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Jupiter Transit 2023 to 2024 For Sagittarius

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Jupiter Transit 2023 Predictions For Sagittarius Moon Sign

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Sagittarius General

For Sagittarius natives, Jupiter transit will happen in the 5th house from your Moon sign. This transit will be happening on April 22nd, 2023, and it is going to be in Aries till May 1st, 2024. The transit will last for 12 months. Jupiter rules the 1st house and 4th house from your Moon sign. The 5th house deals with children, creativity thinking, imagination, romance, share market, and commodity trading. His aspects will be on the 9th house that deals with your fortunes, the relationship with your father, spiritual inclination, the 11th house that deals with profits and the expansion of comforts, and on the Moon sign that defines you. Being a natural benefic and the Moon sign ruler, Jupiter aspecting the Moon sign is considered as a real blessing. The Moon represents the mind and thoughts, so this combination gives better clarity and positive thinking. Below are the results given by Jupiter during this transit.

This time, your demeanor may be very positive and sociable. You may happily participate in social get-togethers. Single natives' relationships could be normal. There could be happy moments with relatives and friends. Parents' support may be there and it could ensure the welfare of the family.

You might develop some health issues that could cause unwanted medical expenses till June 2022. Addressing the issue at an early stage can reduce medical expenses. Due to a hectic work schedule, you may not be able to have your food on time, which may ruin your health. Plan your work accordingly and have your food on time for a healthy and active lifestyle.

As Jupiter aspects the 2nd house, it supports expansion in the family. This can lead to an affectionate relationship between the couple. The couples may have a better understanding. Some disputes might occur, but the bonding may be undisturbed. Take care of your children as there may be some unexpected expenses due to them.

Delay in money flow is likely, so you need to have a clear plan for your financial matters. Hold all new initiatives till Oct 2023, as the prospects are not very supportive. Avoid taking loans. Delays in profits are possible, so please have patience. Later in October, sudden money flow may occur, which can help you meet your financial requirements. Use this opportunity wisely for a better future.

This could be a promising period for you. You may be able to multitask well, and may complete your work efficiently. Due to the conjunction with Rahu, you may feel stressed. Some unwanted allegations may be raised against you in your professional environment. You need to be flexible and adopt a compromising attitude with your colleagues. Do not be worried about the work pressure. At the same time, you may have the much-required inner confidence to help you in meeting deadlines. Additional responsibilities are possible, but they may contribute to your growth later. There could be an opportunity to travel for work purposes.

You may display a creative mindset. You could become more intellectual and learn new skills. Some distractions are possible, so you need to stay focused to score more marks. Those applying for NEET and other competitive exams could be successful. Studying abroad may bring more success. Some may choose administration-related subjects like political science and may do very well.

Sagittarius Home remedies

Follow a strict vegetarian diet.

Worship spiritual gurus in the form of Shri Adi Shankara on Thursday.

Donate fruits and serve the needy in orphanages, as it will please Jupiter.

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Jupiter Transit 2023 to 2024