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Jupiter Transit 2019 to 2020 For Libra

Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius for Libra Ascendant

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Libra General

The priestly and ministerial planet of benevolence, Jupiter, will be transiting to Sagittarius from the sign Scorpio on Tuesday, 05th November 2019. Jupiter will be transiting the 3rd House from the Libra Moon sign, which is not a beneficial position for the auspicious planet, Jupiter. From this position, Jupiter will aspect the 7th House, the House of the spouse, marriage, business, business partner, pleasure, help and recovery of lost things, the 9th House, the House of luck, fortune, religion, Dharma or righteousness, virtues, righteousness, father, boss, ancestors, superiors, faith, Yoga and meditation and the 11th House, the House of gains, and fulfillment of all desires.

During this transit, you may experience some mixed results concerning wide areas of life. Your relationship with younger siblings will be average. You may also experience an ordinary relationship with your immediate neighbors. It is also true that your co-workers may not display the expected sense of cooperativeness and adjustment. You may also not show the courage and valor which you usually do. Your effectiveness of communication may not be up to the mark. Your faith in God must be high to achieve things. If you are connected to the departments of Astrology, Palmistry or Psychology, see to it that your expertise in the subject is up to date, as you may experience some problems here too. Also, for people involved in the media, this may not be a very favorable period. If you are in the idea of purchasing some communication gadgets like mobile, SIM card, dongles or data card, you may do so during the initial phase of the transit as the latter may not favor you much in this regard. Thus, you would experience an average and mixed results in various walks of life. You would act in a moderately righteous manner.

Your family ambiance may be normal and you may not experience any extraordinary results. It is wise to stay cool and calm towards your family members, and this attitude may help develop a harmonious atmosphere. Give special attention to your father as your relationship with him may get affected after the initial stage of the transit. Your relationship with your mother would be average throughout the transit. You would experience a moderate relationship with your spouse. As far as the relationship with children is concerned, the initial phase would be beneficial whereas the later one would show a downward graph.

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Health is expected to be average during the transit’s initial phase whereas it is more likely to worsen in the days to come. So, it is recommended that you concentrate more on your health issues to avoid any pitfalls in the health arena. You are advised to stay focused on the regions of the navel, and the calf muscles as these regions are more vulnerable. Be cautious concerning the health of your spouse and elder siblings.

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This period may not favor you much regarding your marriage pursuits. Those on the search for brides or bridegrooms may not be able to find a suitable match. You would show more love towards your partner during the initial phase of the transit. Also during the same initial period, marital bliss would be on the rise for married couples. However, the later phase of the transit can affect your marital bliss; hence, focus on maintaining a good relationship with your spouse.

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Your income would be less than expected and, in this regard, you could expect average results throughout the transit period. However, during the initial transit phase, you may have some favorable and auspicious expenditure. The point to note is that since the income flow may not be that smooth, you must try controlling your debts, losses, and expenses that may be unwanted and unwarranted.

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The initial phase of the transit may deliver some moderate results with respect to your career. There would be delays and hassles in career progress, as the days roll by after the initial phase. So those aiming for success in career need to make efforts for the same during the initial phase itself. For business people, this may be an average period, and they may experience only moderate success. So strictly speaking, this transit may not prove to be the ideal period for initiating new business projects or business partnership. Also, it is advised to maintain a harmonious relationship with business partners.

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You would exhibit your intellect and the educational and academic sphere would be devoid of delays and hindrances that lead to slow progress. However, the later stage would be average in all respects as far as the education is concerned. Moderate results are on the cards for you if you are trying for education abroad.

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Libra Home remedies

Chant the Mantra (108 times on Thursdays): “Om Bhram Brihaspataye Namaha”

Worship “Lord Shiva” daily or Chant “Om Namo Bhagawate Rudraaya”

Perform “Rudrabhishekam”or participate in Rudra Homa

Sport a five faced Rudraksha, if possible

Have a Sattvik diet on Thursdays

If you are a non-vegetarian, avoid non-vegan diet on Thursdays

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Jupiter Transit 2019 to 2020