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Saturn Transit in Scorpio – Forecasts and Remedies for Libra Vedic Moon Sign

On August 13, 2014

Movement of the planet Saturn through the Zodiac signs can be compared with the swaying and proud saunter of the king of elephants - The ceremonious strides that you cannot ignore!

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And when you happen to notice the big guy approaching, you better pay attention to him and ask for his grace! Among the nine planets, Saturn is the ‘big guy’ that makes heads turn.

In 2014-15, people born with the Moon signs Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius are experiencing strong countenance of Saturn during its transit through the signs, a journey that is commonly known as Sade Saati. Saturn is moving from Libra to Scorpio on November 2nd, 2014 and will reside there till January 6th, 2017.

How experience of Saturn in Zodiac sign of Libra will affect you?

In Libra, Saturn is in a friendly sign and it is the sign of its exaltation i.e. Saturn is in best of its moods and behavior. When a big planet like Saturn is exalted, it brings a lot of blessings! It makes you, the Libra Moon sign, emotionally balanced, provides good sense of judgment and strong character to take up leadership. Saturn will never drive you towards unlawful acts.

Curious to know what this transit has in store for you?!

Well, let us understand the life-conditions that Saturn will create for you depending on how Saturn itself will be placed at different times while moving across the nakshatras in Scorpio.

Saturn’s journey through the nakshatras Vishaka, Anuradha and Jyestha in sign Scorpio is an interesting one. It relates about the paths you are likely to choose and your state of affairs:

Career: It is an excellent time to seek knowledge, so check out how you can make the best out of the opportunities that may come your way. Between 2nd August and 28th December 2015, you may find yourself entangled with litigation issues. At some point you may find yourself in the grip of fear of the unforeseen and this may not help you focus on your work.

Finance: At the onset of the transit, it will not be an appropriate time to borrow or lend money and you are likely to incur higher expenses. But you are likely to rejoice the comforts of life as well as pleasures of a sudden gain of property. Between 13th March and 2nd August 2015, its time again for unexpected gains!

Health: You should take care of your health during this period, especially if you suffer from rheumatic pains and problems in your eyes.

Relationship: You will be able to reap happiness from good relationships. You will be surprised how easily you will adapt to the situations! Keep it up! Between 2nd August and 28th December 2015, you may have to lie low for some time and keep a calm mind as situations may bring you stress and troubles. Between 28th December 2015 and 25th March 2016, you will be swept off the ground and marry someone you love! 13th August 2016 to 26th January 2017, is a good time to fulfill your desires. Your intelligence and wisdom will guide you through.

If you want to connect with Saturn, ways to reach for its blessings are listed here.

  • Chant Saturn mantras for 108 times on Saturday “Om pram preem proum sah shanaischaraya namah”
  • Perform pooja for lord Saturn
  • Perform Rudra homa
  • Perform Hanuman pooja


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