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Jupiter Transit 2020 to 2021 For Cancer

Jupiter Transit 2020 Predictions For Cancer Moon Sign

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Cancer General

The mighty and most magnanimous planet of positivity Jupiter will be transiting to the sign Capricorn from Sagittarius on Friday, 20th November 2020. Capricorn is the sign of debilitation for the benevolent planet Jupiter. The debilitation of Jupiter, however, gets canceled due to its association with Saturn, which rules Capricorn. Jupiter will be transiting the 7th House from Cancer, which is considered favorable. From this position, Jupiter will aspect your 11th House, the House of profits, the fulfillment of desires, the 1st House, the House of talent, character and overall life and 3rd House, the House of communication, courage, God-faith, younger siblings and neighbors.

This transit may be quite a prosperous one making you wealthy as well as opulent. You could enjoy a happy relationship with your partner and all your near and dear ones. Your overall life may experience smooth progress provided the right thrust is given. You might stay overly courageous and confident, which may help you to face all your hindrances effectively. This may be the right time for your desires to get fulfilled as the time may stay quite favorable. Your general rapport with others may take a positive tone as you may be soft-spoken and courteous towards everybody. However, it would help if you stayed mindful of the rapport with the elderly as it may be liable to drift towards negativity. You may, however, get the fullest support from your friends. As far as travels are concerned, you may get benefited from the short distant ones. There may not be much air travel during this transit. You may not stay tuned very much towards Religion and spirituality. Your observance of rules and conformity to the law in public places or traffic may be minimal. It would help if you stayed more self-disciplined as you may tend to deviate from both personal and family norms. You may just be moderately understood and evaluated by others, and a sense of misunderstanding may be on the cards.

The time to rejoice with your loved ones has just arrived, and you may spend many a happy hour with others. Your siblings may stay quite supportive of you in many ways, and mutual harmony might grow a lot. However, in some way, you might hurt the people of your parental status, which might deny you their moral support. The evaluation that other family members do about you may be perfectly matching your own assessment. The general understanding and the degree of cooperation amongst the family members may be considerable. Your relatives’ support may also be sincere in this time-frame.

Divine Technique for Family Harmony: Perform Bhagavati Seva Pooja

The health of yours and that of your spouse may be good. Your siblings, both the elder and younger ones, may enjoy good health. But your parents’ health may cause distress as they may be facing a lot of fitness problems. As far as your health is concerned, though it might stay sound, you better have your BP and cholesterol levels checked as it may shoot up! Your physical health may be sound, but this may not be the case with the wellness of the mind! You may be liable to get frequently worried and anxious about trivial things, which may prove stressful.

Divine Technique for a Healthy Living: Perform Vaidyanatha Pooja

The relationship with your partner may be on good terms, and your happiness may know no bounds! A perfect time for those seeking a bride/groom to get happily married! Those already married may experience a positive sway in them in the sense that the harmony might get more pronounced. There may not be any conflicts or contradictions in dealings between partners. However, the support of elders may be missing and do not expect them to help you improve your relationship. Sometimes, the elders may even take a stand opposing your love or marriage!

Divine Technique for Marital Happiness: Perform Sumangali Pooja

Though property matters may not be very well off, riches and money may continue to flow in through other channels of income. But speculation needs to be avoided, and things like shares or mutual funds may not secure good gains. Those in business could reap substantial profits, and a regular income may satisfy your budgetary requirements as well. It would be wise to save money and property for the future, as you may tend to spend a lot. The wealth of your partner may also take an upward curve.

Divine Technique to Improve Financial Status: Perform Kanakadhara Lakshmi Abhishekam for 3 Fridays

This transit may turn out to be favorable for general business activities as well as for the partnerships. Hard work in business and trade may be most likely to yield the intended results, except in the realty and automobile sector. The clientele, the customer-base may grow exponentially, but their requirements need to be met competitively, and they have to be satisfied. The juniors and colleagues at the office may act congenially, but that need not be the case with senior officials. Career growth and professional prosperity may stay more or less average, and much could not be expected in these without putting in much effort.

Divine Technique for Business & Career Progress: Perform Shatru Samhara Homa

Not a very promising transit for the educational prospects! A lot of hard as well as sincere efforts may be needed from students to get results and prove themselves. Those aspiring to get into college or university may find it hard to get into a good or a long-desired one! Delays and hassles maybe there all along, for them. They may not also get admission into the course of their choice. However, those who participate in competitions and other specialized exams may get desired results. These are because of the planet’s limited benevolence in educational matters.

Divine Technique for Success in Academics: Get Your Dakshinamurthy Yantra

Cancer Home remedies

Chant the Mantra 108 times on Thursday mornings after a fresh bath: ‘Om Guruvae Namah’

Feed the cows and birds with bananas and yellow sweets

Give due respect to the teachers

Serve curd or curd rice to the Brahmins and the poor

Worship and water the Banyan and the Peepal tree

Avoid eating banana or keeping banana in the bedroom to avoid the negative influence of Jupiter

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