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Astrological Timing is the Key to Success

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 3,940
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Astrology is an understanding of time or precisely the moments of time in which action is undertaken, ideas emerge, words are spoken, records are broken, and miracles happen. Observing Time very deeply and understanding Time very closely can help us become successful in life.


Calendars keep account of Time: Lunar calendars are based on lunar cycles whereas solar calendars are based on movement of the Sun though the Zodiac. Horas keep account of energies of Planets: According to Vedic astrology, Planets play an important role by manifesting their energies through the Days in the calendars like, Jupiter rules on Thursdays, Venus on Fridays and so on. Again, each hour of a day is under influence of one of the planets which are known as planetary hora:

  • Horas between Sunrise and Sunset: Hora of a day begins with the Sunrise and in each hour thereafter, energies of a particular planet would manifest. The hora of a particular planet followed a cyclic order. For example, if the Sun rises at 6.30 am, the hora from 6.30 to 7.30 would be the Hora of the Sun, the next hour would be of Venus, followed by Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and after this hour the cycle repeats itself. On a Monday the first hour is the hora of Moon, on Tuesday its Mars and so on.
  • Horas between Sunset and Sunrise: Hora that starts from sunset on a Sunday is Jupiter, followed by hora of Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn and the cyclic pattern repeats after Saturn hora. On a Monday, the evening begins with Venus hora.

Horas important for specific tasks: Astrologers believe that tasks undertaken at certain times of the day will bring success to individuals who undertake particular tasks at specific times of the day in a particular hora. Tasks that would provide favorable results in specific horas are:

    • Sun hora is good for political as well as spiritual pursuits, applying for jobs, trading, meeting important officials and so on.
    • Moon hora is good for undertaking activities related to agriculture, gardening, food, property dealing, romance, buying and wearing ornaments and so on.
    • Mars hora is good for dealing with land, agriculture, buying or selling of vehicles, electrical and engineering works, adventurous sports, martial arts and so on.
    • Mercury hora is good for trade, business, works related to medicine, learning, teaching, studying scriptures, printing and publishing and so on.
    • Jupiter hora is good for joining job, to start business, meet elders, begin course in learning, marriage related meeting and so on.
    • Venus hora is good for love, marriage, buying and selling ornaments or clothes, for recreation and purchasing or wearing ornaments and so on.
    • Saturn hora is good for labor related matters, and dealing with oil and iron.

If you want to make conscious decisions or undertake activities under the influence of good energies, it is extremely useful to look into the horas and find how horas affect your life. For instance Mars horas are generally regarded to be bad, but it could be good particularly if you are in the period of Mars and it is favorably situated in your horoscope. When you understand the energies of planets in your life and how to seek their affects in your regular life, you will be better placed for effective decisions.  

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