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Jupiter Transit 2022 to 2023 For Capricorn

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Jupiter Transit 2022 Predictions For Capricorn Moon Sign

in English
Capricorn General

Jupiter, as the 3rd and 12th lord, transits in your 2nd house in 2022. This can bring unexpected gains and benefit from travels until April 12, 2022. Your finances may be good, and your plans and wishes may be realized. After April 12, 2022, Jupiter's transit in your 3rd house could bring mixed results. Love life will see some setbacks this year. Career, too, may see ups and downs. Fortunes could fluctuate in 2022. Expenses will be high. Some people might move to foreign countries for their education, while some may get good jobs there. Wealth may come through dealings with foreign people or in a foreign country.

Many of you may experience setbacks in your romantic life. Love affairs seem to be star-crossed this year. Many singles could fail to find a good partner. Some may even get cheated by their lover. A feeling of isolation, dejection, and sadness might creep into your mind at times. Some will find it hard to recover from their break-up.

Divine Technique for Harmonious Relationships: Venus Pooja

Your health may be good this year. However, some may suffer from ailments related to their private parts. Those who have chronic diseases may recover quickly. Immunity and energy levels may be good for most people. However, some family members could fall ill, resulting in high medical expenses. Some people may do yoga, meditation, etc., to improve their health. Older people must follow a strict diet to control their cholesterol and blood-related problems. Issues concerning the liver, lungs, and heart may be resolved now.

Divine Technique to improve your Health: Mercury Pooja

Conjugal life could be happy and harmonious for most Capricorn natives. However, some are likely to get divorced this year. Domestic life could be peaceful overall, but there could be some misunderstandings with your spouse and family members. This may affect your happiness. On the whole, there may be mutual respect and understanding between husband and wife. Your partner could offer mental and financial support. Take good care of your spouse's health. High aspirations and neglect of your partner due to work could result in some ego clashes at the end of the year. Some natives may plan a vacation to an exotic place with their family.

Divine Technique for Marital Harmony: Durga Pooja

Your expenses may skyrocket, but there may be no problems with liquidity in 2022. Some people may earn from multiple sources. New business or work may yield good profits at the start and the end of the year. However, there could be some ups and downs at work. Coal, wood, oil, iron-ore, transport, and textile businesses may do well. Those who own stocks may get unexpected gains. Speculative gains and gains from investments could leave you richer this year. Agricultural or property-related work may bring substantial profits.

Divine Technique to improve your Finances: Saturn Pooja

Natives who are in fields like cinema, modeling, art, entertainment, and designing may see some setbacks this year. You may face struggles if you are in the showbiz business. The import-export business might bring gains, but only after initial losses. Those in the medical and engineering fields can do well. Those in the IT, pharmacy sector, and marketing may make gains. Setbacks are likely for those in the fashion and advertising fields. Some Capricorn natives could achieve fame and success through sports and media. The unemployed may get good jobs with decent pay. Buying and selling businesses or food businesses might have only moderate success in 2022.

Divine Technique to Improve Your Career and Business: Shiva Pooja

Some Capricorn natives may win scholarships, especially in a foreign country. Capricorn students are likely to do well in their examinations and interviews. Those taking competitive tests or entrance examinations could have to make multiple attempts to clear them. Medical and engineering students are likely to do well in their studies and exams. School students need to work hard to perform well. Some may bring glory to their school or college through their talents in sports, debate competitions, etc.

Divine Technique to improve your Education: Durga Pooja

Capricorn Home remedies

Light a ghee lamp on Saturday evenings under a Peepal tree.

Offer sweets and food to the poor and blind people on Saturdays.

Feed dogs, birds, and cows on Saturdays.

Water a Banyan tree and Peepal tree daily.

Avoid non-veg food and alcohol on Saturdays.

Donate almonds and mustard oil to Brahmin priests on Saturdays.

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Jupiter Transit 2022 to 2023