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Jupiter Transit 2022 to 2023 For Leo

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Jupiter Transit 2022 Predictions For Leo Moon Sign

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Leo General

Leo natives' career and finance will be positively impacted by the transit in the early part of 2022 (till March). Many of your wishes and ambitions may be realized. Fortune may smile on you. But after April 12th, Jupiter's transit in your 8th house is likely to cause some problems in your career and life. This could decrease your happiness and satisfaction. Your family life may be marred by tensions and a lack of understanding. Your relationships with parents, siblings, and friends may be troubled. But there could be some joyful occasions and celebrations, too, at home. Some Leos embark on a family vacation this year. You may see your fortunes fluctuate after April 2022. You may also be the victim of backstabbing by friends, colleagues, or someone close.

Heartbreaks and break-ups look likely for some Leos this year. A few might find out that their partner has been cheating on them. But some Leos may be lucky in love and even tie the knot with their sweetheart. Singles could meet someone who excites them and stirs their passion. But their love affair or casual fling may fizzle out pretty quickly. It is not a very favorable year for lasting love as far as Leos are concerned. You could also find it hard to live up to your lover's expectations. If you expect support and care from your romantic partner, you may be disappointed. Some of you may feel sad, lonely, and dejected due to a lackluster romantic life.

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The health of Leo natives may be fine in 2022. You are likely to be vigilant about your physical health. However, professional and personal problems may cause some mental tension and stress. Monotony at work and in life can lead to laziness and depression at times. Some of you may suffer minor injuries in 2022. Those who have chronic ailments may make a quick recovery this year. There could be heavy medical expenses due to your family members' health issues.

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For many Leos, marital life may be rife with problems. Some may have to face the trauma of separation or divorce this year. There could be a lack of communication, mutual trust, and understanding in their married life. You will struggle to meet your partner's expectations. Arguments could create chaos in your married life. It may not be possible to spend quality time with your family and spouse. Even newly married couples are likely to have some problems initially. They may struggle to make the adjustments and sacrifices that are needed for peace and harmony in married life. Ego clashes and superiority complex can drive a wedge between couples in 2022.

Divine Technique for Marital Harmony: Lakshmi Pooja

Gains are likely if you are in the import-export business. The self-employed may be able to boost their income this year. Those in the fields of astrology and art may become popular. They may be able to acquire wealth in the early and last part of 2022. There may be success and profits for Leos in the hotel and food business. This year is also favorable for the cotton and textile business. Businesses dealing with coal, wood, petroleum, and transport may fare well. Those in the travel and cosmetic industry may face losses. There could be profits for those in the pharmacy and medical sectors. If you own theatres or shops in malls, there could be some setbacks in the early part of the year.

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Jupiter as 5th lord and 8th lord will be transiting in your 8th house. This may cause some problems in your career. Some of you may lose your position and authority at your workplace. Some could even lose their jobs. Those who are seeking new jobs may get one, but satisfaction and growth in your career may be missing altogether. Work will feel like drudgery. Office politics and false allegations could also cause trouble for you. There could be losses in partnership businesses as well as a lack of clarity. Lucrative opportunities are possible for those who work in the artistic and media-related fields.

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Leo students may find it hard to focus on their goals and concentrate on their studies. Some may be disappointed by their exam or interview results in 2022. Some students may succeed in clearing competitive exams for engineering or medical entrance. Still, many will find it hard to secure admission to their preferred institution and campus placements. You may not get good scores marks in your exams. Some Leos may lose confidence in themselves due to their dismal performance in school. Those who wish to clear competitive examinations for government jobs need to be patient and work hard.

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Leo Home remedies

Chant the Surya Mantra on Sundays.

Offer water to the rising Sun and worship the Sun God daily.

Visit a Vishnu temple on Thursday and perform Aarti.

Eat sweets and donate sweets on Sundays.

Avoid non-veg food and alcohol on Sundays.

Wear a Ruby stone after consulting a good astrologer.

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Jupiter Transit 2022 to 2023