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Jupiter Transit 2020 to 2021 For Aquarius

Jupiter Transit 2020 Predictions For Aquarius Moon Sign

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Aquarius General

The benevolent Jupiter will be moving to Capricorn from the sign Sagittarius on Friday, 20th November 2020. Jupiter will be transiting the 12th house from your Moon sign Aquarius, which is a normal position for this auspicious planet. Due to this placement, Jupiter will influence your 4th House, the house of the mother, assets, and comforts, 6th House, the house of success, service, enemies and diseases, and finally the 8th House, the house of unexpected gains and transformation.

This transit of Jupiter is moderate in giving results. Miscommunications may give mental stress, and your words can be taken in the wrong way. It would help if you also were patient while tackling situations. You may also be required to avoid direct clashes with relatives and, instead, adopt an attitude of compromise. Also, try to improve relationships with relatives and friends for betterment in life. On the positive front, your savings will be satisfactory to meet your financial commitments. You should do regular meditation, which can give concentration and peace of mind. You can also get relaxation by participating in social events. But please take good care of your activities and commitments in the profession. You may be required to give special attention to your family members. It would help if you also gave yourself the necessary time to understand the situation. Minor disturbances may arise in the family life; so, try to take appropriate action in the early stage itself. You may need to focus on the requirements of the spouse and children, too. You may get an identity and respect with great efforts. But you may incur plenty of expenses towards purchasing household equipment for your comforts. Some of you may undertake a distant travel. There can be an increase in communication with friends while you may actively participate in social events or get-together programs.

This transit time can make you anxious about family and relationships. You can however, get relaxation by interacting with everybody and spend time with them for entertainment. Your interaction with social circles would be satisfactory. But you may have concerns about personal relationships, whereas there may be strains in the rapport with close relatives. You better learn to tolerate your family members' mistakes, which they commit by their ignorance. This inner change can enhance their respect for you significantly. Try to be understanding and adjustable with family relationships, and this can help clear misunderstandings.

Divine Technique for Family Harmony: Perform Chanting of Taittiriya Upanishad with Aikyamatya Suktam Homa

You may face minor health issues in this transit period. Dust allergies may affect you while traveling, and you may also feel tired due to hectic work. Take care of your diet as you may suffer from digestive issues. On the other hand, you may become emotional and take everything to heart, which probably can give you mental strain. You are advised to do meditation, which could provide peace of mind and focus on work. Physically, you should generally be alright. And everything will be under your control, so nothing to worry much, on fitness. But still, it is better to be alert.

Divine Technique for a Healthy Living: Perform Aditya Hrudayam Chanting Followed by Sun Homa

This is the time to be patient in love. Unnecessary arguments and disturbances may arise in this regard. You should continue your cordial relationship with your partner by giving all support and love. During this period, you should also try to give your partner enough time to strengthen the relationship. Adjustments are necessary for sustaining the relationship. You should pay particular attention to the queries and doubts of your partner and try to resolve it. Your pleasant nature may, however, improve mutual affection and the relationship. Marriages could take place after struggle now, and so, don't give up. Please invite your prospective life-partner by clearing thorny issues individually and confidentially.

Divine Technique for Marital Happiness: Perform Lakshmi Narayana Fire Lab

The Jupiter transit may give financial progress after hard efforts. You may also be getting all the benefits that you are expecting now, and those benefits will be coming to you due to the extra work that you are putting. However, there may be a risk factor associated with handling finances, but your prudent actions will have a favorable influence on financial stability. It is also the time to protect your investments with more care. Please avoid heavy expenditure and, instead, build on your savings, which can help you in the long run. Some sort of stability is quite possible for you, and you can make use of this right time to boost your chances.

Divine Technique to Improve Financial Status: Get Your Parvati Yantra

Jupiter may improve your confidence by giving a favorable turn in work front. There will be possibilities for promotion. Relationships with colleagues will be fine, and you may be getting their support. Higher officials may also be pleased with your performance. You may get a good name for the work you are doing and will be able to show your unique abilities at work. Coming to business, you should be ready now for improving your approach and image. This period is supportive of making new investments in the market, which can fetch good profits. You may also be required to continue your hard work for setting up business units and keep waiting for your turn. Further, you may even get business opportunities that can work out in the practical sense. Your independent nature may be helpful for business growth, while your leadership qualities may help handle situations effectively in the business front.

Divine Technique for Business & Career Progress: Get Your Kalabhairava Yantra

In this transit period, you need to put sustained efforts to get actual results in studies. Students may have a sound practical understanding of their lessons. You are a quick learner, and you can grasp things quickly, but you may not spend enough time on studies. You may also become moody at times, which may have a negative impact. Even though you possess skills in you, you may not be able to utilize them properly. Unnecessary thoughts may also disturb your educational pursuits, and your concentration in studies may become less. So, you better try to work on all these negative traits of yours, which can help resolve concerns in your studies.

Divine Technique for Success in Academics: Get Your Mercury Yantra

Aquarius Home remedies

Daily chant 'Dakshina Murthy Slokam'

Donate food to poor or physically challenged people on Thursdays

Reduce weight by maintaining a proper diet

Build your self-confidence

Be vigilant in your activities

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