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Special Events

February 13, 2023

3-Month Program to Invoke Divine Relationship Archetypes To Fix Your Love, Family & Business Relationships

Relationships are the foundation blocks of our life that extend crucial support to our growth, well-being, success, and happiness. The most effective way to transform your relationships into nurturing and supportive experiences is to invoke the powerful blessings of Divine Relationship Archetypes and reinforce the positive aspects of your personal planets that significantly impact relationships and the Overlords that control them.

February 17, 2023

Super-Grand Shiva Invocation With 259 Sacred Rituals

Maha Shivaratri, or the Great Night of Shiva, is a once-a-year opportunity to invoke Shiva’s Grace during his descent to the earth plane for blessings of prosperity, fulfillment of wishes, removal of sins, curses, afflictions, and debts, and spiritual evolution. AstroVed welcomes you to join us in invoking Shiva through a comprehensive package of 259 Super-Grand Ceremonies following the Vedic and Tamil system of Shiva worship to receive Shiva’s abundant life-transforming blessings, bestow undiminishing virtues, and gain wealth, wisdom, and overall well-being.

February 22, 2023

72-Day Program to Invoke Guardians of the Afterlife & Divine Sin-Dissolution Duo- Yama & Chitragupta Deep Cleanse Your Sins & Afflictions and Gain Greatest Merit, Wisdom, Prosperity & Success

To help you deep cleanse your known and unknown sins, AstroVed has created the Daily Forgiveness of Sins Program to invoke the blessings and support of the Divine Sin-Dissolution Duo- Yama and Chitragupta, with a suite of 91 powerful services performed by experienced priests for 72 days (From Feb - May, 2023).

February 24, 2023

Ancient Vedic Technology to Honor Ancestral Souls at Salvation Vortices

AstroVed's comprehensive Pitru Shraddham Program has been exclusively designed to help you honor and liberate your ancestors (called Pitrus) and departed loved ones through a series of Elite, Interactive, and Personalized Ancestral Rituals performed and guided by experienced Vedic priests at Ancient Salvation Vortices in India.

Powerful Karmic Planet Saturn in Mool Trikona Sign Aquarius After 30 Years Helps Materialize Goals & Grant Good Fortune

The Karmic planet Saturn will transit from his own sign Capricorn to its Mool Trikona Sign (Second Best Planetary Placement), Aquarius, for 2.25 years from Jan. 17, 2023 till Mar. 29, 2025- a placement that can expand possibilities, achieve positive transformation and attract material gains and success. Appeasing Saturn during its entire stay in Aquarius can bring positive influence on critical aspects of your life such as finances, relationships, and health, and lead to new connections, friendships, improved finances, and abundance and create opportunities for growth and success.

February 7, 2023 at 2:00 pm HST

Targeted Vedic Remedies to Transform 12 Key Aspects of Life, Gain Higher Intelligence, Intuition, Fame and Pre-eminence

According to Vedic Astrology, the 9 planets are agents of our karma and carry out our destiny based on acts of our previous births. The most effective way to change your karma is to invoke the planets to enhance the positive effects of your benefic planets and reduce the negative effects of your malefic planets.

February 16, 2023 at 2:00 am HST

10-Month Program Dedicated To 10 Divine Forms Of Vishnu

Dasavatar, the ten most powerful incarnations of Vishnu (Supreme Preserver and Protector of the Universe), descended on earth in different Yugas (time periods) to balance the effect of good and evil upon the earth, re-establish peace, and Dharma (righteousness), shower his devotees with well-being and prosperity, and show them the path to self-actualization and liberation.

March 2, 2023 at 2:30 pm HST

12-Month Program to Change Your Financial Karma, Destroy Hurdles to Wealth Creation & Manifest a New Financial Destiny

Mercury (also known as Budha), the Business Planet, will reign Supreme in 2023. He rules Virgo and Gemini in the natural zodiac, and his positive blessings can help you plan ahead and manifest wealth and success through persistent efforts and by nurturing a positive mindset. According to the scriptures, Vishnu is a Supreme Archetype who can counteract Mercury's malefic effects while enhancing this business planet's positive aspects.

March 7, 2023 at 2:00 am HST

10-Month Program for 10 Wisdom Goddesses

According to the sacred text ‘Lalitopakhyanam,' Supreme Goddess Lalita assumed ten powerful and unique forms, to enlighten her consort Shiva of the esoteric prowess of Divine feminine energy. Worshipping these Goddesses involved in the creation, sustenance, and destruction of the Universe can invoke their great transformative power to help remove negativity and fear, eliminate misfortunes, grant wisdom, peace, wealth, good progeny, and auspiciousness in your life.

Powerful Chants to Fortify and Soothe Us in Our Daily Life

To enhance your peace of mind and spiritual upliftment, we are sharing links to Dr. Pillai’s mantra music, a selection of almost 50 audios and videos connecting you with the blessings and presence of Divine Archetypes who are always available to help you. Powerful chants for Divine Archetypes invoke blessings of all kinds and soothe our heart and soul, fortifying and strengthening us in our daily lives.