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Directions for Using Your Yantra

On October 17, 2011


A Yantra is a great cosmic conductor of energy. It is an antenna of nature making it a powerful tool to attract or increase harmony, prosperity, success, good health, protection etc. and improve your meditations and concentration. It is important to have your Yantra activated or energized in order for the pre-programmed purpose and intent to go 'on-line'.

Focus your eyes and mind at the center of the Yantra to achieve higher levels of consciousness. The Yantra's color may change over a period of time especially with regular abhishekam; however, this does not dilute the power of the Yantra.

  • Place the Yantra on a clean and sacred altar where it is facing East or North.
  • Do not let other people touch the Yantra. If someone does touch your Yantra, you can re-calibrate the energy by pouring milk and offering light.
  • You may desire to perform abhishekam or ritual anointing to the Yantra with rose water or milk according to your personal practice - daily, weekly or monthly. Then, rinse it with water and wipe it dry
  • You may wish to place rounded dots of sandalwood paste on the 4 corners and in the center of the Yantra (sandalwood powder moistened with a small amount of water)
  • Chant the appropriate mantra in front of the Yantra if you desire
  • If a small size, you may wish to carefully carry the Yantra in your purse or wallet. It is recommended to wrap in a protective cloth such as silk when travelling this way

How Quickly Do the Yantras Benefits?

It can take up to 45 days before experiencing the benefits of an activated Yantra. This is on the conservative side as many feel the effects immediately if their karmic potential is 'ripe'. Some Yantras work better over the long term as they graduate steadily through their blessing stages. Have patience and faith. Your positive thought vibrations play a key role in the effectiveness.


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