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Jupiter Transit 2020 to 2021 For Scorpio

Jupiter Transit 2020 Predictions For Scorpio Moon Sign

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Scorpio General

Lord Jupiter will transit into the sign Capricorn from Sagittarius on Friday, 20th November 2020. Capricorn is the sign of debilitation for the benevolent planet Jupiter. The debilitation of Jupiter, however, gets canceled due to its association with Saturn, which rules Capricorn. Jupiter will be moving to the 3rd House from your Moon sign Scorpio, which is treated as a neutral position. From this placement, Jupiter will be aspecting the 7th House, the house of business, marriage and social relationships, 9th House, the house of fortune, higher education, father and foreign travels, and finally, the 11th house which is the house of promotion, the fulfillment of desires and financial gains.

This Jupiter transit would be a normal time for the Scorpio people. This time can be used to get things done properly. It would help if you gave priority to communications with siblings. This can make the relationship stronger for fulfilling the responsibilities taken on their behalf. It is time to strengthen your karma, which will have a positive impact on your future. It would help if you are also very careful in your general communication. Your advice may impact strongly on the life of your well-wishers, in general, while short travels will be beneficial for you. Your dependable behavior will be supportive of your family members. Your energy levels can give you the fruits of your labor, while your efficiency will protect you from all threats, and your luck will always support you and help you to grow. Consistency in your work helps you to advance in the profession. Your intellectuality can make you a workaholic. This period contributes in many ways to your independent progress. Your family members may fully understand your emotions and give their support at all times. But, you should strictly avoid unnecessary conversations and debates. This may be a testing time for your ability in the profession, but with your expertise, you can overcome and achieve in it fully. By learning the essential techniques in the profession, you can develop your own as required. But, sickness can push you back on certain things, and body fatigue, abdominal pain, lumbar pain, etc. can make you physically uncomfortable. So, there may arise a need for you to consult a medical practitioner. A complete health screening may also be needed as a precautionary measure.

This Jupiter transit can make your family atmosphere cordial. Your efforts at fulfilling the domestic needs can be successful and be a significant relief to your family members. Timely support from maternal relatives can give you emotional support. Please try to forgive other’s mistakes and be cordial with everyone. Children’s progress in their careers will provide you with the utmost satisfaction, and your guidance can help give them a healthy career path in life.

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On the health front, it is a good time for recovery from any issues. Your immunity level in the body may go up, and it will support the troubleshooting of the complications. You should better give preference to the diet suggested by the doctor. Consuming organic food is safe and healthy during this period. Additionally, physical exercises are going to be the secondary supportive factors for your fitness. Further, you can frequently take dry fruits and all seasonal fruits for physical energy. You should also stay away from negative thoughts and emotional outbursts, which can make you dull and unhappy. Overall, you can hope to enjoy a stress-free life.

Divine Technique for a Healthy Living: Perform Saturn Fire Lab

It’s the right time to express your inner feelings to your loved ones. Your expression of love and the way you present yourself may give a positive impression about you to your candidature. You may plan for a joyous trip with a lover for the betterment of the relationship. The mutual communication between you two, can be supportive and caring, and help you enjoy your love relationship. You may also give your best support to your partner’s family members in times of need. Your love is likely to be appreciated and supported by your parents or elders, which can provide an excellent start to your life. You may also continue harmonious relationships with your spouse and family members. You may show your respect to your kinsfolk, too, for rendering support in the marriage.

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During this period, you can put a special focus on earning money. And you may get multiple opportunities for making money, too. You may have financial gains from speculative savings. You may also be able to sell your property, which can give you a good return. Your investments in new schemes can give you long-term benefits and financial growth. You may also support your siblings by extending financial assistance to them without any expectations. A lucrative promotion may give you a desirable increase in remuneration.

Divine Technique to Improve Financial Status: Perfrom Jupiter Fire Lab

This is the time for you to put in energetic work in your vocation. Be tactful, show professionalism, and avoid long-standing anger with co-workers at the workplace. You should also try to improve long-term relationships with authorities. There is nothing to worry about, as the profession will get you the results you want. But your arrogance may show you as incompetent, whereas being expressive in work can give you good results. On business, there can be satisfactory developments that can help you achieve targets. You should better be vigilant with partners in trade and verify with them on the progress of their work and assignments. You should track their performance and be very alert in case of any error in their work. Overall, you can achieve your business goals with your intelligence now. You should, however, be ready for business trips and moving on to new projects. Your efforts will positively be rewarded. But some of the business stances can cause jealousy between partners, but your intellectual abilities can get you out of anxiety.

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This can be a challenging time for education. Students may get guidance from parents and teachers, which can be supportive of their endeavors. But please avoid overconfidence which you may sometimes feel in studies. But your constant efforts can help you to finish your education successfully and start a good career. And your brave attitude can save you from worries. Also, try to work on all the negative aspects, and this can definitely solve your problems. Practicing meditation could help to give you energy and mental peace.

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Scorpio Home remedies

Chant the Guru Gayatri Mantra

Take blessings of Parents’

Chant Dakshinamurthy Mantra

Offer grass to the cow

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