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Mercury Transit in Aries sign from 31st March to 7th June 2023

DateMarch 16, 2023

Mercury transit in the Aries sign from March 31 to June 7 will be a long transit as Mercury is turning retrograde in the Aries sign from April 21 to May 15, 2023. The retrograde transit of Mercury in the Aries sign may slow things for those in the media, writing, and communication fields. Some problems and obstacles may arise for them. There could be financial setbacks for Aries, Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces signs. However, no significant losses can be seen, and hindrances will be for a short period. Overall, the transit of the Mercury in Aries sign may bring rewards for those in government services and sports fields. Self-employed people may rise in life. Students will do well in their academics and exams in general. Investments in mutual funds may prove profitable for many natives in this period. Some may gain from shares and the stock market in this period. Those in the police and army services may get recognition or promotions.


Below, we are going to discuss the effects and results of Mercury’s transit in the Aries sign and its impact on all 12 Zodiac signs:-

Aries:- Mercury transit in your 1st House may bring gains and favors from authorities. Your love life can become exciting and married life would be peaceful. Success in media, entertainment, and sports is also possible. New love may knock on some of the Aries natives’ doors.

Taurus:- The transit of Mercury in your 12th House may bring useless expenses due to your extravagant activities, indulgence, and health issues. Your savings may decrease, but travel might bring fruitful results. Chances of foreign travel and foreign settlement for some people are also possible.

Gemini:- Mercury transit in your 11th House may bring significant growth in your income, and your social contacts may rise. You may become friends with many people, which would benefit you in the long run. Some people may become popular on social media, and their earnings may rise.

Cancer:- Mercury transit in your 10th House may bring success and growth in your career with a few ups and downs or struggles. Gains from in-laws for some natives are also possible. Married life would be happy, and some people may find new love in their life.

Leo:- The transit of Mercury in your 9th House may bring success for those students pursuing higher education, especially higher studies in foreign lands. Unemployed people may also get employed in this period. Your health will be fine, but some health issues in the family might bother you for some time.

Virgo:- Mercury transit in your 8th House might bring gains from investments, lottery, gambling, and inheritance. However, there would be expenses on your health and diet. Some people may try to transform their bodies and lifestyle during this period. Your expenses could be high, but there can also be some financial loss.

Libra:- The transit of Mercury in your 7th House might bring happiness, bliss, and satisfaction in your love and married life. Love marriage is also possible for single Libra natives in this period. Some people may find their ideal match in this period. Love will be in the air for many people, and those suffering from a breakup or separation might get surprised as someone new might enter their life.

Scorpio:- The transit of Mercury in your 6th House may bring relief for those suffering from health problems. However, some people may suffer from skin infections for a brief period. Unemployed people may get employed. Single Scorpio natives might fall in love in this period after some new people and friends enter their life.

Sagittarius:- Mercury transit in your 5th House can bring exciting times in your career and relationships. Those in the creative and artistic fields shall thrive in this period. Some may turn their love into marriage. Love life will bring pleasure and satisfaction. Your earnings and popularity might rise as well.

Capricorn:- The transit of Mercury in your 4th House might bring peace and harmony in your domestic life. Over-eating may cause weight issues for some Capricorn natives. You will enjoy food, music, the comfort of vehicles, and pleasure from your spouse in this period. Love life will be happy. Singles may find their right match in this period. Your financial condition might become strong in this period.

Aquarius:- Mercury transit in your 3rd House may bring big opportunities for many Aquarius natives in their careers. Unemployed people may get employed in this period. Students may do well in their studies and exams. Those appearing for competitive exams might taste big success. Those in the media, writing, editing, advertising, and digital marketing fields may do well in their occupation or job.

Pisces:- The transit of Mercury in your 2nd House may bring high expenses and money from multiple sources. Your lifestyle may improve, and your status might rise in society. There would be plenty of money for you, but your savings might be minimal. Those in the government services might experience happiness as there is a chance of increment and promotion.


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