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Jupiter Transit 2020 to 2021 For Pisces

Jupiter Transit 2020 Predictions For Pisces Moon Sign

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Pisces General

The mighty and most magnanimous planet of positivity Jupiter will be transiting to the sign Capricorn from Sagittarius on Friday, 20th November 2020. Capricorn is the sign of debilitation for the benevolent planet Jupiter. The debilitation of Jupiter, however, gets canceled due to its association with Saturn, which rules Capricorn. Jupiter will be transiting the 11th House from Pisces, which is considered favorable. From this position, Jupiter will aspect the 3rd House, the house of communication, courage and younger siblings, the 5th House, the house of progeny, Purva Punya, intelligence, love and speculation, and the 7th House, the house of the spouse, marriage, business, business partners and pleasures.

This transit may be favorable for most spheres of your life, and you could expect desirable results in most of your core domains. Your health and wealth may be well-off, and you could expect much of goodness to happen in these aspects. You may remain free from any major illnesses. Even if you get afflicted with some infection or ailment, speedy recovery or convalescence may be possible. It is time that you reap your harvest as far as wealth matters are concerned. Your income and gains may stabilize your finances, and you could expect to get timely returns on your investments. Even your speculative sources of income may be quite active, allowing you to reap the yields of your shares and mutual fund investments. Sudden gains and unexpected riches may come in, too! The relationship with your partner/spouse, siblings, and even the children of the family may be very healthy, and you may spend some happy hours in their presence. The official rapport with others may be well-off at the office, allowing you to get the fullest support from them. In the immediate neighborhood, your acquaintances, friends, and peers may behave harmoniously towards you, and thus, you may enjoy healthy relationships wherever you remain. The best thing would be that you might quickly get support and help from others in a jiffy! This may also be the time when your traits and qualities like courage, confidence, communication, interaction, time-management, administrative skills, creativity, innovation, and research orientation would get more pronounced. These may be the foundations on which your overall progress may march ahead! It looks like there is going to be a lot of positive transformation around, and you could benefit from it. Your love and romantic feelings may take a positive spike, and you may feel more attracted to the opposite gender. But, stay cautious as you might fall into, what may turn out to be a mere infatuation.

Full cooperation can be expected from family members, which may help increase familial prosperity and growth. A lot of interaction with relatives may be there, which may facilitate a pleasant atmosphere in the family scenario. You may be attending a lot of family get-togethers, and this may promote much mutual understanding amongst the members. The full-fledged support of your family may help you to progress further in personal, professional, and public life.

Divine Technique for Family Harmony: Perform Individual Lalita Sahasranamam Chanting and Durga Suktam Homa (Fire Lab for Divine Protection)

You may experience overall good health, and you can be free from the incidence of any serious infection or disease. This may partly be because you may choose to adopt many preventive and precautionary measures. The cleanliness of your domestic surroundings and its neatness may help you achieve good health. The same would be the case with your family members who would also remain hale, hearty, and healthy. While the incidence of diseases may be minimal, the recovery speed and convalescence rate would be high even in the case of any infection or illness.

Divine Technique for a Healthy Living: Perform Gayatri Homa (Fire Lab for Longevity and Well being)

You may express immense love, care, and affection towards your partner, and thus you may experience closeness in the relationship. Prospective partners are likely to get into beautiful wedlock, and marriages may get performed successfully. Even those not with the idea of getting married may get the same notion springing up in their minds and may start to search for their prospective partners. Married couples may experience perfect happiness in their relationship, get a hassle-free rapport, and get along very well.

Divine Technique for Marital Happiness: Perform Parvati Beauty Fire Lab

Your matters of wealth and those of your family and your spouse may all witness a significant and definite upswing during this transit. Speculation may also help you out, and money flow may be there from multiple sources of income. It may also be the right time to buy some immovable property as it would secure your future needs and finances. So, it would be wise to buy a house, plot or flat and also some vehicles. Real estate transactions may also yield handsome profits. And so, it may be a good idea to invest in the same field.

Divine Technique to Improve Financial Status: Perform Kanakadhara Chanting Followed By Sri Suktam Homa

You may stay quite successful both in career and business, whichever is your vocation. Your audacity may pave the way for you to meet various challenges that come your way in your profession. Even career-related speculations may work out for you. The business turnover and profit margin may also be quite exciting, and it may well add to your financial stability. At the job, your income may be regular and high; also, you could even expect a hike. Your talents and creativity may all play a vital role in your overall professional progress.

Divine Technique for Business & Career Progress: Perform Sun Fire Lab

This can be a perfect time for your many educational dreams to get fulfilled. This may be the time when you may be guided by your teachers and instructors in the institutions. The scope for your overall, educational, and intellectual progress may be high, and you could use this to enhance yourself. It may also be the right time for your talents to be revealed to others, and the same may fetch you good appreciation and recognition. Your academic instructors may correctly evaluate you, and the rewards, too, may reach you on time. You might also be interested in extra-curricular activities and may excel in Sports and cultural performances. You may be interested in exhibiting your skills as well as proficiencies in various domains, too.

Divine Technique for Success in Academics: Perform Moon Fire Lab

Pisces Home remedies

Chant the Mantra 108 times daily: ‘Om Gram Greem Graum Sah Guruvae Namah’‘

Listen to Vishnu Sahasranama’

Observe fasting on Thursdays, if health permits

Feed the cows with jaggery and bananas

Honor the learned and the scholars, and strictly avoid disrespecting them

Donate white channa or Bengal gram on Thursdays

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Jupiter Transit 2020 to 2021