Special Events

February 27, 2024 at 2:00 pm HST

Runahara Ganapati Clears Karmic & Monetary Debts During his 4th Moon Powertime

AstroVed will perform exclusive Debt-Removal Fire Labs and Special Poojas to invoke Runahara Ganapati, Scarcity Removing Form of Ganesha, along with Sankatahara Ganapati, Dispeller of Hardships and Misfortune, on the 4th Waning Moon Powertime of Ganesha to help grant a reprieve from all types of debts, suffering, and problems and shower you with wealth, success in endeavors, and ongoing prosperity blessings.

February 28, 2024

3-Month Program to Invoke Divine Relationship Archetypes To Fix Your Love, Family & Business Relationships

Relationships are the foundation blocks of our life that extend crucial support to our growth, well-being, success, and happiness. The most effective way to transform your relationships into nurturing and supportive experiences is to invoke the powerful blessings of Divine Relationship Archetypes and reinforce the positive aspects of your personal planets that significantly impact relationships and the Overlords that control them.

March 3, 2024

Grand Invocation of Shiva as Neelakanteswara at 2000-Year-Old Sin-Dissolving Powerspot

Blue-throated Shiva, Neelakanta, is the protector of one and all, who swallowed the poison that rose during the churning of the ocean and took all suffering on himself for the welfare of all beings. The poison is symbolic of the vices, afflictions, and sins that can impede progress and goal attainment.

March 7, 2024

Super-Grand Shiva Invocation With 266 Sacred Rituals

Maha Shivaratri, or the Great Night of Shiva, is a once-a-year opportunity to invoke Shiva’s Grace during his descent to the earth plane for blessings of prosperity, fulfillment of wishes, removal of sins, curses, afflictions, and debts, and spiritual evolution. AstroVed welcomes you to join us in invoking Shiva through a comprehensive package of 266 Super-Grand Ceremonies following the Vedic and Tamil system of Shiva worship to receive Shiva’s abundant life-transforming blessings, bestow undiminishing virtues, and gain wealth, wisdom, and overall well-being.

March 9, 2024

15 Days Remedial Rituals to Connect with Your Personal Moon Phase Goddess

AstroVed has designed a comprehensive suite of services to help you connect with your Personal Moon Phase Goddess to remedy the impact of Tithi Shoonya Dosha (Moon Phase Affliction) affecting your Birth Tithi and boost the positive aspects of the planets and ruling lords of your Rasi (Zodiac Sign). By connecting with your Personal Nitya Devi, you can heal your Birth Tithi and gain the Goddesses’ grace, protection, and power to overcome setbacks and problems associated with your Tithi.

March 15, 2024

39 Days Conjunct Powertime Helps You Channel Your Energy & Passion to Accomplish Goals

Action and Ambition Planet Mars will join Karmic and Career Planet Saturn in Aquarius, his Moola Trikona Sign (Second Best Placement) on Mar. 15 at 6:08 p.m. (IST) and remain there till Apr. 23, 2024. The dynamic fusion of these two power planets in the 11th House of Desire Fulfillment, Aspirations, and Profits, can help you channel your energy and passion, navigate through difficulties with patience and perseverance, and steer you toward career success, financial security, goal attainment, and self-growth.

March 16, 2024 at 2:30 pm HDT

3-Month Program Invoking Supreme Health Trio- Dhanvantri, Surya Deva & Vaidiyanatha

AstroVed's Triple Health & Immunity Booster Program is a comprehensive 3-Month Program invoking the rejuvenating blessings of Divine Health Archetypes- Dhanvantri, Surya Deva/Baskara, and Vaidyanatha. Each month, we will be performing a Grand Fire Lab invoking the blessings of the Supreme Health Trio, along with chanting 7 health-restoring Sacred Vedic Hymns, 3 powerful Powerspot Poojas, and 3 Kerala-Style Remedies, during their auspicious powertime days to help remove bad health karma and adverse effects of planets causing mental and physical health concerns, and protect, maintain, and boost your overall well-being.

March 24, 2024

15 Sacred Rituals to Invoke the Auspiciousness of the Panguni Full Moon & Energy of Divine Couples

Panguni Uthiram is the Full Moon Day of Divine Marriages when the Moon enters Uthiram or Uttara Phalguni (Star of Patronage & Union) in the Tamil month of Panguni (March - April). On this auspicious day, propitiating Divine Couples- Shiva-Parvati, Vishnu-Lakshmi, and Muruga and his consorts Valli and Deivanai and connecting with the harmony-enhancing energy of the Panguni Full Moon can help dissolve negative relationship karma, solve relationship problems, and help you attract good fortune, success, and loving relationships.

