ancient wisdom. Vastu functions as a bridge between nature and man. When Vastu principles are not adhered to, it creates Vastu Dosha. This will be reflected as some problem or the other. Inability to find a job, frequent quarrels at home, business failure, accidents, illness…all these can be the result of Vastu Dosha. Vastu Dosha can be remedied by making changes in the rooms, the position of objects, using regulators, or some charged objects. Buildings that follow Vastu principles attract good fortune and positivity, and the people who use or dwell in such buildings will experience peace and joy. Such buildings can create physical, spiritual, and psychological well-being. It can reduce stress and improve health. There are Vastu products that can be used to ward off negativity too, like pyramid, yantra, gemstone, crystals, energy plates, etc.

At Astro Speaks, you can find the best Vastu Shastra experts who can give you good guidance on how to use Vastu principles to make homes and offices more positive and congenial. Get a consultation in real time with our Vastu Shastra experts and seek their guidance to ward off negative energy from your living spaces that is blocking your progress and happiness. Our Vastu Shastra specialists have many years of experience in the field and many satisfied customers across the country and even abroad.

Famous Vastu experts online

Our Vastu experts have been chosen after a stringent evaluation of their experience and expertise. They will analyze your problems in great detail and suggest proper remedies for them. With their help, you will be able to find out what Vastu Doshas are present in your home or office, and how to rectify them. You can have absolute privacy, and the rates too are very reasonable. You can interact with the Vastu expert of your choice using our Talk to an Astrologer feature, in real time, and seek answers to your queries, from the comfort of your home. It’s a completely hassle-free way of consulting the best Vastu Shastra experts, and that, too, at a nominal charge. Sign up with Astro Speaks now and get solutions for all your Vastu problems.



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