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Jupiter Transit 2021 to 2022 For Scorpio

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Jupiter Transit 2021 Predictions For Scorpio Moon Sign

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Scorpio General

The benevolent planet Jupiter (Guru), perhaps the most auspicious among the Navagrahas, the 9 planets, will be transiting into the Aquarius sign from Capricorn on Sunday, 21st November 2021, 02.06 PM (IST) in the afternoon. Aquarius happens to be the 4th House, Sukha Sthana, the House of Comforts, for the Scorpio sign, so this Jupiter transit may prove to be a favorable time for the Scorpios to acquire or enhance their worldly possessions and comforts like land, building, vehicle, and other properties. Due to this transit, Jupiter, placed in the 4th House from Scorpio, will cast its 5th aspect on Scorpio’s House of Longevity, 7th aspect on the House of Profession, and 9th aspect on the House of Expenditure and Losses. The result could prove much beneficial to the Scorpio-born, when they may get unexpected income or monetary returns, promising professional opportunities, gains through foreign travels, and acquire properties and handsome wealth.

There are chances for some problems to come up with your siblings on money matters. There are also possibilities of some differences of opinion with family members about making investments. So it is best to avoid arguments now. Besides, your mother’s health, too, may need attention, and you might have to incur expenses for her treatment. Further, there might also be misunderstandings with your father. Hence, please be very careful while speaking or in the choice of words.

Divine Technique for Harmonious Relationships: Guru Pooja

You may have to be careful about your health. And there are chances for some to suffer from lung or heart-related ailments. Take particular care about your food intake; try to consume nutritious food regularly on time, and this could help you maintain your fitness. You can also improve your health through daily physical exercises.

Divine Technique to improve your Health: Mercury Pooja

Tender feelings of love could blossom in some hearts. You might also be sweet in your expressions and attract your love interest in the process. Overall, you may succeed in your love now. On the other hand, the married might spend money for the sake of their life partners. They could also enjoy good intimacy between them and lead a harmonious married life.

Divine Technique for Marital Harmony: Lakshmi Pooja

Your past investments are likely to witness growth, while your debt burdens, too, might come down. It could be beneficial for you to buy lands and other immovable properties now. Further, those in the academic field, like teachers and professors, can hope for a better economic condition. People engaged in the food or travel-related industries might make handsome profits now. But you may be spending sizeable amounts on house maintenance.

Divine Technique to improve your Finances: Rahu Pooja

You are likely to work very hard, post this Jupiter transit, and might also receive fitting recognition for your great efforts. This could also get you the support and cooperation of your higher authorities and co-workers. Businesspersons, too, may enhance their reputation and get a good name and fame. Business travels abroad can also yield profits.

Divine Technique to Improve Your Career and Business: Muruga Pooja

Schools students may be required to read with more concentration and for long hours; hence, they might need to focus more on their health now. However, the absorption capacity of college students is likely to improve, and this could help them excel in their studies. Further, those doing research work might succeed in their endeavor.

Divine Technique to improve your Education: Durga Pooja

Scorpio Home remedies

Donate clothes to professors and get their blessings; this could help you progress in life

It is good to donate the traditional oil lamp to the Shiva temple on a Thursday

You can also distribute chickpea (cooked gram) to devotees in the temple

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Jupiter Transit 2021 to 2022