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Jupiter Transit 2019 to 2020 For Virgo

Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius for Virgo Ascendant

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Virgo General

The priestly and ministerial planet of benevolence, Jupiter, will be transiting to Sagittarius from the sign Scorpio on Tuesday, 05th November, 2019. Jupiter will be transiting the 4th House from the Virgo Moon sign, which is not a beneficial position for the auspicious planet Jupiter. From this position, Jupiter will aspect the 8th House, the House of unexpected gains, help, hard work, subordinates, research, hurdles, defeat, failure and disappointment, the 10th House, the House of career, actions, honor, status in the society, achievements, successes and accomplishments and the 12th House, the House of Moksha, debits, losses, expenses, foreign settlement, investment, charity and philanthropy.

This transit shall bring a host of unfavorable situations and events. Specifically, this period would not favor your mother concerning her health conditions. Those pursuing graduation and those trying to get into universities and colleges may also experience a tough time during this transit. The house you live in may undergo repairs or renovation work, leading to heavy expenditure. This would not be an auspicious period for buying new vehicles, and it’s also not the apt time for selling vehicles. Real estate transactions would be affected, and this would not be a good time for buying or selling plots, lands, flats, houses or buildings. Your comfort zone would be heavily hit as you would feel a lot of discomfort during this transit. Contentment and happiness would be missing from life. Those involved in the field of education and schools would also feel dissatisfaction. You could not expect any unexpected gains to flow in and there would be obstacles in almost every nook and corner of your life. You should also be careful about the safety and security measures you undertake. Help and hard work cannot bestow you with the desired results. Career would face a really tough time, and expenditure would also tend to move out of control. Foreign pursuits would mostly remain unsuccessful.

The family situation would be normal during the initial phase of the transit, but it could turn problematic as the transit progresses. This could be in the form of misunderstandings or a sense of egotism. Thus, the family atmosphere would remain turbulent and not peaceful. This can be counteracted by spending quality time with family members. The relationship with the spouse, elder siblings, and mother needs care and a dedicated approach.

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Your health condition may also experience minor hiccups during this transit. but as the transit progresses, things shall come under control. Thus, you must be careful during the initial phase as medical issues could crop up. You should be careful about maintaining the cholesterol level and the BP as they could rise during the transit. Also, pay extra attention to the chest and the heart. Do not ignore any cardiac problems or those related to the chest.

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As the initial period seems to be favorable for marriage alliances and partner search, people searching for brides and bridegrooms are advised to make haste and quicken the search for their life partners. This is because, as the transit progresses, things would become unfavorable for life partner search. Love towards partner and spouse would be less pronounced during the transit. Thus, marital bliss would not be very satisfactory. You are therefore expected to express more love towards your partner and maintain concord in the relationship.

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Income would be average and not great during the initial phase of the transit. But, the later phase would be witnessing a still duller income flow coupled with heavy expenditure. There are chances that the accumulated wealth may also be wasted due to over expenses. So, the advice would be to save a good deal of money.

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Professional life would remain turbulent. The office atmosphere would remain tensed. Cooperation cannot be expected from co-workers. As far as business is concerned, the initial period would experience moderate results only and would worsen later. Those people involved in real estate business would be stuck in a rut as there would be no real progress. It is also wise not to initiate any big projects or ventures related to real estate.

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Students should put in their best efforts to have success in their pockets. This may also not be the right time to apply for overseas education and courses. Students are also advised not to engage in any unfair acts in their educational institutions as they tend to do so during this transit. Those waiting for scholarship also would be disappointed. Students are thus advised to spend extra time and concentration on their academic pursuits. This might make things slightly better on the educational front.

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Virgo Home remedies

Worship “Lord Dakshinamurthy” and Lord “Sri Satyanarayana”

Chant or listen to the “Guru Gayatri Mantra”

Stay compassionate towards others

Donate yellow colored clothes

Respect women and children

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Jupiter Transit 2019 to 2020