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Venus Transit in Sagittarius sign and its impact on each Zodiac Sign

Venus will transit in Sagittarius sign from 30th October to 8th December 2021. Venus will be transiting in Jupiter’s sign which will impart mixed results for most individuals and most Zodiac sign. Venus and Jupiter are beneficial planets but they are enemy to each other. Venus is transiting in 9th house of natural Zodiac which is not a very comfortable position for Venus. Although, it can impart knowledge and wisdom to many from transiting in Sagittarius sign. The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Talk to Astrologer now to know in detail about the impact of Venus Transit on your life.

Below are effects and results of Venus transit in Sagittarius on each Zodiac Sign.

venus transit in Sagittarius


For Aries natives, Venus as 7th lord and 2nd lord transiting in 9th house will give favourable results in love and relationships. Earning and overall financial condition will be good. Students may not be able to devote time to studies fully. Single people might meet someone new which can ignite new passion and romance in their life. This is the very favourable time to the tie the knot for those who are in long term committed relationship. Partnership business will run well. Good time for growth in career. Couples will have good time together. Some people might land up in foreign land for higher education or for employment. Success and wealth through work in foreign country is a possibility during this time.


Venus as 1st lord and 6th lord transiting in 8th house will bring good luck and completion of important projects for Taurus natives. Venus transiting in your 8th house might result in financial gains from inheritance or sudden monetary support from friends and relations. Some people might get indulge in court cases or litigation issues but they will come out of it quickly. Although, there will be some dip and downfall in your career but income will be okay. Some important projects might get stuck as well. Students may not do very well in their exams as per their expectation


This will be a good time for love and relationships along with marriage for Gemini people. Relationships with your partner or spouse will be sweet and intimate. Singles might meet their right match in the month of November. Venus as 12th lord and 5th lord in 7th house may bring new beneficial contacts, friendship and multiple source of income for a short period of time. Gemini natives may attract many people from opposite sex towards them. Some people might gain popularity through social media and entertainment pursuit as well. Some people might get success in competitive examinations and good jobs as well.


Cancer natives will do well in their career during November –December in 2021. Some people might get a big break in the media or in the showbiz industry. Venus as 4th lord and 11th lord in 6th house will bring a good amount of money through your work and occupation. Some people may also start earning from more than one source. Students will do very well in their studies and exams. Singles might meet someone new and exciting through work and meeting. Some people may get involved in clandestine affairs for a short period of time. Chances of success through any kind of competitive exams or in competitive sports are there. Those are in Medical profession will have quite favourable time as well.


Leo natives will do well in sports and entertainment field. Those who are in the media field might get success and popularity as well. Venus transiting in your 5th house will bring gains and rewards from your occupation. Unemployed Leo natives might end up getting their dream job at god designation as well. Leo natives will enjoy their work in November-December. Promotions and increments are on the cards for a few people. Students will do well in their competitive examinations. Some people may meet their ideal match during time. This is a good time to propose to someone you love. Love birds or couples will have great time together with a lot of understanding and mutual respect. Venus as 3rd lord and 10th lord in 5th house will bring success in artistic and creative work. Career graph will rise. There will be prosperity and growth in Leo’s life.


Venus as 2nd lord and 9th lord transiting in 4th house will bring gains and prosperity in life for the Virgo natives. There can be gain of liquid wealth as well as properties for the Virgo people. Some people might buy a new house or new car as well. Opportunity and success will be there for those who are involved in real estate business. Self-employment might bring gains, popularity and rewards as well. Those who are in the field of politics might attain good position and there will be a rise in their status. Some people might end up getting a high profile job as well. There will be growth and prosperity through family business or through self- effort.


Venus as 1st lord and 8th lord in 3rd house will bring tensions and challenges in life. Libra natives will have to work hard to acquire wealth and gains during November –December 2021.There will be struggle at your workplace and your relationship with colleagues and authority might get strained as well. There can be some financial gains from your siblings and friends. Although, there can be some losses in business or through partnership work. Although, there will be an opportunity to start new job or new business for some people. Students will do well in their studies but may not get desired results in competitive exams. Some people may gain short lived popularity through social media and from their extra curricular activities. Few people might suffer from break up or separation in their love and relationship. Relationships with spouse or partner will not be very pleasant during this time.


There will be a good flow of liquid money in the life of Scorpio natives as Venus will be transiting in 2nd house. There will be all round happiness and prosperity for most Scorpio native in the month of November 2021. Many people will enjoy their food, leisure and pleasure. Some people might end up getting married to the person of their own choice. There will be a lot of intimacy and sweet bonding between lovers and couples. There will be a good growth and gains in your occupation or profession. Venus as 12th lord and 7th lord transiting in 2nd house might bring exotic travel and pleasure in the life of Scorpio natives. Success in partnership business is assured. You may gain popularity in your friends circle. There will be a rise in status as well for a few people as well.


Venus transiting in your 1st house will bring good popularity and good status for some Sagittarius natives. Singles might meet their ideal match during November-December 2021. Unemployed people will end up getting good job with decent income. There will be an overall increase of leisure and pleasure in Sagittarius native’s life. There will be an increase in luxury and comfort in life. Some people might also get a promotion and increment. Venus as 11th lord and 6th lord in 1st house will be favourable for new jobs or establishing new business during this time. One may get involved in more than one relationship simultaneously for a short period of time. Few people may also suffer from cheating and break up as well. Those who are already married will have sweet time together in their conjugal life.


Venus transiting in your 12th house might give you a casual clandestine affair and pleasure for a short period of time. Business related to import and export will run. Foreign travel will be fruitful and profitable during November-December. Capricorn natives may get some good news regarding their career or love life. Old love partner might be back in your life. Although, some people may also suffer from break ups and separations. There can be financial gains from work related to travelling and strangers might also help in your work or projects. Some new friends will help you enhance your lifestyle and there will be good changes in your daily routine as well. Your financial condition will be good and there will be constant flow of wealth but there can be expenses on health issues within your family as well.


Aquarius native will have multiple financial gains from their investments and also from stock ,market share, market and speculations. Venus transiting in your 11th house will also bring new friendship and new romance in your life. Singles will have a happy time after meeting someone new and exciting in their life. Those who are in committed relationships might get married as well. Couples will share great bonding, love and care for each other in their conjugal life. Venus as 9th lord and 4th lord in 11th house may give you gains from agriculture, property as well as income e from renting your properties. Those who are involved in real estate business will earn great profit. Partnership business will also run well. Politicians will see growth in their status and popularity. Overall, a very happy time is coming for Aquarius natives in the month of November-December 2021.


Venus will be transiting in your 10th house will bring new opportunity for income and growth through your career. Although, there will be workload and pressure from your peers and seniors at the workplace. Romance will take a back seat in life Domestic life will be harmonious and your spouse will be supportive. Singles may suffer from aloofness and isolation in their private life. Routine work may seem monotonous buy it will fetch you gains and wealth. Venus as 8th lord and 3rd lord in 10th house may bring some tensions and trouble for a short period of time. Although, you will come out the winner after facing challenges in your career. You will grab opportunities with both hands. Overall, the coming months will be busy but rewarding for Pisces people.