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Rahu in 3rd house: Meaning, Impact and Remedies

Rahu in 3rd House with Remedies:-

The 3rd House in Vedic astrology signifies communication, journeys, brothers, sisters, creativity, mental intelligence, interests, habits, hobbies, and inclinations. The Third House is about creativity. It is also about your physical and mental agility and its formations.

Rahu in the 3rd House is beneficial in acquiring materialistic happiness, physical comforts, wealth, children, and a good spouse. These natives can be very sharp, and they have a restless minds. The natives can have many contacts and many friends in life. Stars predict that these natives will have the edge over their enemies due to their intellect and dynamism.

rahu in 3rd house

Rahu in the 3rd House is considered one of the most favorable positions for growth and success in a career related to sports and entertainment. Natives with Rahu in their 3rd House of the birth chart are more likely to succeed in almost all ventures. They earn fame and money through self-employment, especially as entrepreneurs and popular icons. They can become a brand in themselves.

House Rahu posited in a Kundli:-

The 3rdhouse is known for bravery, courage, and siblings. Rahu in the 3rd House may give popularity and success after hard work. You may crave to do your best and something different in your career and might become popular too. Your unorthodox nature will be rewarding. Professional success in teaching, writing, literature, publishing, advertisement, and media will be there with Rahu in the 3rd House of your horoscope. Also, you may possess a knack for creating and framing amazing stories, then Rahu is your key to gaining glory in writing or film direction. Furthermore, with this north node shadow planet in your 3rd House, manipulation will be your ideal weapon to get your things done and work according to your will.

Zodiac sign and nakshatra influence:-

Rahu may also give suicidal thoughts, fears, and phobias when in Scorpio, Capricorn, or Pisces sign in the 3rd House to the native. Rahu in this 3rd House may make you feel devastated and discouraged due to obstacles and delays in life and can’t achieve success or, in contrast, feel like becoming very rich in a short time. This feeling of difference in imagination may occur, especially during your Rahu Mahadasha period. As Rahu stands for deception, its placement in the 3rd House may make you a cheater, selfish, self-centered who is immoral, selfish, and greedy. Rahu in the 3rd House may bestow huge success in Swati, Ardra, and Shatabhisha nakshatra.

Positive effects of Rahu in 3rd House:-

A benefic Rahu in the 3rd House will give you numerous opportunities for progress in your career in the field of your choice. You will be determined towards your goals and do the needful for success. You will also display courage and bravery when needed, and these acts will never let you down but rather put you on a better front and position to make better decisions. Rahu in 3rd House may make you take up a profession in media of some form. This will allow you to grow in your career using your profound communication skills and how you attract people towards you with your magnetic expression and thought process.

The 3rd House is regarded as the House of communication, short distance travels, one’s inclinations toward performing arts, sports, etc. This House also depicts your activities related to communication like interviews, meetings, public gatherings, and brief conversations. This may also describe your connection with different media types, whether print, social or electronic. This House describes your relationship with your siblings, neighbors, and friends.

Rahu here brings fruitful short journeys which may relate to your profession or your activities. These journeys may bring good gains for you and lead to many professional growth opportunities. You may develop many new connections with people you come across at work and seek their help when you are in need.

You may be attracted and develop your skills in performing arts like singing, acting or painting, anchoring, writing, etc., which may bring you a good name and fame. Your talent may come to the fore with such endeavors or activities. Inclination to arts, sports, and politics can take you high in life. Your focus, determination, motivation, mental strength, and good communicative ability will bring great success in this field.

Relations with your siblings, especially your brothers, will be excellent but unstable sometimes. There will be good mutual understanding with your friends and colleagues. Some issues may also crop up in the family, which may get amicably resolved.

