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Sun Transit in Libra from October 17 to November 16, 2023

DateSeptember 26, 2023

In 2023, when the Sun moves into the Libra sign, it will mark the start of Autumn Equinox. During this time, you may feel more connected to tradition and culture, which can be a positive thing. Some people might try to start new relationships, while those already in relationships might find their love deepening. You may also become more responsible towards your partner and start doing small things like opening doors and pulling chairs for them. This behavior is typical of Libra people and will make your partner feel happy.

During this transit, you may also feel more inclined to wear traditional clothing, which can have a positive effect on your personality. If you want to relax and unwind during this time, consider visiting museums or other historical sites. You may also have success in your career, education, or romantic pursuits. Some people may even have the opportunity to travel abroad or connect with people from other cultures. Overall, the Sun’s transit in Libra in 2023 may bring many positive experiences and opportunities for growth.

Sun Transit in Libra

Aries:- The Sun, as 5th lord, will be transiting in your 7th House, which may create a good chance of employment for unemployed people, and those in government may gain favors from the authorities. Those in business or doing independent work can reap gains and profits, especially towards the early days of November, as Mercury will also join Sun to provide favorable results for Aries natives. But Saturn’s aspect on your 7th House and the Sun may bring some health complications or misunderstandings in your love life and married life. Your spouse may suffer from health issues for a short period. Your diplomacy will be essential in your professional life at this point. Singles may meet someone new and exciting who may give them happiness in their romantic life.

Taurus:- The Sun will be transiting in your 6th House and may give you success over your competitors and enemies. You may do well in some competitive examinations and also in competitive and athletic sports. Some people may acquire government jobs as well. There could be some problems with your stomach or indigestion. Saturn’s aspect on the Sun and your 6th House may bring some minor injury to you. But, there will be nothing much to worry about. Some people may also get promotions and increments in their professional life. You may do well in your occupation, especially in late October and early November. Some people may acquire leadership roles and high designations in their careers.

Gemini:- Sun, as the 3rd lord, will be transiting in your 5th House to help students in their education, and some Gemini people may travel to foreign countries for higher education. Some may shine in the showbiz industry and media field, especially in October, due to Mercury Joining the Sun in your 5th House. Those in professional and performing sports may gain recognition and rewards due to their impeccable performance. Saturn’s aspect on your Sun and your 5th House may bring injuries or test your performance in sports and entertainment. You may have a good time with your children, lover, or spouse during this time. You can strike a perfect balance between your personal and professional life in this period.

Cancer:- The royal planet, Sun, will be transiting in your 4th House, and it may give you prosperity and happiness in your personal and professional life. Domestic life may be peaceful, and your relationship with your parents and love partner could be loving and amicable. The Sun as 2nd lord transiting in your 4th House might bring rewards and wealth through your investments and dealings in property matters. Unemployed people might get a good and stable job with a decent income. Entrepreneurs may have a lot of gains during October and November. Your overall income may increase, and there can be gains from multiple sources. Some people may start reaping profits and revenues from more than one source. Your savings may dry up as your expenses could be high. The health of family members may bring some tensions as Saturn will aspect your 4th House and this transiting Sun.

Leo:- The Sun, as your Ascendant lord (1st House lord) transiting in your 3rd House, could bring significant change and improvement in the daily life routine of Leo natives. Your lifestyle might improve. Your income may increase. Avoid an egotistical attitude at your workplace. The Sun transiting in the 3rd House may bring gains from your communications and dealings, especially from November, as Mercury conjoins the Sun on October 19, 2023. Your friendship and social circle could also increase, but your love affairs or new secret affair may remain short-lived. Avoid unnecessary expenditures and extravagant activities. Saturn’s aspect on your 3rd House and the Sun may bring success in your education and career after putting in hard work and patience. Success may be delayed but not denied.

Virgo:- The Sun, as your 12th lord transiting in the 2nd House, may bring family troubles and expenses in the month of October-November 2023. Some people might travel and shift abroad in November when your 1st lord, Mercury, joins the Sun in the 12th House. Your overall income could be decent, but expenses may be high. You may deplete your savings. You are likely to be adventurous during this period and may embark on exotic voyages, but there may be some dull moments in your personal and professional life. Authorities may not be satisfied with your work and progress. Those who are in the import-export business could gain profits. Those involved in independent work and any creative and artistic pursuit may have to be patient for gains and rewards. Patience and persistence will be necessary during this time.

Libra:- The Sun as the 11th lord transiting in your 1st House can bring gains, recognition, and contact with influential and aristocratic people during October-November 2023. Those in sports and entertainment may gain popularity through their work. Long-term investments may bring wealth in a large amount. Some people could also taste success in politics. Those who appear in competitive examinations may be successful. Some people may acquire government jobs and high positions in their careers. Personal and professional life could bring happiness and satisfaction to Libra natives. You may gain from your contacts and friends circle. Your social network could be growing well during this time. Entrepreneurs may achieve desirable success and profit during this time. The health of your spouse or partner may suffer.

