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Jupiter Transit 2020 to 2021 For Leo

Jupiter Transit 2020 Predictions For Leo Moon Sign

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Leo General

The mighty and most magnanimous planet of positivity Jupiter will be transiting to the sign Capricorn from Sagittarius on Friday, 20th November 2020. Capricorn is the sign of debilitation for the benevolent planet Jupiter. The debilitation of Jupiter, however, gets canceled due to its association with Saturn, which rules Capricorn. Jupiter will be transiting the 6th House from Leo, which is considered unfavorable. From this position, Jupiter will aspect the 10th House, the House of career, actions, Pooja, honor, status in the society, achievements, successes, and accomplishments, the 12th House, the House of Moksha, debits, losses, expenses, secrets, foreign settlement, investment, charity, and philanthropy and the 2nd House, the House of wealth, family, speech & voice, thoughts, primary education, worldly possessions property, clothes, anger, and arguments.

This transit would be the one that bestows average results concerning your health. Your health may not deteriorate too much, but at the same time, it cannot be said that you may be free from any infection or disease. It lies on your part to take up sound precautionary measures in order to curb the incidence of diseases. Chances indicate that you might also contact some communicable diseases from others. Unnecessary rivalry could also spring up against you, about which you may have to stay quite cautious. Your wealth matters may also not stay highly satisfactory in the sense that you may not be able to accumulate a lot of money and property for the future so easily. This could be partly because you may be incurring a lot of expenses on your side, but these may not really run out of your control. These expenses could be auspicious ones as well! This would be the right time to realize your financial situation and bring them under your reins! It would not be right to apply for any loans now, as you may find it difficult to repay them on time. Your older loans may also be queuing up as you may be liable to face an acute shortage of monetary resources. Your career matters may get a good going as you can expect to make some real progress. It may be highly probable that good news of some sort may reach your desk! This might take the form of perks/promotion/hike/propitious transfer. You may be rendering hard work at the office, and this may improve the chances for your career progress. All your actions are likely to yield the desired results. Your image is also bound to grow in front of others. Your public fame and prestige might even soar up, while your leadership qualities may be well appreciated by others.

Your family matters may stay quite manageable as you may remain mostly free from domestic conflicts and disputes. You may be able to control your temper, and thus avert much of discords and disputes. Your anger and arguments may not assume bigger proportions; instead, they may get subsided promptly. Proper insight and due consciousness are all that may be the need of the hour to get the family prosperity going! Your family members may be keener on their professional life rather than on the domestic one. It would be worth mentioning that you may have to spend quality time with them so that proper balance is set between the personal and professional life.

Divine Technique for Family Harmony: Perform Pratyangira Devi Homa

After all, not an entirely unfavorable transit for health matters! It is not that you may stay totally free from ailments, but the recovery chances may be good even in the case of the incidence of diseases. Though hospital visits may become indispensable, they may not turn out to be frequent or recurrent ones. You are advised to stay cautious while interacting with the public, as you may be prone to contact some infections from them. High precautions and preventions may help you a lot in averting health-related issues. You may also be advised to take care of your general safety. You are required to primarily take care of your lower abdomen and facial/throat region. The health of your family members may remain average, and any major illness or health affliction may be absent.

Divine Technique for a Healthy Living: Perform Kushmanda Homa (Karma Clearing Fire Lab)

Neither a great time nor a very dull one for those in a love relationship, or wedlock or searching for prospective partners! You may have to express your love without the expectation of it getting reciprocated, now. Love partners may have to try to drive in more harmony into the relationship. For married couples, here is a piece of advice: ‘Rather than recalling the disputes and conflicts of the past, try to make a fresh move towards a healthy lifestyle in marital life.’ Though the time may stay just average for new marriage proposals, it may be your sincere efforts that may bear fruit. It is worth saying that it is better to hope for the Best and prepare for the Worst!

Divine Technique for Marital Happiness: Perform Durga Fire Lab Homa

It is strongly advised that you do not rely too much on the property as acquisition or inheritance of the same is not guaranteed now. Sudden gains or becoming the legal heir to the family property may stay out of the way. It would be the best idea to save money for the future as you are likely to run out of savings. When it comes to expenses, you may have to control your impulsive nature as well as lavishness so that the money you spend stays within limits! Though auspicious expenses may get incurred, it would be best to control your expenditure as it may be one of the channels that decide your financial stability. Stay doubly cautious over loan matters!

Divine Technique to Improve Financial Status: Get Your Lakshmi Narayana Yantra

You may be putting in strenuous efforts to make good career progress. You may be working to your true and unseen potential, which may work wonder! You may handle all your professional matters with proper care and patience, which would help you to deal with even tricky situations. You may also be interested in serving the clients or customers more than usual. As far as business is concerned, average prospects are expected in general. Business services related to placement, finances, medical field, export, and foreign trades, may prosper. On the other hand, trades related to language and communication, commission, contract, and those based on the labor work may not have much of expected progress.

Divine Technique for Business & Career Progress: Get Your Hayagriva Yantra

A good time for the preschoolers and the school-going young ones! It is so said because students of these young ages may find their interest soaring up in their academic activities and performances. The students of higher classes may turn out with an average performance. These young aspirants need to focus more on their studies to perform par excellence! More efforts may have to be driven in from the side of students appearing for the public exams to fetch better results. With a lot of distracting factors around, students may have to stay very cautious regarding their studies. They are also advised not to fall into the bad company or get tempted into vices or bad habits of any sort, being compelled by peers and friends. It is also going to be a tough time for students aspiring to get into foreign colleges and universities, but tremendous efforts are likely to bear some good results.

Divine Technique for Success in Academics: Get Your Kalabhairava Yantra

Leo Home remedies

Elevate your God faith during the transit

Recite ‘Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra’ on Saturday

Chant the following mantras for Jupiter, 108 times each on Thursdays: ‘Om Streem Brahm Brihaspataye Namah’ ‘Om Suraachaarya Vidmahe, Surasreshtaya Dheemahi, Tanno Guruh Prachodayat’

Respect the priests, elders and the scholars

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