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Jupiter Transit 2020 to 2021 For Sagittarius

Jupiter Transit 2020 Predictions For Sagittarius Moon Sign

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Sagittarius General

The mighty and most magnanimous planet of positivity Jupiter will be transiting to the sign Capricorn from Sagittarius on Friday, 20th November 2020. Capricorn is the sign of debilitation for the benevolent planet Jupiter. This debilitation of Jupiter, however, gets canceled due to its association with Saturn, which rules Capricorn. Jupiter will be transiting the 2nd House from Sagittarius, which is considered favorable. From this position, Jupiter will aspect your 6th House, the House of disease, debt, and enemies, the 8th House, the House of unexpected gains and hindrances, and the 10th House, the House of career, actions and prestige.

This transit may well be one of the best ones for your career, family matters, wealth, and property. Your family members can be expected to be cooperative, and the domestic harmony may be on the rise. Even if conflicting situations arise, you could easily handle them through your tact and diplomacy. Your assets may be more on count as you may be able to accumulate wealth and property. Even sudden gains and unexpected riches cannot be ruled out! You may also run some good chances of inheriting property or legacy. The possibility of becoming the legal heir to your family or ancestral property also exists. All the above property related matters may be subject to some likely delays. When it comes to career, a lot of hard efforts may propel good progress, as it may add fuel to the chances of getting a promotion, perks, hike, propitious transfer, etc. As it is the ultimate fact that hard-work deserves the best success, you may be working with a lot of assignments and challenging tasks. This might add pressure on you; nevertheless, the intended results and deserving consequences in professional matters may always be ready to follow. Please stay away from getting stressed under any kind of pressurizing situation. In public life, your prestige, fame, and authority may be on the rise. Your actions may bear results in the shortest period as expected by you. Though inheriting property is feasible, buying property is not likely as the transit may not favor realty matters in terms of transactions. A lot of losses may have to be incurred if you do real estate transactions. The same would be the case when planning to buy new vehicles as it may get delayed. Your house's condition may prompt you to make some renovations, and your vehicles may need frequent maintenance.

Your family matters may be quite well-off as you could expect some positive transformation in them. You may avoid unnecessary arguments as you may tend to have a good temper. The misunderstanding among the family members may not also be present, and more cooperation could be seen among them. People of your motherly status may remain as the only exceptions to the above, and they could create unnecessary obstacles in the smooth running of the family matters. Greater rapport may generally be seen between your family members and other people. There may be more inclination towards religion and spirituality, and some of you may be planning to go on a pilgrimage with family.

Divine Technique for Family Harmony: Perform Kanakadhara Chanting Followed by Sri Suktam Homa

Your health condition may be alright as you may stay free from any major infection, illness, or disease. The same would be the case with your family members as they too would enjoy good health. The exception to this can be the elderly, at the level of your parents, who might contact some disease or illness. In particular, there may be problems in their lower abdomen region. This should not be ignored, and prompt diagnosis and treatment have to be done to set this right. Their general safety may also be a cause for concern.

Divine Technique for a Healthy Living: Perform Muruga Fire Lab

Your love-life and relationship may be more or less good. You could get the full support of your family members for your love matters. Those in search of their life-partners may face delays and obstacles. So, serious efforts may be needed from their side to make the marriage search a success story. In case of ongoing alliance plans, more understanding and negotiation from both the family sides may be needed. If people are already into a marital relationship, more adjustments are expected from both the partners. Seeking the advice of elders in the case of marital conflicts may be the best thing recommended, rather than taking self-driven decisions.

Divine Technique for Marital Happiness: Get Your Sri Krishna Yantra

Wealth matters may be sound in terms of accumulated property and savings but not in terms of good income and profits. This is to say that your present budget requirements may have to be dealt with carefully as you may not have very active sources of income. It is also required that you do not let expenses run out of your control as it could turn the situation more complicated. Your social and public life may even squeeze your pockets as you may spend a lot on the same. Unnecessary repair works related to house and automobiles may incur overhead expenditure on your side. It may be the right time to realize and practice sound management of money and resources.

Divine Technique to Improve Financial Status: Perform Lakshmi Fire Lab

Your career matters may be quite well-off in this transit. A progressive phase in professional matters can be foreseen. The fullest support of your family members may be evident in this time-frame, and you could be prospering to a great extent. You may seem to work with higher productivity, and the quality of your output can be excellent! You may show extraordinary interest and passion for your daily work chores. When it comes to business, your prospects may be rated as average. Though the rivalry and competition in business and trade activity may be minimal, you could not expect gains to flow in as expected. It may not be advisable to get tensed over trivial matters in business.

Divine Technique for Business & Career Progress: Perform Kala Bhairava Fire Lab

In the education front, some hindrances may definitely be there for you! Students need to focus more on their studies so that the desired outcome gets manifested. It may not be too advisable to indulge in group studies as it may not favor your academic performance. Stay away from bad company as you may be tempted to get into vices or bad habits. Involving too much in social networking at a young age may not be a healthy thing as it may prove detrimental to your studies. Avoid hasty and impulsive decisions in matters of education.

Divine Technique for Success in Academics: Get Your Subramanya Yantra

Sagittarius Home remedies

Worship Lord Maha Vishnu and Lord Shiva

Wear a Yellow-Sapphire ring on the right-hand index finger

Women should show more love and respect to their husbands

Maintain a cordial relationship with the elder siblings

Show love and affection to children

You could donate the following items to others: saffron, turmeric, gold or gold-colored jewels, white Channa/gram dal, yellow cloth, raw salt, pure ghee, yellow flowers, topaz, and books

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Jupiter Transit 2020 to 2021