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About the Eighth House

DateNovember 4, 2009

The Eighth House: Transformation, Obstacles & Longevity
What is the 8th House?
In the House 7 Makeover, we covered marriage, relationships, partnerships and moral conduct. Now, House 8 covers primarily transformations, obstacles, longevity and legacy, as well as chronic health issues (versus acute health issues related to the 6th house).Signs, on the other hand, are filters that color how the Houses and planets behave. This newsletter will cover the sign of Scorpio, which is considered the natural 8th House of the Zodiac. That means that the sign of Scorpio naturally colors things in line with the qualities of the 8th House.

Let us begin by covering the general significators of the 8th house and what they influence in your life. Then in the 2nd week, we show you how to examine your own chart (and others) and find which planets are influencing your 8th house. As we progress through the final 2 weeks, you will be guided through a powerful meditation and transformation workshop that will enable you to improve your ability to overcome obstacles, create smooth transitions and transformations, and improve your health. Your own personal 8th House is the subject of the next newsletter.

General Characteristics of the 8th House
The Eighth House is known as the house of “Transformation, Obstacles & Longevity”. It is one of the moksha houses, a house of enlightenment, indicating what must be changed, left behind or transmuted for purification of the identity and spiritual liberation. It is a house of great mystery, the hidden depths of the persona, carrying the highest and lowest of human expression and experience. A strong 8th house indicates a healthy mental and physical constitution, ease in overcoming challenges that naturally occur in life, and longevity. The hidden depths of the 8th house also bring the karmic undertow of criminal intent and criminal behavior. It is a house of both sexual deviancy and kundalini rising as well as the continuum between these two points. Whereas the 7th house is the sexual relationship between two people, the 8th house is sexuality and the sexual act. If this house is disturbed, it can bring sexual deviancy. If it is strong and healthy, and the individual is on a high spiritual path, it can bring the capacity for tantra, a science developed by the Siddhas to transform sexual energy into spiritual energy; thus the transformative potentiality latent in the 8th house becomes realized.

The range of kundalini describes the range of potentialities held through the 8th house. Kundalini just awakened but difficult to control is expressed as the Goddess Kali. This is associated with the subconscious mind (things hidden). When this energy has become controlled and brings peace, it is the Goddess Durga (death and destruction). When fully awakened and manifesting as positive creative (transformative) power, it becomes Mahalakshmi, Saraswati, and other forms of Mother Divine. The 8th bhava can also bring psychic abilities. As with any gifts, and especially these, proper unfoldment is crucial for unlocking their highest benefits. This includes having correct intention in using them. Else, misery and psychological disturbance prevail.

It is the house of the dream world and can bestow the ability to remember and interpret dreams. As the “house of death”, in indicates longevity and also the capacity to experience samadhi, both expressions of the ‘dying’ of individual consciousness, and dissolving back into universal consciousness. Thus, St. Paul’s famous description: “I die daily.”

Materially, it is the house of all things hidden. This includes hidden mental and psychological disturbances, hidden wealth and serious diseases. It also concerns ‘unearned wealth’ such as well as lotteries, inheritances, and gains and losses from the stock market. As a secretive house, it involves research & development, investigative and intelligence activities. Hidden agendas and motives underpin criminal behavior, or unethical dealings. Certain planets placed in the 8th bhava can bring a tendency to be underhanded and dishonest.

As a house of legacy, it is also a house of scandal (negative legacy). It is the house of transforming consciousness. As such, it holds the potentiality for drug addiction as well as nirvana (bliss consciousness). The seeking for experience beyond ego boundaries is defined by the 8th house. It is conceivable that an individual who has overcome addiction can then transmute 8th house karma to experience samadhi which is the 8th limb of yoga.

Your personal 8th house – its ruling planet and chart position, planets influencing the 8th house and its Lord (ruling planet) will also give clues as to your own Achilles heel. These will also indicate benefits given by the 8th house, such as a long, healthy life. Keep in mind that as we evolve, so, too, do our planetary qualities and influences.

Characteristics of Scorpio, the Natural 8th House
Scorpio, Vrishchika , is the 8th sign in the zodiac, a water sign, and the natural 8th house. Mars is the ruler of Scorpio, giving its qualities to the 8th house as well. And like the 8th house, Scorpio deals with what is hidden. Therein lies its potential for both creativity and danger. Scorpio can be tenacious, vindictive, selfish and determined. It produces warriors, military, policemen, and athletes. Physically, it is the genitals and anus.

Scorpios tend to be secretive, intense, intelligent, perceptive but cautious, very passionate and sexual. If afflicted, there can be deviancy, underhandedness and a tendency to temper and violence. It’s important for a Scorpio not to get stuck in negative emotions such as jealousy, anger or attachment; as well as in the 3rd chakra of personal power. These will interfere with development of their highest qualities and bring pain. The quest for Scorpios is to surrender to their hearts. Then things will flow properly as they are operating from their true strength.

