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Jupiter Transit 2019 to 2020 For Gemini

Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius for Gemini Ascendant

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Gemini General

The priestly and ministerial planet of benevolence, Jupiter, will be transiting to Sagittarius from the sign Scorpio on Tuesday, 05th November 2019. Jupiter will be transiting the 7thHouse from the Gemini Moon sign, which is a beneficial position for the auspicious planet, Jupiter. From this position, Jupiter will aspect your 11thHouse, the House of profits, the fulfillment of desires, the 1stHouse, the House of talent, character and overall life and 3rd House, the House of communication, courage, God-faith, younger siblings and neighbors.

This transit may be favorable for you concerning marriage prospects and the relationship with your spouse, to an average extent. Those seeking to marry would be experiencing a positive drift in their pursuits, but it is generally advisable to put in more efforts to achieve the same. Marital concord would be present between the couples, but they need to focus on elevating their domestic harmony to the next level. Matters related to foreign pursuits may be mostly fruitful. The business would generally be experiencing delays and obstacles, but, progressively positive overall, and you will feel the relationship with your business partners to be averagely good. A pleasure-seeking attitude, argument, and debate are possible. You shall have a high sense of discrimination. Men would feel more attracted to women. Friendship with some eminent personalities and recovery of lost things are also on the cards.

Even during the initial days of the transit, the family scene would present only an average picture, and the domestic front may worsen as the phase progresses. Family members may exhibit an emotional turmoil, and a chaotic situation is most likely to prevail in the family. So, it is high time that you devote more time and resources for your family affairs. See to it that the family ambiance remains cool and calm concerning the relationship among the family members. Things would be manageable and doesn’t seem to move out of control.

Divine Technique for Family Harmony: Get Your Maha Vishnu Yantra

You may experience mixed results with respect to your health. It is not that you would not have health problems, but seriousness or crisis is not indicated with respect to your health issues. So even if some medical issues turn up, they may get resolved during the transit if proper preventive and treatment measures are carried out. However, it is better to stay on the safer side by not ignoring even the minor problems so that they do not turn into major ones.

Divine Technique for a Healthy Living: Perform Ayush Fire Lab

Marital life would be generally good, but there is a need for taking things to the next level of bliss.Though there may be some hitches between the married couples.The marital relationship would be satisfactory in general. You would express more love towards your partner during the initial phase of the transit, but you must not let this degree of love down in the days to come. Those searching for marriage partners should put in their best efforts to arrive at a favorable solution. You need to override all the obstacles that come in the way of your partner search.

Divine Technique for Marital Happiness: Get Your Parvati Yantra

There would be a steady financial position for you during the transit. You could expect your finances to be very good during the initial phase of the transit compared to the later days. You should maintain a good bank balance during the later phase of the transit. You could resort to cutting down your expenses and avoiding unwanted as well as unwarranted expenditure. This may prove to be beneficial to you monetarily during the later phase of the transit.

Divine Technique to Improve Financial Status: Perform Ashtalakshmi Pooja

On the career front, you would be more courageous and communicative with your colleagues, clients, and customers. Your career would be more favorable during the initial stage of the transit, but there may be delays and hassles during the later days when you could also face a bottleneck. Business prospects and partnership harmony may be progressively good but not without sluggishness.

Divine Technique for Business & Career Progress: Perform Sudarshana Homa

As far as education is concerned, more efforts and perseverance are expected from your side. There could be delays and hindrances associated with your progress in education and studies. Nevertheless, stay tolerant and proceed to accomplish what your aims are. Also, students can involve themselves more in spiritualpractices and meditation to stay focused on their studies with heightened God-faith. There are good indications for good educational prospects during this progress.

Divine Technique for Success in Academics: Get Your Shadakshara Yantra

Gemini Home remedies

Chant the mantra (108 times daily): “Om Guruve Namaha”

Worship both “Lord Vishnu” and “Lord Maheshwara”

Donate sweets, jaggery, and honey

Carry a yellow handkerchief with you while travelling

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Jupiter Transit 2019 to 2020