Scorpio:- The kingly Planet Sun as your 10th lord transiting in your 12th House could bring good news and gains from a foreign land. Some people may acquire an excellent job in a foreign country or distant land away from their birthplace. You may also gain favors from your superiors. Some people might suffer from humiliation and defamation at the hands of the government or authority due to fraudulent practices and cheating at work. Do not make any false promises to anyone. You may suffer from debt and health issues. Some people may not be able to recover their money during this time. You may have to struggle to attain the desired result in your career. Some people may visit exotic places with their loved ones. Traveling will bring pleasure and happiness, and your expenditure could be high. Some people may suffer from eye problems or visibility issues as well.

Sagittarius:- The Sun, as the 9th lord in the 11th House, may bring gains and recognition for artists and business people. Your social contacts could bring you profits. You might make a good bond with influential and authoritative people. Friendship with an aristocratic person may bring wealth and happiness. Your superiors and authorities can support you in your work. A few may acquire government jobs as well. Success in politics could be there for you during this time. You may also gain a government job after qualifying for some competitive examinations. Entrepreneurs are likely to have a great time together. Family life could bring bliss and happiness. Love life is likely to be passionate and adventurous. Singles may meet the right match during this time. The health of family members and spouses may bring some worries.

Capricorn:- The Sun as the 8th lord in the 10th House can cause tensions and struggles in your career. There may be an unexpected loss of money as well. Income may not be as per expectations. Some may lose their jobs but might get a new one soon. Some natives may be punished by government officials for their undesirable activities. There can be a gain of money or property through inheritance or in-laws. The Sun in the 10th House may bring success after initial failure and dejection from November onwards. Love and relationships may bring tensions and quarrels. Your domestic life may not be peaceful in October 2023. Health issues may crop up for children. Students may have a tough time in their educational pursuits and examinations. Some people may go for transformation, taking a break from their career or routine, and they could also try to improve their lifestyle. You may get cheated on by your friends or partner.

Aquarius:- The Planet Sun, as your 7th lord, will transit in your 9th House, and it may bring success in your love affairs and marriage. Some people may tie the knot successfully with their love partner. Those in a committed relationship could develop their bond into something significant. Singles may meet their ideal partner in October-November. Those looking for marriage may get someone suitable during this time. Business people could get gains and enormous profits from their occupation. Partnership work or business might thrive during this time. Your communication skills could be at an all-time high, and you may enjoy materialistic gains. Some people might achieve success in their education and career abroad. Those looking to travel to a foreign country for higher education could succeed. Although your love life and married life could be happy, you will not be able to devote much time to your partner due to your work. Stay away from casual friendships or flirting and extravagant activities at the workplace.

Pisces:- The Sun, as your 6th lord in the 8th House, may bring success as well as challenges in your career. Your workload may be high, and you could face difficulty in managing your personal and professional life. Health and money problems in the family may occur, but you can deal with all sorts of issues efficiently during this time. November month may bring a sudden flow of money and gains from long-term investments, but your expenses could be high, and there may be no savings. The month of October may give you a good position and respect at your workplace. Your colleagues may get jealous of your success. You are likely to win over your competition. Success may come after initial sadness, problems, and tensions. You may lead a luxurious life during this time, but laziness at the workplace may harm your reputation and designation. Overall, it is a hectic month for you, but hard work can bring money, rewards, and success, too.

Below, we are going to discuss the results of Sun transit in Libra for all 12 Zodiac signs in short effective points:-

Aries: Sun transit in your 7th House can bring success in business affairs and love affairs.

Taurus:- Sun transit in your 6th House may help you succeed in your job, finding employment, educational endeavors, competitive exams, and sports.

Gemini:- Sun transit in your 5th House can give popularity and may bring happiness along with new love in your life. Married life could be happy.

Cancer:- Sun transit in your 4th House may help you succeed in agricultural work and real estate business. Money may come in ample amounts in this period.

Leo:- Sun transit in your 3rd House may give growth in the media, writing, and publishing sectors. Those in the advertising and marketing field might experience success, growth, increment, and promotion.

Virgo:- Sun transit in your 2nd House may bring achievements in life. It can give stability in your family affairs and also in the family business. Your status may rise.

Libra:- Sun transit in your 1st House may bring happiness and success from self-employment or newly started work. Those in sports and politics are likely to achieve fame.

Scorpio:- Sun transit in your 12th House may bring foreign travel and foreign connections. It is conducive to success in creative and artistic pursuits.

Sagittarius:- Sun transit in your 11th House may bring gains and money from multiple sources. A new friendship, association, or new love may bring success, happiness, and pleasure in life.

Capricorn:- Sun transit in your 10th House may bring success in competitive exams and government jobs. Those in the administrative, banking, and management sectors may see growth.

Aquarius:- Sun transit in your 9th House may bring success in both jobs and business. Some people may acquire government jobs, and a few may taste success in sports. Your prosperity could rise due to good luck.

Pisces:- Sun transit in your 8th House may bring hurdles and obstacles in your personal and professional life. However, there may be no scarcity of liquid wealth in this period.


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