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Govardhan Puja Arti and Mantra – How to Celebrate This Day?

Govardhan Puja is celebrated to worship Govardhan hill every year in October or November. The celebration happens after the next day of Diwali. This year it will be celebrated by the devotees on 15th November. Along with the Puja, the Annakut festival is also celebrated. Chhappan Bhog is prepared and offered to Govardhan Hill and Krishna, which is later distributed among people as Prasad.

How to Celebrate Govardhan Puja?

One can always perform the Puja at home by checking the Shubh Muhurta as given by the Panchang. People make the small hills using soil or cow dung and then combine them like a hill. They decorate it with flowers, garlands to worship.

A picture of Shri Krishna is also important, which should be placed next to the hill. To please Krishna, you should offer him sweets and milk. People also offer grains, pulses, and other savory food to Govardhan Hill.

  • To invoke Krishna, you can use Vishnu Yantras to fill the home with positivity.
  • One can also chant Lord Vishnu Mantra “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” or Krishna Mahamantra “Hare Krishna.”
  • People can also invoke Govardhan with Govardhan mantra and arti. Vishnu Strotram can be played while decorating the Govardhan hill as it has a positive effect on the mind and body.
  • If you wish to perform Vishnu Sahasranama Puja, it should be done under the influence of Brahmins, so you perform all the rituals.
  • If you wear Rudraksha beads, then Ten Mukhi and Nineteen Mukhi Rudraksha are said to bring the blessings of Lord Vishnu since Vishnu rules these two Rudrakshas. Worshipping Govardhan and Krishna while wearing these beads bring positivity into your life and saves you from evil forces and psychic attacks.

    After Puja, you can donate some sweets, coins, and clothes to a person in need.
    You can perform circles of Govardhan hill and pray for your home’s happiness and peace.
    Distribute the sweets among people attending the Puja as a form of Prasad.

    गोवर्धन पूजा मंत्र

    गोवर्धन धराधार गोकुल त्राणकारक।
    विष्णुबाहु कृतोच्छ्राय गवां कोटिप्रभो भव।।

    गोवर्धन आरती (Govardhan Aarti)

    श्री गोवर्धन महाराज, ओ महाराज,
    तेरे माथे मुकुट विराज रहेओ।

    तोपे पान चढ़े तोपे फूल चढ़े,
    तोपे चढ़े दूध की धार।
    तेरे माथे मुकुट विराज रहेओ।

    तेरी सात कोस की परिकम्मा,
    और चकलेश्वर विश्राम
    तेरे माथे मुकुट विराज रहेओ।

    तेरे गले में कण्ठा साज रहेओ,
    ठोड़ी पे हीरा लाल।
    तेरे माथे मुकुट विराज रहेओ।

    तेरे कानन कुण्डल चमक रहेओ,
    तेरी झाँकी बनी विशाल।
    तेरे माथे मुकुट विराज रहेओ।

    गिरिराज धरण प्रभु तेरी शरण।
    करो भक्त का बेड़ा पार
    तेरे माथे मुकुट विराज रहेओ।

    The reason behind celebrating Govardhan Puja

    According to the Bhagavata Purana, Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan hill on his little finger to save the villagers from the heavy flood. Lord Krishna saved the people and all the animals by doing such an act of kindness and Godness.

    In Gokul, the famous Brij Bhumi, people used to worship Indra every year and make a sacrifice. They believed that if they worship Indra, it brings them rain every year. Krishna observed their belief and explained to them how it is the Govardhan hill that brings the rain. True that was, because Govardhan hill used to provide the people with firewood and grass for cows and other resources.

    That year people of that village did not please Indra; they didn’t worship him. Indra, who was observing what Krishna told, got furious with those villager’s behavior. He was determined to punish them, and he flooded the village due to his egoistic nature.

    The rain was so heavy, and it was destroying everything. Lord Krishna then protects the villagers and makes people realize the importance of Govardhan hill, lifted it on their little finger. All the people were mesmerized by Krishna’s act, and they understood how Krishna is the Supreme Power.

    All people and their animals took shelter under the hill. The rain went on for days, and all these days, Govardhan hill protected every living being. Afterward, Indra stopped the rain and realized his mistake. Since that time, Govardhan Puja is celebrated, majorly by the Vallabh Community (Pushtimarg), the Gaudiya Sampradaya of Chaitanya, and the Swaminarayan community.