April 1, 2024 at 3:00 am HDT

8-Month Program to Invoke 8 Fierce Forms of Shiva During His 8th Waning Moon Powertime

According to the sacred text Rudrayamala, there are 8 Protector Forms of Bhairava guarding the eight directions of the Universe called 'Ashta Bhairava.' AstroVed will perform a Grand Invocation for Ashta Bhairava for eight months in which one form of Bhairava will be venerated each month with a Grand Fire Lab on the most auspicious day (Ashtami, which is 8th Waning Moon) and supported by 81 Special Poojas.

February 27, 2024 at 3:30 pm HST

Daily Invocation of Ultimate Obstacle-Remover Ganesha to Help Transform Your Life

AstroVed’s Yearlong Ganesha Program has been designed to invoke the superhuman powers of Ganesha, Lord of Fortune and Wisdom & Remover of Obstacles, through 2501 rituals performed throughout the year and on Ganesha’s auspicious powertime days- Chathurthi (4th Waxing and Waning Moon Phases) and Chaturdasi (14th Waxing and Waning Moon Phases) and receive his blessings to smash obstacles, karma, and afflictions, and gain success, prosperity, Divine wisdom, and new beginnings of all kinds.

March 4, 2024 at 2:00 pm HST

365 Days of Poojas to Powerful Archetypes at 365 Select Powerspots of India + 15 Grand Fire Labs, Seed Sound & Sacred Hymns Chanting

AstroVed’s 365 Days of Powerspot Poojas Program strengthens 12 vital areas of your life every day in 2023 with Divine Blessings from a comprehensive suite of Daily Powerspot Poojas, Monthly Fire Labs and Sacred Hymns Chanting to 23 All-Powerful Supreme Archetypes using powerful proxy technology.

March 10, 2024 at 3:00 pm HDT

12-Month Program to Remedy Planetary & Karmic Afflictions Caused By 7 Worst Sins

According to the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (Treatise on the Importance of Planets), the nine planets exert influence on various aspects of life and are the agents of our Karma who carry out our destiny based on acts of our previous births. To help you mitigate the impact of Karmic and planetary afflictions, AstroVed introduces the All-Inclusive Yearlong Karma & Planetary Affliction Removal Program that includes a comprehensive suite of services performed daily to clear past and present life Karma and planetary afflictions

March 14, 2024

Daily Lime Piercing on Muruga’s Vel Representing His 6 Abodes Eliminates Your Karma & Changes Your Life

As you enter 2024, remove the karma that creates all the problems in your life. Dr. Pillai says that your bad karma, whether it is money, health, or relationship karma- can be changed. Dr. Pillai recently revealed the most powerful ritual to remove your karma through proxy Vel technology.

March 17, 2024 at 3:30 pm HDT

1000 Shiva Lingam Grant 1000-Fold Blessings for Ultimate Life Transformation, Success & Prosperity

AstroVed invites you to participate in our Super Regal Swarna Akarshana Sahasra (1000 Gold-Attracting) Shiva Lingam Statue Installation Ceremonies, commencing at the start of the New Year 2024, to invoke the transformative powers of Shiva in his Supreme Gold-Attracting 1000 Lingam form.

March 31, 2024 at 3:30 pm HDT

Invoke the Miracle Blessings of the Tamil Siddhas During Their Siddha Yuga Powertime

Dr. Pillai has revealed that 2024 will commence the Age of the Enlightened Beings, the Siddhas. The Gods have already descended to create this New Age, which is called the Siddha Yuga, and the Siddha Masters will herald the dawn of this new era and help awaken your Siddhi (Superhuman) powers to manifest your material and spiritual goals effortlessly this year. AstroVed has created a Yearlong Siddha Invocation with a suite of 131 services dedicated to the Siddhas and powerful Divine Archetypes to help you manifest health, prosperity, career and business growth, blissful relationships, and spiritual upliftment in 2024.

Powerful Chants to Fortify and Soothe Us in Our Daily Life

To enhance your peace of mind and spiritual upliftment, we are sharing links to Dr. Pillai’s mantra music, a selection of almost 50 audios and videos connecting you with the blessings and presence of Divine Archetypes who are always available to help you. Powerful chants for Divine Archetypes invoke blessings of all kinds and soothe our heart and soul, fortifying and strengthening us in our daily lives.