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Jupiter Transit 2019 to 2020 For Sagittarius

Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius for Sagittarius Ascendant

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Sagittarius General

The priestly and ministerial planet of benevolence, Jupiter, will be transiting to Sagittarius from the sign Scorpio on Tuesday, 05th November, 2019. Jupiter will be transiting the 1st House or right in the Sagittarius Moon sign, which is not a beneficial position for the auspicious planet, Jupiter. From this position, Jupiter will aspect the 5thHouse, the House of progeny, Purva Punya (past good deeds), intelligence, love, memory and speculation, the 7thHouse, the House of the spouse, marriage, business, business partner, pleasureand the 9thHouse, the House of luck, fortune, religion, Dharma, virtues, righteousness, father, boss, ancestors, superiors, faith, Yoga and meditation.

During this transit, you may witness some unfavorable events in various walks of your life. Your overall life would be without luster, and all your activities in almost every sphere of life would be dull and sluggish. This statement would also prove to be true concerning your spouse, children, father, and mother as their health would be a cause of concern for you and your relationship with them would also be lacking the usual intimacy. You may also feel a sense of disharmony with your relatives. You may not act very intelligently in all matters, and you should keep your speculative tendency under control. You also would be lacking courage and communicative effectiveness. This would also not be a progressive period for marriage alliances and marital concord of the married couples. This also may not be the apt time for a flourishing business set-up. Also, do not initiate new business ventures at this time and partnership may also not work out in business. As far as finances are concerned, this may be a moderate period if not a bad one. Health issues must also be handled with care and responsibility, as only moderate health prospects are indicated. So, this is also the time to boost your health status.

Your family matters shall experience only a moderate swing of prosperity and progress. Your relationship with your family members would be average. So, you must spend happy and quality time with your family members. This includes your spouse, children, parents and close relatives. If you show your true love and affection towards them, then it is most likely to get reciprocated and returned with greater intensity.

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Your health may be average during this transit. You may experience minor health problems. Devote proper care towards your health issues to settle them off at the minor stage itself. Do not be reckless in dealing with health problems, as ignoring them could intensify the issue. There is a strong probability that minor health problems could turn into major ones, causing worry. So, stay cautious and watch out for any minor ailments and get them cured as soon as possible. The parts of the body that need special care are eyes, teeth, the upper part of the throat and the face.

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Those searching for their life partners may experience a temporary drop in success rate as this transit is not very favorable for alliance searches. They should intensify their search or go in for some remedial measures to appease and pacify Jupiter. These remedies may make things related to your marriage more favorable. You may not be able to express your love for your partner effectively during this transit. Married couples may also see that there is a drop in marital bliss. So, the need of the hour is to maintain the expression of love to a high degree.

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Your income flow would not be that good during this transit. However, your accumulated wealth, bank balance and expenditure would be nominal. The initial phase of the transit can be utilized in seeking some additional sources of income. Do not waste your wealth as income may not be that good.

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The initial phase of the transit shall be inimical to both career and business. After that, very slight progress, if not deterioration, can be expected. Both corporate professionals and business people may not get the expected degree of result or satisfaction, despite their hard efforts.

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Your education would be average during this transit. This is not a very favorable period for students. So as students, you are expected to put in more hard work and efforts to achieve the expected results. Concentration and interest in education may dip down considerably. As a result, students are advised to spend more time in their studies. Also, those students aspiring for foreign studies may have to struggle more for pursuing their endeavors.

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Sagittarius Home remedies

Worship Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva

Respect elders, priests, Brahmins and teachers

Maintain cordial relationship with elder siblings

Show love and affection towards childrens

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Jupiter Transit 2019 to 2020