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Maha Shivaratri – Awaken to the Highest Consciousness

DateMarch 2, 2013

March 10th is Shivaratri–the first Night of Shiva for the Golden Age. Once Goddess Parvati asked Shiva which rituals will please him the most and Shiva responded that rituals performed on the 14th night of the New Moon, in the month of Phalgun (Feb/March), were his favorites. It was then named, Shivaratri. It is due to Lord Shiva’s grace that once a year during the dark fortnight called Maha Shivaratri everyone has the potential to awaken to the highest consciousness possible.

Yogis and siddhas knew about the Moon’s influence on the brain. Certain practices and sounds used during New Moon time will allow you to experience the ultimate consciousness. Because on new moon days, your mind principle is reduced and when your mind disappears, you automatically get into higher states of consciousness. In order for you to take maximum advantage of this great opportunity, Dr. Pillai will give an initiation on Shivaratri so you can awaken the five parts of your brain; the parietal, the frontal lobe, the right and left hemispheres, the occipital lobe, and top of the brain, along with the midbrain. During the initiation Dr Pillai will teach you the specific sounds for each area of the brain.

Participate in Shivaratri Rituals


Pain Relief System: 108 Crystal Shiva Lingams

Lord Shiva who presides over the Golden Age is the primordial archetype who directly interferes with and removes your difficult karmas, i.e. pain or dissatisfaction around money, health or relationships. The Crystal Shiva Lingam symbolizes enlightenment, peace and harmony. It also enhances emotional clarity and purity of heart. Possessing 108 Shiva Lingams on your altar and conducting simple periodic 5-minute rituals to them ensures divine interference and help with negative karma when you need it the most. Connect with Shiva all year long using your 108 Crystal Shiva Lingam Abishekam Kit. The 108 Crystal Shiva Lingams will be energized on Sani Pradosham and on Maha Shivaratri. For the first time, Dr. Pillai has agreed to personally energize and bless your Shiva Lingams.

Planets on the Move: Mars

Mars enters Pisces on March 4th on an 8th Moon, Jyeshta star day and resides there through April 12th. As this combination is not favorable for Mars to transit into another sign, we recommend rituals to Lord Muruga to avoid harmful influences.

Still Mars entering Pisces is good for Taurus and Gemini moon signs. There will be career improvement and also increase in wealth as Pisces is the sign of Jupiter. This transit is not good for the Moon signs: Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, and Cancer. Mars will make these Moon signs impatient and they will react to other aggressively, affecting interpersonal relationship with others. Also Mars aspecting Saturn and Rahu is not good; this will cause more problems in career of people belonging to Libra and Capricorn Moon signs. For the rest of the Moon signs, Virgo and Scorpio, this transit will be okay or neutral.

Muruga Protects Your Mars


Astrological Considerations for 3 Moons:

There are 3 additional Moon Movements that are worth noting over the next 10 days:

1) Jyestha Tuesday: Special Health Ritual

2) 8th Waning Moon: Fixing Your Time

3) 13th Waning Moon Sani Pradosham

1) Jyestha Tuesday: 1 day 4 Healing Energies: According to the Siddha Agastya when the Jyestha birth star falls on a Tuesday, 4 miraculous healing energies can be tapped on the earth plane from archetypal powers (Shiva, Vishnu, Muruga and Mars). The ritual comprising of Light, Sound, & Sandalwood paste activates the Jyestha Linga. During the ritual Sandalwood is infused with tremendous healing properties. This highly charged Sandalwood powder will be sent to you, which can then be applied to your own body for optimal healing.

This is the last chance to participate in Jyestha Tuesday rituals until November 5th, 2013.

Take Advantage of 4 Powerful Healing Energies


2) 8th Waning Moon The 8th Waning Moon makes your debt shrink. This coming 8th Waning Moon falls on Tuesday and it has an increased ability to eliminate debts.

This coming 8th waning Moon is dedicated for Samhara Bhairava. Samhara Bhairava comprises all the powers of the 8 Bhairavas. Kala Bhairava rituals are the secret to compress time and accomplish your goals. He blesses you with correct thoughts, vision and motivation. Samhara Bhairava clears the evil effects of black magic.

Clear Black Magic with Samhara Bhairava


3) 13th Waning Moon: The planet Saturn will be in a quadrant to the Moon and Jupiter will be aspecting the Moon making this is an energetic day. March 9th IST marks the second Maha Sani Pradosham in a month. This time it occurs during a waning Moon in the Dhanishta star. Dhanishta is very auspicious star, it has the power to turn something unimportant into something valuable. The 1.5 hour time just before sunset, on a waning Moon Sani Pradosham is the time when you can clear karma that is destroying your wealth.

Participate in Sani Pradosham


Did You Know?

“The shortcut is really, emotionally relating to the archetype. If you can, through an emotional connection, make the archetype to come and talk to you, to guide you, to advise you, then that is the most powerful and useful exercise.” ~ Dr. Pillai


Shani Pradosham occurs when 13th Moon falls on Saturday. Lord Shiva has more influence over Saturn on this day and causes Saturn to loosen or release entirely the karmic bonds that limit you.

Be Free from Your Karmic Sufferings


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