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Jupiter Transit 2023 to 2024 For Aquarius

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Jupiter Transit 2023 Predictions For Aquarius Moon Sign

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Aquarius General

For Aquarius natives, Jupiter transit will happen in the 3rd house from your Moon sign. This transit will be happening on April 22nd, 2023, and it is going to be in Aries till May 1st, 2024. The transit will last for 12 months. Jupiter rules your 2nd house and 11th house. The 3rd house deals with your efforts, communication, younger sibling relationship, and short travel. His aspects will be on the 7th house that deals with your spouse, business partners, and friendship, the 9th house that deals with the relationship with your father, fortunes, spiritual connectivity, and the 11th house that deals with elder sibling relationship, profits, and expansion of all materialistic comforts. Below are the results that Jupiter is going to give during this transit.

Those waiting to get married may realize their wish. Your father may be supportive. Do not try to enforce your ideas on your family members. Lack of support is possible in the elder sibling relationship, but the younger one could be supportive. Try to maintain flexibility and do not entertain egoistic behavior. This can bring peace and harmony to your relationship. Those in love must avoid gossip. Be careful with your words during interactions.

Maintain a proper diet for good health. Those with major health issues may need to wait since it might take time for recovery. You may gain relief from chronic health issues. Engaging in fitness-related activities could enhance your health. Eating healthy food with more greens can provide the required immunity. Avoid stress as it may lead to chronic diseases. As health is the real wealth, take precautions and strive for balance in your life.

Planetary positions indicate chances of separation due to misunderstandings. So you need to be calm and adjusting. If arguments continue, try to overcome the situation by avoiding unwanted talks. Do not be isolated. Be positive in your attitude. Married couples hoping for a child may be blessed with progeny during this period.

Financial growth may be seen, and you may enjoy good fortune. At the initial stage, there may be delays or fewer profits, but in the long run, equal returns are possible. This can support you a lot in the future. Put a hold on the expansion of your business and think for a while before initiating new ideas. No major financial loss is likely if you do all the groundwork in your investment plans. Be careful with your business partners if you are involved in a joint venture. Do not commit to anything orally, and try to avoid shortcuts.

Professional life might not be promising, and growth may be slow. Even the much-awaited promotion could be delayed. The 3rd house is also known to be a slightly malefic house, and the natural benefic planet Jupiter's presence might bring delayed growth. The Saturn transit in your Moon sign might make you feel detached and bring some bitter experiences. So do not expect much in this period. Also, avoid making any emotional decisions that might bring unfavorable results.

Jupiter is all about wisdom and knowledge. You need to learn some new skills. Higher education can be fruitful, and some may avail of education loans and migrate abroad for their studies. Those appearing for NEET and other competitive exams need to push a little harder to gain success. As your future depends on the subject you choose, please stay focused to have a promising career.

Aquarius Home remedies

Apply saffron tilak on the forehead daily.

Donate money to charitable trusts, especially orphanages, to attract Jupiter's blessings.

Donate pulses, jaggery, and ghee to the needy on Thursday, monthly once.

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Jupiter Transit 2023 to 2024