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October 7, 2022

To Achieve the Imposible, Attain Stability, Peace & Dissolve Suffering

Vishnu descended to the earth plane in the form of Venkateshwara (Balaji, the Supreme Lord of Wealth) during the Tamil month of Purattasi (Mid-Sep. to Mid-Oct.). Venkateshwara is the protector of the Kali Yuga and can shower wealth, well-being, prosperity, pleasures, and spiritual enlightenment blessings upon those who connect with him during this month.

October 14, 2022 at 3:00 am HDT

Mitigate Malefic Effects of Rahu & Saturn, Manifest Dreams & Fulfill Material Goals

Saturn (Planet of Karma and Justice) and Rahu (Desire Planet) are two important planetary agents who are instrumental in implementing the fruits of your past life karma, which affects the quality of your current life. To help you mitigate the adverse impact of these two life-impacting planets and enhance their positive aspects, AstroVed will invoke the grace and combined energies of Divine Transformational Duo- Chinnamasta

October 17, 2022

Helps Revitalize Your Relationships & Re-Align Your Soul's Purpose

After 18 years, the Sun and Ketu share Venus-ruled Libra, the sign of love and relationships. This event is considered rare as this celestial alignment happens only twice in 18 years in Libra. This association of the Soul planet Sun with the nodal planet Ketu in Libra starts on Oct. 17, 2022 at 7.30 pm (IST) and continues until Nov. 16, 2022 (IST).

October 20, 2022

Invoke 4 Powerful Forms of Wealth Goddess Lakshmi in 4-Day Ultimate Wealth Ceremonies

Diwali is a Powertime when the Divine can destroy the darkness of our karmic limitations and illuminate our minds to allow pure abundance consciousness to reign. This year, AstroVed will invoke Supreme Wealth Goddess Mahalakshmi in four unique forms in our 4-Day Grand Diwali Event through 21 ceremonies which include 5 potent Fire Labs with Sacred Hymns Chanting

October 24, 2022

Conquer Enemies, Resolve Debts, Remove Negativity & Awaken Supernormal Intelligence

Skanda Shasti is the 6-day powertime (Oct. 25 - Oct. 30, 2022) to access the Divine energy of Supreme Warrior Archetype & Annihilator of Negativity, Muruga. According to sacred texts, these six days are the ideal time to connect with Muruga and invoke his mighty blessings to destroy debts, legal issues, enemies, and bad karma, gain supreme wisdom to overcome challenges and boost your intelligence to succeed in all endeavors.

November 18, 2022

10-Month Program Dedicated To 10 Divine Forms Of Vishnu

Dasavatar, the ten most powerful incarnations of Vishnu (Supreme Preserver and Protector of the Universe), descended on earth in different Yugas (time periods) to balance the effect of good and evil upon the earth, re-establish peace, and Dharma (righteousness), shower his devotees with well-being and prosperity, and show them the path to self-actualization and liberation.

October 14, 2022 at 3:00 am HDT

10-Month Program for 10 Wisdom Goddesses

According to the sacred text ‘Lalitopakhyanam,' Supreme Goddess Lalita assumed ten powerful and unique forms, to enlighten her consort Shiva of the esoteric prowess of Divine feminine energy. Worshipping these Goddesses involved in the creation, sustenance, and destruction of the Universe can invoke their great transformative power to help remove negativity and fear, eliminate misfortunes, grant wisdom, peace, wealth, good progeny, and auspiciousness in your life.

October 16, 2022 at 3:00 pm HDT

365 Powerspot Poojas + 14 Fire Labs for Abundance, Protection & Obstacle Removal

To help you invoke the Divine daily throughout 2022 and strengthen 12 key areas of your life, AstroVed has introduced the 365 Days Powerspot Poojas Program. In this program, each month is dedicated to a deity who is the embodiment of that month’s energy and can fortify a key area of your life. This unique program includes daily Powerspot Poojas and a Grand Fire Lab each month invoking the deity of the month.

October 21, 2022 at 2:30 pm HDT

486 Targeted Vedic Remedies Invoke the Planets Daily for Progress, Prosperity & Success

According to Vedic Astrology, the Navagraha or 9 planets are agents of our karma and carry out our destiny based on acts of our previous births. The daily and monthly targeted remedies in our yearlong program were selected to resolve karmic issues associated with the planets affecting vital areas of your life and help you receive Divine blessings from key archetypes, or controllers of the planets, to enhance important aspects of your personal and professional life.

November 25, 2022 at 2:30 pm HST

Invoke Impossible Doer Hanuman to Gain Boons, Protection & Victory Blessings

To invoke the boon-bestowing and protective energies of Hanuman, AstroVed has designed a Yearlong Hanuman program with ongoing Vedic rituals to deeply connect with him and gain his favor. According to sacred texts, Hanuman is readily available to those who call on him with faith and devotion. Therefore, it is believed that worshiping the mighty protector Hanuman can help alleviate suffering, mitigate adverse planetary effects, boost confidence, gain mental, physical, and spiritual strength to face challenges and come out victorious.

Powerful Chants to Fortify and Soothe Us in Our Daily Life

To enhance your peace of mind and spiritual upliftment, we are sharing links to Dr. Pillai’s mantra music, a selection of almost 50 audios and videos connecting you with the blessings and presence of Divine Archetypes who are always available to help you. Powerful chants for Divine Archetypes invoke blessings of all kinds and soothe our heart and soul, fortifying and strengthening us in our daily lives.