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Astrological Yantras

On September 28, 2011

Yantras are much more powerful than a picture or even a statue of a deity and they are used to energize the latter. In Indian temples, the Sacred Inner Sanctums that house the main deity, the Yantra associated with that deity is placed under the base of the statue to initiate, energize and sanctify the space.

Yantras are Visual Tools


The geometrical forms of the Yantra activate the right hemisphere, which is visual and nonverbal. The diagrams are essentially thought forms representing divinities or cosmic powers which exert their influence by means of sound vibrations.

They can be illustrated on paper as mandalas or carved onto stone etc; however, the most effective substance to carry a Yantra is copper. Copper is a well known super conductor for electricity and cosmic energies alike. It is believed that constantly concentrating on the representation helps to build fortune (positive energies therefore positive potentials), as planets and deities have their peculiar electro-magnetic field which governs basic emotions and karma.

Therefore Yantras are visual tools that serve in meditation either as centering devices or as symbols of the energy pattern of a deity. When a yantra is to be used for worship and the energy is invoked in it, it becomes a symbolic representative of the deity. It actually becomes the deity when you can abandon your analytical, critical attitude and the energy circulates in higher centers.

Meanings of Some Shapes & Symbols in Yantras

Shapes and patterns commonly embedded in yantra include squares, triangles, circles and floral patterns. It may also include more complex and detailed symbols:

  • Lotus flower = chakras or energy center of the body
  • Bindu or dot = the starting point of creation or the cosmos
  • Shatkona (Sanskrit name for a symbol identical to the Star of David):
  • An upwards triangle represents the static substratum of the cosmos, spiritual aspiration, the element of fire, or Shiva
  • A downwards triangle represents the creative power of the cosmos, productivity, the element of water, or Shakti
  • Swastika = good luck, welfare, prosperity or spiritual victory
  • Sanskrit characters = represent the sounds of a particular chakra, or subtle form of deity
  • Circle = Energy of the element water
  • Square = Energy of the element earth
  • Upward facing Triangle = (when not part of a shatkona) Energy of the element fire
  • Downward facing Triangle = (when not part of a shatkona) Energy of the element water
  • Diagonal lines = Energy of the element air
  • Horizontal line = Energy of the element water
  • Vertical line = Energy of the element fire
  • Point = Energy of the element ether


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