Mars as the Ruler of the Natural 8th House
Mars is a planet of intense creative energy and extroverted emotions. It is a planet of great passion, intensity and force. Mars represents brothers, friends and associates. It brings power, strength, courage and aggressiveness. It can also bring devotion and loyalty. When strong, it brings will, determination and strength to follow through on personal goals. When weak, it brings jealousy, competition, violence, a controlling nature and self-destruction. Someone with a successful military career would most likely have a strongly placed Mars. The positive traits of Mars give a strong logical mind and oratory skills which lend themselves to success as a lawyer or politician. Mars’ mechanical and technical abilities makes for strong scientists, engineers, mechanics and chemists. Mars can give athletic success and excellence with martial arts.

Mars rules machines and anything technical. He governs work, research and material pursuits. His passionate nature yearns for union, but his overbearing side often makes that illusive. He is ambitious, zealous and can be arrogant, impulsive and inflexible. Saturn with Mars inhibits Martian energy and drives. Jupiter enhances them. It governs blood, menstrual cycle, accidents, burns and physical vitality. The best house placement for Mars is the 1st, 6th or 10th houses.

Saturn as the Indicator of the 8th House
As the planetary significator for death and longevity, he becomes the karaka for the 8th house. Saturn brings its qualities of heaviness and serpent wisdom, the ‘grim reaper’ of the planet family. He casts a shadow over materiality so that Truth may reveal Itself. He is the great abnegator, denier, of self-expression, in favor of discovering Self-expression. The placement and health of Saturn in the chart bring insights into 8th house karma.

Planets Placed in Scorpio
The moon is debilitated in Scorpio. No planet is exalted in Scorpio. Some schools of thought say Ketu becomes exalted in Scorpio.

Remember that when assessing a chart, multiple factors must be taken into consideration. No one effect, such as planetary position in a sign or house, will be the sole indicator of fortunes and influences. In general, one must assess the strength of the house, its indicator, and its lord and occupants, as well as other planetary influences and the Dasha and Bukti you are running. The following are general indications for when a particular planet is posited in the sign of Scorpio.

If you have a planet or planets in Scorpio that are in good condition then the negative affects can be lessened. Likewise, if the planets are afflicted, the positive effects would be lessened or negated. The chart must always be considered in the aggregate.

Sun in Scorpio
When the Sun is here, the person’s actions, represented by the Sun, will be Venus-like. They would be involved with arts. Their careers would flourish in Taurus-like slow steady established occupations or businesses. They will be able to accumulate wealth over time, slowly attaining returns in conservative, long term investments.

Moon in Scorpio
When the Moon is here, the person’s emotions, represented by the Moon, will be Venus-like. This would be a even personality who is attractive and popular, but quiet. When the persistent quality of Taurus is linked with the Moon’s emotions it can lead to possessiveness or jealousy – not wanting to let go.

Mercury in Scorpio
Witty, clever-spoken, bold, enjoys discovering underlying causes and mysteries. If afflicted can be obstinate, crafty, malicious, selfish, tendency to over indulge. Will likely use mental acumen in life work, such as chemistry, alchemy, metallurgy, detective, military. Such people may have interest to study spirituality and must guard against being reckless.

Venus in Scorpio
Independent, artistic, proud, sensual, extravagant, money gains through others. If afflicted, difficulty with opposite sex, potential for lack of restraint or modesty. Potential for great psychic intuition. Must guard against quarreling or seeking revenge. Is refreshed by visiting scenic places.

Mars in Scorpio
In its own sign here, Mars makes the individual clever, diplomatic, strong memory (for details), proud, aggressive, self-assured and successful in life. If afflicted, over indulgent, haughty and cruel. Great potential for owning property as well as natural talents with occult arts. Energetic and must keep that energy guided in positive directions.

Jupiter in Scorpio
The individual will possess perseverance and elegant manners, good imagination and appreciation for elegance, be exacting, passionate and zealous. If afflicted, superior air, selfish, imprudent. Money is gained through Scorpio occupations (see above). Usually has a strong appearance. Must guard against vindictive tendencies. Can be very hard working.

Saturn in Scorpio
The individual is adventurous, forceful and strong willed. Can succeed and influence others through unseen ways and channels. If afflicted, rash, hard-hearted, arrogant, over-bearing , unhealthy and violent. Not favorable for public office. Must guard against sarcastic speech. Can have genuine interest in the occult which they must use for the welfare of others. Must be very careful in using fire or weapons.

Now that we have understood some of the characteristics of 8th House, the sign of Scorpio, and the planets that it favors, test your knowledge with the quiz below!

Take our Eighth House quiz >>

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