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Women’s Day Gift Ideas For 2020

International Women’s Day 2020 is here! Once again, it’s time to celebrate womanhood, and the special women in your life – mother, daughter, wife, friend, lover, or whichever woman has made your life richer by her presence. On this special day, one way to express your love, affection, and gratitude to that special woman would be to buy a gift that she will cherish. It need not be very expensive, but it should certainly be something that she will appreciate and that will convey the depth of your feelings for her. Here are some great gifting ideas for Women’s Day 2020


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Which woman doesn’t love flowers? Surprise her with a big bunch of fresh roses or orchids and watch her face bloom like a flower. Make sure the bouquet is from a good florist, and the flowers are not cheap or the kind to wilt quickly. 


Women can never have enough dresses, even if their wardrobe is overflowing. So buy her a nice dress that will make her look like a million bucks. Find out her favorite colors and do some research on the latest fashion trends before you make the purchase. 

Pendant necklace

A pendant necklace in silver or gold will thrill any woman. Engrave her name on the pendant as an added wow factor. This gift is ideal if the woman involved is your wife or girlfriend.

Phone case

If you have a kid sister, a stylish phone case would make a nice gift. Youngsters today are glued to their mobile phone, which is almost like a fashion accessory. Get some nice gift wrapping and add some flowers too to go with the gift. Otherwise, you could get her a trendy handbag.

Homemade treats 

Give a sweet surprise for the lady by cooking up a storm. Bake a red velvet cake or some dish that is a favorite of your daughter. Your daughter especially will love it.

Candlelight dinner 

Wife or lover, you can floor that special woman by treating her to a candlelight dinner at a fancy restaurant or some place that holds some sentimental value for you. Like the place where you had your first date, or the place where you proposed to her. 

Kitchen appliances

Make a stealthy visit to your mother’s kitchen and check out if any of her kitchen appliances need an upgrade. Does she need a new microwave oven or a fryer? Go for a good brand that will last some years. It is a nice way to express your appreciation for all the lovely meals she cooked for you. Or, if you can afford it, swap her old car for a new one. 

Home accessories

Kids with working parents are often raised by the granny. Show her how deeply you care for her on Women’s Day. A lovely gift for her would be a new sofa or recliner. She will be thrilled to bits. 

Goddess statues

A woman is the goddess of the house. When she is happy, the family thrives. Gift a beautiful goddess statues for your wife on Women’s Day to show that you are truly blessed that you have her in your life. You could add a few diyas too for good measure.  

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