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How Jupiter in
Sagittarius Impacts You

As per your birth chart, you are Taurus Moon sign. Jupiter, the ruler of your 8th and 11th houses, pays a quick visit to your 8th house of sudden gain and transformation. Make use of these 24 days from Mar. 30, 2019 to April 22, 2019 (IST) as gains from paternal property or inheritance are likely to happen. If suffering from any ailment previously, it can be appropriately diagnosed and treated.

During this period, a sudden windfall can bring transformation into your life. Your thought patterns can change positively to become more disciplined. On the flip side, you may need to take extra care of your parents’ health. Changes and struggles in career along with marital disharmony may crop up during this period. Delays and disappointments with efforts are possible, and it is especially necessary to be careful while driving.

How to Boost the
Positives this Transit

Connect with the planet of plenty, Jupiter, to capitalize on these 24 days to receive the blessings of the benevolent and expansive planet to open up new opportunities, break through limitations and make progress in your goals and aspirations.