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Venus Transit in Sagittarius

Dec, 05, 2022 (Monday) at 07:27 AM

Venus rules the 6th and 11th houses. Venus is strong when it is not combusted by the Sun.

Sagittarius is a fiery sign. Jupiter rules this sign. Venus is neutral in this sign. Being the ninth House of natural zodiac, Venus’ presence in this sign could bestow good results.

During his stay in this sign, Venus will be transiting in the stars Mula, Purvashada, and Uttarashada - 1st pada.

Impact of Transit of Venus in Sagittarius:

Sagittarius is a fiery and dual sign. It is a sign of adventure and truth. Venus, in this sign, would develop an interest to explore new places and people. Venus is a fun loving planet; in this sign, he would encourage positive thoughts and acts.

This transit is the ideal time to start seeing love in all the actions. This is also the right time to experience exciting things, which were missed earlier. On the flip side, this transit may at times force to become more exaggerated and go overboard.

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