Adverse effects of Rahu in 3rd House:-

Rahu in the 3rd House mostly gives favorable results to the native. However, if your Rahu is malefic, debilitated, or in the nakshatra of Saturn or Ketu, it may affect your personality negatively. You may be harsh in your speech, leading to evil and sinful thoughts and processes. Although you would have a scheduled life yet may see ill health and stress, especially in your family. Also, financial loss, stress because of children, and this Rahu can give you dependency on others.

However, Rahu in the 3rd House can make a person expert fighters or warrior who may expect high recognition in their career. As Rahu loves freedom, these natives in the relationship would possess many casual connections, primarily for selfish purposes. Once the motive is over, they would leave their lover without any regrets or shame. Also, in friendships, these natives might be very moody and may lose loyal friends in life. An adverse Rahu in the 3rd House may sometimes make you selfish and would direct your activities only towards personal gains and satisfaction. There can be some accidents and injuries which you need to be careful of. There can be some financial losses, which may imbalance your materialistic status.

Rahu Taurus:

Rahu in Taurus in the 3rd House is in an exalted position and blesses you with substantial wealth and financial gains. Your daily sources of income will be good, and investments will be profitable. Sudden profits will enhance your wealth and status, especially from foreign land deals. Your chances of working in an M.N.C. or a foreign land will be good, and Rahu in 3rd House may bring growth on your professional and financial front after age 30.

Rahu in Scorpio:

Rahu gets debilitated in the Scorpio sign and may take you towards a career related to occult sciences or some secret service. You may possess profound skills in handling secrets or things of secretive nature like confidential documents, information, etc. Your personality can have an essence of mystery that would be hard to gaze at and analyze by others.

Common Yoga positions possible with Rahu in 3rd House

Angarak Yoga:

When combined with Mars in the 3rd House, Rahu causes Angarak Yoga. This may lead to stress in your relationship with your family members and spouse. Your anger will be a prominent feature of your personality, and your attitude towards people will be righteous. You may become emotionless, making you less concerned about the pain or feelings of others. You may lack the love of children in life.

Vasuki Kalsarpa Yoga:

Rahu, when in the 3rd House, may cause Vasuki Kala sarpa Yoga when Ketu is in the 9th House, and all other planets are posited between this Rahu-Ketu axis. This occurrence in your birth chart may lead to issues in relationships with colleagues, friends, seniors, associates, siblings, etc. You may remain under immense stress due to many ups and downs, especially in your career and finances, which may bring health issues like high blood pressure or headaches.

Guru-Chandal Yoga:-

Rahu-Jupiter conjunction in the 3rd House may lead to many obstacles and disappointments in the early years of life, especially in education, marriage and finances till the age of 30. However, things improve drastically after age 30, and one may achieve a high position in their career. Although, there can be a lack of mental peace and domestic happiness in your life.

Grahan Yoga:-

The conjunction of Rahu with Sun or Moon in 3rd House may lead to graham yoga. This planetary combination may make you lose one of your parents early in life. There can be a lot of hindrances, obstacles, delays in your education, and financial trouble in life till the age of 24. However, this combination may bring good advancement in career after the age of 28.

Remedies for Rahu in 3rd House:-

  1. Feed Birds Daily
  2. Feed Crow and Stray dogs Daily.
  3. Chant Rahu’s Beej Mantra “OM BRIM RAHAVE NAMAH”
  4. Chant Hanuman Chalisa Daily.
  5. Donate blankets and clothes to poor people on Wednesday.
  6. Fasting on Wednesday and Saturday can improve the results of Rahu.
  7. Chanting Ganesha Mantra every day eliminates the harmful effects of Rahu.
  8. Drinking water in Silver glass can improve the results of Rahu.
  9. Wear Yellow and Saffron clothes more.
  10. 5-Mukhi Rudraksha can help eliminate the harmful effects of Rahu in the 3rd House.
  11. Meditating Daily in the Rahu-Kaal period extracts the best results of Rahu and destroys the malefic effects of Rahu.
  12. Storing water in the South-west corner of the House can improve the results of Rahu in the 3rd House. It also makes native ad native family members healthy.