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About the Eleventh House

DateMarch 8, 2010

The Eleventh House: Fulfillment of Desires & Profit

What is the 11th House?
In the House 10 Makeover, we covered your profession, community service, ‘name and fame’, achievement, honor and recognition. Now House 11 covers primarily fulfillment of desires and profit in life, and other 11th house indicators such as gains (including excess), aspirations, friendships and siddhis, spiritual accomplishments.Signs are filters that color how the Houses and planets behave. This article will cover the sign of Aquarius, which is considered the natural 11th House of the Zodiac. That means that the sign of Aquarius naturally colors things in line with the qualities of the 11th House.

Let us begin by covering the general significators of the 11th House and what they influence in your life. Then in the 2nd week, we show you how to examine your own chart (and others) and find which planets are influencing your 11th House. As we progress through the final 2 weeks, you will be guided through a powerful meditation and transformation workshop that will enable you to improve your capacity for fulfillment of desires and profit. Your own personal 11th House is the subject of the next article.

General Characteristics of the 11th House
The Eleventh House is known as the house of “Fulfillment of Desires & Profit”. It is the last karma, or desire house. The 3rd house is the first karma house, indicating the inner sources of desires (ambition, character, drive). The 7th house of relationships indicates how desires become fulfilled, culminating in the 11th house by what desires become fulfilled, the ‘profits’ of life. It is the house of gains, usually referring to material gains, but of course all gains can be understood from here, including spiritual gains, referred to as siddhis. It represents personal goals and aspirations and can show the extremes of egoism of personal pursuits as well as the health of authentic desire (goals in alignment with one’s true purpose).It is a house of abundance, giving increase according to the planets placed there. For example, Venus placed here can give an abundance of wives (one at a time); Jupiter here can give an abundance of wealth. It is also a house of excess, such as extra-marital affairs, multiple partners and overt opulence. It can bring unearned income, gifts, windfalls and opportunities as well as a love for luxury cars and jewels. It is a house of sociability, friends, and social contacts. As 6th from the 6th House, it represents recovery from illness and the enemy of one’s enemies.

From a spiritual perspective, the 11th house contains the trap of material attachment, as well as the opportunity to gain and enjoy material comforts without being in bondage to passion and materialism. All planets can bring auspicious favors to the 11th House. It is the manifesting of creative power.

It is the house of the elder siblings, their character, fate and well-being. Physically, it is related to the calves, shins and ankles.

Characteristics of Aquarius, the Natural 11th House
Aquarius, Kumbha, is the 11th sign in the zodiac, an air sign, and the natural 11th House. Saturn is the ruler of Aquarius, giving its qualities to the 11th house as well. The symbol for Aquarius is the pot, the container of all that is gained. The water pouring from it is the cosmic life force energy alchemizing matter into spirit and purifying individuality to its cosmic essence. It is a very humanitarian sign as the water-bearer is sharing with others.

Aquarians enjoy both the arts and sciences, and can be great orators and writers as well. They enjoy the unique and unusual and love with great loyalty. They can have fiery outbursts, but forget quickly. There can be many changes in their fortunes; what is earned is on their own merit and hard work. Occupations can often be of a hidden nature, secretive, investigative or the like. Marital happiness is favored, with a mate in or identified with the arts.

Aquarians love the gain of knowledge, but generally are more interested in material and scientific, rather than spiritual knowledge. Aquarians are sociable and not so attached to money. They can be a bit idiosyncratic, idealistic and a fighter for the underdog. Aquarians are visionary, humanitarian and have the potential for being great teachers. They can be unconventional, futuristic and even eccentric. They will choose a cause for the greater good and can sacrifice personal interests for it. They are prone to self-abnegation, the influence of Saturn.

Saturn as the Ruler of the 11th House
Saturn is the great purifier, associated with Yama, the god of death. He is the great denier for dissolution of the illusion of the material world. He is the great initiator of spiritual purification and illumination, abnegating worldly identifications and attachments. Saturn deprives the mind of life’s usual joys. He creates obstacles, blocks initiatives and the force behind personal drive. He is the great contractor (in contrast to Jupiter, the great expander), dampening efforts and drawing one inward to the truth of the Self. Saturn casts a shadow over the created world and activates karma for retribution, good or difficult. He cultivates persistence, asceticism, concentration, calling for surrender of the ego self.

Saturn is the great “task master” and is associated with hard work, discipline and service. He represents the laborer, dark and hidden places, disease and death. He causes delay, melancholy and deprivation. Saturn represents the dark aspects of the mind: crime, perversion and the underworld. He creates separation from loved ones and bestows grief.

That said, a strong Saturn is necessary for spiritual attainment. It is the great significator of fate. Saturn becomes exalted in Libra and debilitated in Aries.

Jupiter as Indicator of the 11th House
Guru, Jupiter, as the significator of gain, becomes the significator for the 11th house. Its placement in the chart indicates where and through what means desires get fulfilled.

Planets Placed in Aquarius
No planet is exalted or debilitated in Aquarius.

Remember that when assessing a chart, multiple factors must be taken into consideration. No one effect, such as planetary position in a sign or house, will be the sole indicator of fortunes and influences. In general, one must assess the strength of the house, its indicator, and its lord and occupants, as well as other planetary influences and the Dasha and Bukti you are running. The following are general indications for when a particular planet is posited in the sign of Aquarius.

Sun in Aquarius
Refined individuality, humanitarian, fixed on own ideas, strong constitution, empathic. Usually has an interest in mystical knowledge. Often have fluctuations in wealth. Literary talents.

Moon in Aquarius
Inclination toward the occult, mysticism, dream work, and other subjects those are unusual or unconventional. Enjoys political, education and scientific arenas, is humanitarian and enjoys municipal affairs. Good intuition and imagination. Diplomatic speech.

Mercury in Aquarius
Gives a keen intellect, good memory, with fixed opinions not easily influenced. Occupations tend to follow those of Gemini and Virgo natives, and there is an affinity with those of these signs. Mercury brings a critical and scientific influence. Frank and truthful.

Venus in Aquarius
Very sociable, many ‘friends in high places’, love and ability for music, poetry, the arts, and all things beautiful. Gains through partnership and public enterprises. Occupations can include interaction with the masses. Good intuition. Freedom-loving.

Mars in Aquarius
Quick acting, sometimes impulsively so; sharp debater, rigid opinions, undiplomatic, independent, enjoys leading, directing others. Competitive, sometimes controversial. Often very likeable.

Jupiter in Aquarius
Good, sincere friends and much fulfillment through them. Enjoys mystical, metaphysical, unusual subjects. Original and independent views. Cultivate the mind through higher knowledge. Can be very psychic and have unusual spiritual experiences. Talents with writing.

Saturn in Aquarius
Saturn is in its own sign here. This gives power and good fortune to all the positive indicators for Aquarius. Can bring prominence and position of authority. Instinct for mysticism. Many acquaintances. Creative ability, generous, friendly.

Now that we have understood some of the characteristics of 11th House, the sign of Aquarius, and the planets that it favors, test your knowledge with the quiz below!

Take our Eleventh House quiz >>

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