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Muhurat Trading on Diwali

DateOctober 14, 2014

Stock exchanges in India will open for Muhurat trading in the evening of 19th October 2017, on the day of Diwali. Every year, NSE and BSE open for an hour live trading, which is considered sacred and a symbolic ritual for bringing luck and good volume of profits all through the year.

For Stock brokers, it is a sign of worshipping work and a sign of inviting the Goddess of Luck.

On the Diwali day, business and trading communities venture into a new phase of beginning new record for another financial year. So for stock brokers, Muhurat trading is a symbolic ritual of invoking Lakshmi, the Goddess of luck and fortune. Trading on this day is characteristically intra-day trading or buying new stocks for long term investment.

With the new Moon of Diwali, a new journey commences.

In Vedic astrology, phases of the Moon signify mind, and new Moon represent a void that portends commencing of transformation of human mind. The new Moon or Amavasya of Diwali has special significance; with it begins the waxing phase when mind gains control over positive and optimistic outlook. So, it marks the beginning of a phase when lights dispel darkness, hope triumphs over fear and signs of prosperity begin to emerge.

The lights and fireworks of Diwali also announce a new beginning, a new road to tread with hope and of course, new ideas! When you cling on to the positive vibes and sentiments of the day, good happenings follow suit. Muhurat trading on Diwali day is carried out with deep faith and prayer for prosperity.

Apart from stock market trading, buying assets on this day is also a sign of prosperity.

Festive mood of Diwali becomes evident as bustle of diverse genre of people at market places begin to increase, with two weeks leading up to the festival. Retail businesses boom and sales shoot up – apparels, fire-crackers, jewelry and costume accessories, sweets. Happy mood sets in retail businesses while they experience boom time encouraging buyers with discounts, flash sales, and other exciting offers. It’s an atmosphere of abundance everywhere!

People prefer buying electronic items, automobiles, house-hold products, investing on real-estate projects on the day of Diwali. Buying on this day is a sign of prosperity and it is an auspicious day for buying things that you wish to last long with you.


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