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Jupiter Transit 2023 to 2024 For Leo

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Jupiter Transit 2023 Predictions For Leo Moon Sign

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Leo General

For Leo natives, Jupiter transit will happen in the 9th house from your Moon sign. This transit will be happening on April 22nd 2023 and it is going to be in Aries till May 1st 2024. The transit is going to last for 12 months. Jupiter rules the 5th house and 8th house from your Moon sign. Jupiter maintains a friendly relationship with your Moon sign ruler, Sun. The transit is going to happen in a friendly sign. The 9th house deals with fortunes, spirituality, and the father relation. Being a functional benefic for your Moon sign, it is very beneficial. Jupiter's aspect falls on your Moon sign, 3rd house, and 5th house, which are considered as blessings.

As you are sensitive, there may be more emotional bonding when it comes to your love relationship. You may be keen on spending time with those who value your relationship.

Due to the planetary position and conjunction, health may pose problems, and you should take proper medical care. Try to perform the remedies given below, which can help you to overcome the planetary afflictions. There may be some inflammation or pain in the stomach or abdomen. Ensure you have ideal cholesterol levels and do not skip the prescribed medicine. Chronic disease may be under control. Try to have work-life balance, and have food on time. Eating the right combination of foods and adding more fiber can help. Take part in fitness activities for maintaining a healthy life.

Your understanding with your partner may not be good, so try to be gentle in the relationship to avoid unwanted clashes. There may be less support from your parents' side. Children may be quite supportive during this period and sibling relationships, too, may be good.

Finances may prove challenging till October 2023. When it comes to earnings, there may be some financial instability. At times you may have a long wait for getting the desired profits. You may also incur losses in saved money; hence it is better to have a clear plan in financial matters. There may be some minor losses in speculation and commodity trading. The growth of wealth is possible later.

This Jupiter transit can bring a good change in your professional life, so please make the most of this transit for your career betterment. There may be hectic work and some challenges, too. Keep yourself calm and composed. There may be good progress. Some may go abroad for career-related opportunities.

it may be a very supportive year for education. But you need to focus. Those appearing for competitive exams could do very well and clear the exams. Your desires may be fulfilled during this period in terms of education. Research-based studies can be successful.

Leo Home remedies

Provide ghee mixed rice to the needy on Thursdays.

Apply sandal paste Tilak on the forehead daily.

Involve yourself in spiritual activities and offer educational support to children.

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Jupiter Transit 2023 to 2024