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Jupiter Transit 2021 to 2022 For Libra

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Jupiter Transit 2021 Predictions For Libra Moon Sign

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Libra General

The benevolent planet Jupiter (Guru), perhaps the most auspicious among the Navagrahas, the 9 planets, will be transiting into the Aquarius sign from Capricorn on Sunday, 21st November 2021, 02.06 PM (IST) in the afternoon. Aquarius happens to be the 5th House, Purva Punya Sthana, the House of the Good Deeds of the Past Life, for the Libra sign; so this Jupiter transit could fructify love relationships and help finalize marital alliances for the Librans. Consequent to this transit, Jupiter, placed in the 5th House from Libra, will cast its 5th aspect on the House of Fortune for Libra, 7th aspect on the House of Profits and Gains, and 9th aspect on Libra sign itself. Thus, as a result of this Jupiter transit, the Libra people are likely to enjoy a change for the better in their professions, profits in speculative trades like share and stock markets, auspiciousness, and fortunes in life.

Love and joy may overflow in family life, with harmonious relationships prevailing among family members and even with other relatives and friends. You may enjoy a cordial bond with your elder siblings too, who might also support you in your endeavors. Your rapport with children can also continue to be good, and all these could add to your happiness.

Divine Technique for Harmonious Relationships: Bala Tripura Sundari Pooja

You are expected to stay hale and hearty now. However, try to do regular physical exercise, meditation, etc., for your continued good health; this could also help you stay fully fit, both physically and mentally. But unhealthy food habits can lead to indigestion at times, and hence, please be extremely careful in your food intake.

Divine Technique to improve your Health: Mars Pooja

Love affairs might succeed, and love relationships may turn harmonious. Also, the efforts to get those ready for marriage to tie the marital knot, too, may work out well. Married life could also prosper with better understanding and rapport between spouses. Some of you might go out on pleasure trips, too, and these can give you peace.

Divine Technique for Marital Harmony: Venus Pooja

Household expenses might increase as a result of this Jupiter transit. But you may be able to enhance your income through your hard work and focused efforts. This also looks to be a suitable period for you to invest in stock and share markets, from where you can expect handsome profits.

Divine Technique to improve your Finances: Gho Pooja

Career and Business The employed may be required to shoulder heavy responsibilities; still, they might excel in their work. There are also chances for higher authorities to entrust you with new and additional job responsibilities, while others are likely to appreciate your performance. Those doing their own businesses could get customers in good numbers. In addition, you can also expect more profits from joint ventures and partnership businesses.

Divine Technique to Improve Your Career and Business: Guru Pooja

This Jupiter transit could point to marked advancement in studies for the school students. Those pursuing higher education may get support from teachers and parents, read well, and come out victorious. Research students might also succeed in their research work.

Divine Technique to improve your Education: Mercury Pooja

Libra Home remedies

You may donate books to college students

It is good to wear the yellow dress on Thursdays

Pradosha worship can give you many benefits

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Jupiter Transit 2021 to 2022