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Jupiter Transit 2023 to 2024 For Cancer

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Jupiter Transit 2023 Predictions For Cancer Moon Sign

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Cancer General

For Cancer natives, Jupiter transit will happen in the 10th house from your Moon sign. This transit will be happening on April 22nd 2023 and it is going to be in Aries till May 1st 2024. The transit is going to last for 12 months. Jupiter rules the 6th house and 9th house from your Moon sign. Jupiter maintains a friendly relationship with your Moon sign ruler, and he also rules the 6th house and 9th house. The transit is going to happen in its friendly sign. The 10th house deals with professional life. This may help you to set goals that will benefit you career-wise. At the same time, you may encounter a few challenges and obstacles as the aspect of Jupiter falls on the 2nd house, 4th house, and 6th house, Worshipping Jupiter and becoming more spiritual can bring more positivity and slow down the negative effects. Do worship your ancestors regularly and seek their blessings.

Delayed support is likely from your father's side. Also, you need to have patience. There are chances of conflicts with siblings. Those who are in love and wish to take their relationship to the next level need to be open with their partner to avoid disappointments. Some may get an ancestral property at this time.

Avoid junk food and try to achieve a work-life balance. As Jupiter is aspecting the house that is related to disease, please pay immediate attention if you develop any health issues. Chronic disease may become worse, so please have an ideal diet plan. Do make more efforts to boost fitness, as that can help in maintaining a healthy life. Add more fruits to your diet, as it can rejuvenate your health.

Those awaiting marriage might need to wait to find the right life partner. Married couples may face a few challenges at times, and it may impact their inner peace. Children may not be very attached, and some bitter experiences are likely. Still, the aspect of Jupiter on the house that denotes family can help you to overcome these problems.

As Jupiter aspects the 2nd house that is related to finance, your investments may bring good gains. When there is a need for money, it may find its way to you. Some may avail of loans, and if possible, please use those loans for beneficial purposes. When you have plans for investments, please do all possible research, as Jupiter's 9th aspect falls on the 6th house that deals with enemies. Be clear about the terms, and once you are satisfied with them, please proceed. Everything has to be legal and above-board.

Abroad-related transition work may bring success and profits. Due to the conjunction with Rahu, you may get chances to move abroad for better opportunities. The natural benefic and the natural malefic conjunction till Oct 2023 may place some hurdles in your professional life. The Saturn transit to the 8th house from your Moon sign may create a situation where questions will be raised on your productivity that will make you feel depressed and anxious. Avoid negative thoughts, and this must be your priority in your professional life. As the 5th aspect of Jupiter falls on your 2nd house, which deals with finance, you might get a pay hike.

All your efforts can be recognized, and higher education students may shine. Students may be able to clear the exams with more marks, and they could get their preferred course. There may be some hurdles, but still, you may be able to remain focused on your education. Some may migrate abroad for research-related studies, and that may lead to a bright future.

Cancer Home remedies

Avoid alcohol and non-veg food on Thursdays.

Pray to Ganesha , Hanuman. Read or listen to Hanuman chalisa daily before you initiate your work.

Offer your service at prayer centers and temples.

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Jupiter Transit 2023 to 2024